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Katie Dobies

Editorial Stock Photographer

Storytelling photography that goes beyond words and leaves a lasting impression.

Clarissa Wilson

Any Writer

Clarissa has been a professional writer for 14 years. She started writing for Yahoo in 2007 and branched out to write for Examiner, other websites, and private clients through the years. She calls herself an any writer because she can write on any topic and anything. Clarissa started writing for what used to be Associated Content. Yahoo then bought them out and kept many of the writers on. When she was writing for Yahoo, she was in the top 1,000 contributors for four years in a row as well as was in the Hot 500 contributors for a few months before they closed the contributor network down for good. She now writes for private clients. You can contact her if you would like to hire her by emailing at [email protected]

Katie Kelly

Social Media Strategist at Stream Companies

A digital marketing expert with an immense love for finding trends in writing catchy ad copy, curating creative content, and finding the perfect GIF (definitely pronounced 'GIF').


Charmaine Pruitt

UX Writer | Conversational Designer

Hi-ya! I'm Charmaine and making the story and experience the "main(e)" event is my specialty - UX, proposals, technical documentation, and Marcom to name a few. My skills are showcased on small business websites, in technical documents, and on multinational corporate channels. I've been a leading contributor on teams composed of messaging masterminds responsible for securing multimillion dollar business capture deals and funding for vital public service programs. I've methodically escorted many once frustrated users through complex, technical processes with ease. And I've been the helpful voice behind some of your most engaging artificial intelligence experiences. My talents have been applied across heavy-hitting branded domains, spanning automotive, IT, financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing. Let's chat about how I can bring your stories to life and provide meaningful experiences for your customers.


Stevie Delgado

Creative Wordsmith

From the moment I was able to scribble down my first word, I have been in love with writing. Since then, I have worked continuously to further develop and improve my writing. I’ve spent over 20 years exploring the realm of prose, building my writing skills and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone to learn more. I received my first paid and contracted writing project straight out of high school when I dipped my toe into “commissioned” writing. From there, I’ve worked professionally as a freelance and ghostwriter. I have written content in just about every imaginable genre and style; I’m fluent in writing anything from poems to articles to eBooks and more. More recently I've been contracted to write articles, which is one of my favorite styles of content to write. I have worked on a wide variety of topics, including video games, nutrition, mental health, motherhood, and more. Regardless of my personal interest in an assigned topic, I write as if it's something I love and provide quality work. I always research my topics thoroughly, including fact-checking and sourcing any information I use. I also follow all provided guidelines and requirements on a project, and strictly adhere to deadlines.


Melissa McCart

Editor, The Bittman Project on Substack

Co-author with Rick Easton of Bread and Salt, "Bread and How To Eat It," Knopf, 2022 Freelancer: Eater National, Saveur, Bon Appetit, Taste Cooking, Washington Post, Washington City Paper, Washingtonian, and others. Previous: Eater NY editor, Newsday restaurant columnist, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette restaurant columnist, Broward Palm-Beach New Times restaurant columnist

Ethan Chung


Hello! I am a writer and editor based in Seattle. Most recently, I worked in internal communications at Amazon as a content writer and editor. I provided stories and internal news to the company's global corporate employees. I have edited and project managed a number of Northwest travel publications, including the Visit Bellevue Washington Visitor Guide, Travel Tacoma + Pierce County Visitor Guide, and the Olympia Visitor Guide. Additional publication experience includes key editorial roles at Discover South Lake Union magazine, 425 magazine, and South Sound magazine. I am passionate about food, restaurants, and travel, but my experience extends to a plethora of topics, including business and startups, health, family, lifestyle, and more. My goal is to provide engaging, valuable content for businesses, organizations, and publications. I can help with: *Blogs *Social media *Web content *Email content *Press releases *Media Relations *Advertorial *Ghost writing *Content strategy *Content project management *Marketing communications What's your story? I'd like to help tell it. Let's connect!


Emily Shue

Project Manager

Combination of creative and professional work. Employed at Womankind, a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating gender-based violence. BA in English and Creative Writing. Interested in editing, writing, publishing, and non-profit work. Intelligent, passionate, talented. Difficult to summarize. [email protected]


SMcLeod Copywriting

Copywriter | Thesaurus Enthusiast | Grammar Nerd | Oxford Comma Loyalist

Whether it's a succinct social post (damn you, character limit!), the subtle art of a pay-per-click CTA, an oldie but a goodie print ad, soup to nuts website content, a less-spooky-and-more-invisible ghostwritten blog, or (in my spare time) a polysyllabic book review, I'm never at a loss for words. Let me speak for you, too.


Patricia Conte

Marketing Communications Consultant

Patricia Conte is a marketing communications and digital media professional with experience as a writer/editor and account manager for clients including those in healthcare, higher education, nonprofit organizations, and food and consumer products. She also operates her own website where she partners with brands as an influencer, and works on her own to deliver mouthwatering recipes and original, vibrant images. You'll find Patricia with pencil and paper, her laptop, and even her camera to develop imaginative and compelling content. She engages new audiences via social media, creates headlines that pop, brochures that shine, and website copy that tells a story.