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Jon Murphy


I'm a UIUC advertising graduate and content writer in Chicago.

Kristie Purner

Ghostwriter, Copywriter and Content Marketer

Copywriting, Content Strategy, and Brand Marketing to help companies boost clicks, links and shares. Ability to craft content that stands out and truly draws the attention of readers. Let’s connect!


Morgan Robson

Communications and Storytelling

I'm a creative and strategic communications specialist with experience in energy, conservation, and social justice subject matter. I get excited about nature, literacy, and community. In my spare time, you can find me reading a good book, exploring the great outdoors, or spending time with loved ones. Published work under Morgan Robson (née Messelink).


Dana DuTerroil

Author and Freelance Writer

I spent the majority of my writing career as a lawyer. Most of my writing now focuses on Houston, where I live and co-own a business, Trip Chandler, a two-woman team who creates personalized guides and tours of the city, including co-authoring 111 Places in Houston That You Must Not Miss for the 111 Places series. I'm also a freelance writer with a thing for personal essays, travel narratives, and research.

Kimberly (Gunning) Valentine

Writer & Editor + Founder of Running Lifestyle

In May of 2024, I launched a digital publication called Running Lifestyle, which publishes content for runners who travel and train for destination races. Previously, I have worked as a full-time editor and freelance writer for a variety of print and online publications, ranging from business to lifestyle. I’ve also worked with executives across industries, from technology to learning and development, to ghostwrite and edit thought leadership content. I have in-depth research and interviewing experience and SEO and content strategy skills. I am a runner, traveler, and food enthusiast who's always seeking new experiences. I'm also a military wife and a rescue dog mom. I hold a graduate degree in communications and media studies from Eastern New Mexico University, a bachelor's degree in journalism from Metropolitan State University of Denver, and a running coach certification from the RRCA.


Sara Longini

Creative Content, Editing, and Copywriting

Equal parts engaging, accessible and informative; naturally connects with audiences from a broad range of demographics and backgrounds; creates impactful, original copy to both innovate and preserve your unmistakable brand voice; uses puns responsibly. Hilarious upon request.


Madelaine Davis

Writer, Researcher, and Content Creator at KWRI

Writer, reader, cat owner, eater of many things.


Maddy Simpson


Maddy Simpson is a Data Fellow at Business Insider. A Columbia Journalism School alum, she was most recently a DJNF Business Reporting intern in 2020 and has contributed to reporting in the Columbia Journalism Review and the Michigan Free Press. She is a proud Minnesotan, and constantly craves a Juicy Lucy from Matt's Bar in Minneapolis. Reach her at simpsonmadelinem (@) gmail (dot) com. https://www.businessinsider.com/author/maddy-simpson


Sophia Lee

High School Writer

I am a current Content Writing Intern at digital entertainment media startup polljuice and a high school senior (Class of 2021). My desire to communicate knowledge on a variety of subjects in a clear and engaging manner defines my writing and translates to my academic endeavors. As a polljuice intern, I've been fortunate to enjoy the freedom to pick my article topics. I enjoy researching and writing the gamut. I weigh the merits of dark chocolate vs milk chocolate. I question why we don't refer to other countries' names in their own language. I explore the beautiful foreign words for emotions with no English equivalent. I look at the pumpkin spice latte and contemplate another double standard women face. I link the physiology of fatigue with the phenomenon of deep late night conversations. I marvel at the scientific persuasive power behind dogs' puppy dog eyes. I probe America's history of public shaming. At this point, I realize I've referred to a good number of my articles. All this to say, I have an enthusiasm to learn more and share this knowledge. I'm grateful that my polljuice internship gives me the opportunity to do just that. In college, I hope to continue honing my writing skills through class papers, lab reports, and joining a school journal. My wide range of interests influenced my primary academic interests in interdisciplinary psychology, neuroscience, and nutrition science. Although I've gained most of my professional experience in communications, the time management, research, and avid curiosity that fueled those endeavors will serve me well in my intended future areas of focus.


Stephen J. Moran

Independent Journalist and Photographer

I'm usually seen with a notepad and a Nikon. I have worked on and off as a photojournalist, reporter, and editor for the past three decades. I put my words and pictures together to tell the whole story.