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Léa Surugue

Journalist and Science writer

I'm a French journalist with roots in the UK and Spain. I am always thinking about creative ways to tell stories, through short multimedia articles, long reads or inspiring documentaries. Fve years ago, I entered the world of science journalism and have since then been happily reporting on a range of topics linked to health, environment and archaeology. I also work on science writing and communications projects for the National Health Institute in France (Inserm). Sometimes, I also like to challenge myself by writing on other topics. For example, I have written business features to explore how management practices are being transformed, and how companies are embracing new values. Trilingual French-English-Spanish, I also offer editing services and have just completed an Oxford University creative writing short course. You can find a selection of some of my best pieces below. Contact me for more information : [email protected] + 33 783 601 898


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Chiara Hartmann

Journalist and free-lance sub-editor

Trained at City University of London, with six years of international experience in writing and sub-editing print and web content. Interests: Entertainment, travel & tourism, development, lifestyle, health Languages: English (native), Italian (native), French (working knowledge), Spanish (beginner) Proficient in Adobe Indesign, Audition and Premiere, WeVideo, ScribbleLive, Wordpress and Drupal


Carrie Straus

Current Role: Advocacy & Campaign Content Director

I'm a NYC-based content strategist with 10+ years of experience in the nonprofit world. Prior to that, my words seduced you into acquiring cosmetics, music, fast fashion, soda and other items you didn't really need. My obsession is flawlessness and my specialty is advocacy and campaign work that drives actions and delivers real change, but I love to craft, fix and shine all kinds of copy, from fundraising appeals to advertising pitches. I'm a caring project and people manager, ace website QA-er and know my way around a spot of HTML. Get in touch: [email protected]


Sergio Ferrer


Science, technology, health, environment and innovation.


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Daniela Grimberg


Hey there! I'm a journalist from Brazil and currently a PhD student of Media and Communication at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. I believe there is no better way to increase your sensibility about how people understand and share information, concepts, feelings and ideas than living in a new cultural environment – and putting your communication skills in practice whenever it's possible. At the same time, a perspective from "outside" also adds to the constant need of adaptation and innovation strategies that marks the communication industry, no matter where you are. Check out below some pieces of my work!


Sara Kiley Watson

Student & Journalist

Sara Kiley Watson is science journalist and graduate student at UNC-Chapel Hill. She writes about the environment, animals, health, food, technology and education.

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Jason Seebaruth


Online media.

United Kingdom

Tina Jackson

Writer, Blogger, Desktop Publisher

I am passionate about marketing in the digital environment. I have nine years of experience designing effective marketing campaigns for print and web, and managing a corporate website. Additionally, I worked for a leading digital media company specializing in small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) for five years. I have a proven track record of providing excellent customer service and exceeding the expectations of clients. I'm seeking a position where I can combine my passion for design with strong research and writing skills to create engaging marketing copy and positive customer experiences.


Anthea Lacchia

Freelance science journalist and science communicator

Hello, my name is Anthea Lacchia and I'm a freelance science journalist with a PhD in geoscience (Trinity College Dublin) and an MSc in Science Communication (imperial College London). I also produce and present audio, and train researchers on how to communicate their research with clarity and flair to different audiences. I write about science, environment, science policy, research culture and universities for a number of outlets. My love for animals led me to study fossils (dead animals!) for my PhD. Specifically, I studied ammonoids, the extinct relatives of squid and cuttlefish. After years of research, my passion for nature and animals is as strong as ever, and I am always on the lookout for projects that connect people to wildlife, landscape, nature, animals, and the environment. I previously worked in the Nature press office and have over seven years experience working in academic research. My work has appeared in Nature, The Guardian, RTE', Science Spin, Earthzine and Earth Science Ireland, among other outlets. I am currently based in Dublin, and divide my time between Dublin and London. TO GET IN TOUCH: [email protected]

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Michelle Leech

Content creator

Michelle runs a content creation agency offering content writing, editing and photography services with a special focus on travel and tourism, small businesses, science and environmental issues. - Diploma in Book Editing, Proofreading and Publishing - Bachelor of Science final year undergraduate