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Nick McGuire


Organized and flexible writer with the ability to multi-task. Experienced writing and editing short- and long-form digital content to meet deadlines. Formerly the Borgen Project, Post-Trash, and IPG.



Melanie McGee Bianchi


Melanie McGee Bianchi is a lifestyle journalist from Asheville, North Carolina. She holds a Gold industry award from the International Festival & Events Association for special-section editing. Melanie was a spelling-bee champ from age 10-14 and won several poetry and fiction contests in her tween and teen years. In her early twenties, she published fiction in the national teen alt-culture magazine Sassy. After a long hiatus, she began writing fiction again; her short story "The Wasted Fury" appears in the Winter 2018/2019 print edition of the international literary journal The Moth Magazine. Melanie has published poetry in Asheville Poetry Review, was shortlisted in two national poetry competitions (Black Warrior Review, 2011; Tusculum Review, 2014), and has published personal essays in outlets including Gateways Magazine and the popular online forum “Scary Mommy.” An essay she wrote about Zelda Fitzgerald, published in VERVE magazine, was referenced in a book by NPR's Maureen Corrigan: "So We Read On: How the Great Gatsby Came to Be and Why it Endures." From 1997 to 2007, Melanie was the Arts & Entertainment Editor of Mountain Xpress, a member paper of the national Association of Alternative Newsweeklies. She went on to edit the regional women's magazine VERVE, a print monthly that included an international fashion photographer in its masthead. Melanie is currently editor of three print publications: Asheville Made, Bold Life, and Carolina Home + Garden. She's written countless articles on the visual and performing arts, architecture, interior design, outdoor pursuits, music, food, and trends, under her own name and many pseudonyms including Austine Miller, Blaise Covert, and M.J. MacAodh. Her most memorable celebrity interviews were with country/Americana stars Loretta Lynn, Patty Loveless, and Gillian Welch. Her favorite career memento is a postcard David Sedaris sent her from Germany showing three giant mice on their hind legs holding paws around an unconscious cat. Melanie’s cottage in the Blue Ridge Mountains has a tin-roofed carport and a backyard filled with poison oak, widow spiders, venomous and nonvenomous snakes, and absurdly large groundhogs that thrive on her failed garden. She is married with a 12-year-old son. She makes pies for fun but her only real hobby is napping.


Mary Ann Cejka

Translating Social Issues into Human Stories



Freddy Wong


I am a full-stack Web Application Developer and Software Developer, currently living in Austin, TX. I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Austin University, and my primary focus and inspiration for my studies is Web Development. In my free time, I study astronomy and the psychology of human computer interaction.



Christina Martinez

Communications, Marketing and Media Specialist

Print and media sales is where I started, customer relationships is where I shine.



Kimberly Hill

Freelance Writer

Well, hello there :) My name is Kim, and I have a love for the written word and am a generalist - I can write about anything given time to research the topic. I pride myself in helping students become accepted to college through assistance in editing essays and resumes/CVs. Taking something good and making it great is something I will always find admirable, and that is why I write.


Ross Martin

Copywriter and Editor

I'm a creative, motivated copywriter and editor with a strong sense of style and grammar. I write clearly and concisely for many different needs, including SEO copy, email campaigns, product pitches, web content, and press releases, all while maintaining a perfectly adequate sense of humor. I also write fiction and screenplays, and am a regular contributor to a St. Louis sketch comedy group. As a Missouri native, I'm particularly drawn to writers of the South.



Amanda M Sims

Marketing Coordinator

I have five years of experience in writing, editing, and social media management. While I have experience with two major companies, I have predominately worked as a freelancer for the past year. I have crafted press releases, designed international quality banners for magazines, and eye-catching social media advertisements.