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Former digital producer at Channel NewsAsia. I like writing about policy, travel, interesting people and social issues.

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Walking with a lighter environmental footprint

(Updated: ) Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share via E-Mail SINGAPORE: About 22 million pairs of shoes are sold in Singapore yearly, according to a report by market research company Statista. Whether your go-to kicks are S$4 sandals or S$14,000 designer sneakers, chances are that shoes are something you wear every day.

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Shhh! No talking at this resort

What is it like to spend 48 hours in almost complete silence? Channel NewsAsia's Melissa Zhu tried zenning it out at a secluded resort in central Bali. (Updated: ) Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share via E-Mail TABANAN, Bali: " Oomph!

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Is that a real tattoo? No, it's fruit juice!

Ng See Min, 23, creates amazingly complex body art designs using jagua, a fruit-based ink that temporarily stains the skin blue-black. The recent National University of Singapore graduate talks to Channel NewsAsia's Melissa Zhu about her art, business and pursuing an unconventional career path.

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Novel idea? Browsing through a 'Human Library'

The Human Library held on Sunday (Oct 30) allowed participants to "borrow" people and listen to their stories. But can you read a person like a book? Channel NewsAsia's Melissa Zhu finds out. (Updated: ) Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share via E-Mail SINGAPORE: It was her boyfriend's sister's wedding and 20-year-old Chan See Ting wanted to look good.

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Life among the graves of Carreta cemetery

In the heart of Cebu city, Philippines, about 200 settlers unable to afford proper housing live side-by-side with the dead. (Updated: ) Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share via E-Mail CEBU: Ate (older sister) Inik guides us through the compound with the confidence of a seasoned proprietress, down hallways, through gardens and up rows of stairs.

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The dark side of childbirth: When motherhood causes depression

Giving birth is supposed to be a joyous event and it is, for many. But postpartum depression affects 6 to 8 per cent of new mothers here according to one expert, and can have tragic consequences if neglected. (Updated: ) Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share via E-Mail SINGAPORE: Five years ago, the first-time mother nearly drowned her newborn son.

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Taking it slow in Luang Prabang

Just a few hours away from Singapore, Laos' cultural heart is the perfect getaway with its breathtaking scenery and unhurried pace. (Updated: ) Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share via E-Mail It's easy to see why Luang Prabang is sometimes called the "jewel of the Mekong".

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A parent's grief: When a child in Singapore needs a heart transplant

Young end-stage heart failure patients in Singapore have limited options for treatment, with the lack of a paediatric heart transplant programme. Channel NewsAsia's Melissa Zhu looks into why 50 years after the first such operation, the option is still off the table here.

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Behind closed doors: Rape and marriage in Singapore

In June, Singapore said it was actively working towards repealing a law that exempts husbands from being charged with raping their wives. Melissa Zhu takes a closer look at the origins of this legal exemption and the possible implications of removing it.