Joy Knowles

A passion for storytelling and a penchant for problem-solving


I am currently a Content Marketing Manager at a Canadian B2B SaaS company. I also dabble in freelance writing and editing.


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PR Daily
Don't be a #PRFail: 5 common pitch fumbles to avoid - PR Daily

What are the media relations gaffes that will earn you a mention on Twitter? Here are some of the worst offenses to avoid. If you do a quick search on Twitter for #PRFail or cruise the dead account of @DearPR, you'll get a glimpse into a deep well of journalist frustration.

Talking Human | Stiff

Keeping up with search algorithms is impossible, but that doesn't stop us from trying. Any company with a website plays the algorithm game, whether they know it or not. And some play it better than others. Others have a lot at stake, hiring organizations whose sole purpose is to help improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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Agility PR Solutions
Case Study - Unify PR & Marketing

Sarah Thomas, Head of PR at Unify, is no stranger to media databases. However, finding one that meets the agency's needs has been an ongoing struggle, forcing Sarah and the team at Unify to switch services frequently. "We've found with a lot of other services that either the journalist contact information was out of date, or it just wasn't available," says Sarah.

Bulldog Reporter
Books, publishing and PR: publicist Helena Brantley speaks out on the challenges facing the...

It takes something special to get Helena Brantley, founder of Red Pencil Publicity + Marketing, on a plane. “I hate to fly, and I will fly for PubWest,” she says in a recent Zoom interview. As with many other events in 2020 and so far in 2021, PubWest’s annual conference went online. PubWest is a trade organization representing the concerns of modern-day book publishers and publishing-related members from all over North America.

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