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Alex W. Lowery

Writer, Speaker, Blogger

I am currently General Manager of Wise Chem LLC, our products are synonymous with safety in preventing molten metal explosions. Since 2012 I have written a safety focused columns for Aluminium Times, and now for Light Metal Age magazine. My passion for safety has led to interviewing CEO's about safety in their own companies, founding the Aluminium Plant Safety Blog, and assisting trade associations around the globe. Finally, I speak to several thousand workers around the world annually about variety of of safety related topics.

Stevie Delgado

Creative Wordsmith

From the moment I was able to scribble down my first word, I have been in love with writing. Since then, I have worked continuously to further develop and improve my writing. I’ve spent over 20 years exploring the realm of prose, building my writing skills and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone to learn more. I received my first paid and contracted writing project straight out of high school when I dipped my toe into “commissioned” writing. From there, I’ve worked professionally as a freelance and ghostwriter. I have written content in just about every imaginable genre and style; I’m fluent in writing anything from poems to articles to eBooks and more. More recently I've been contracted to write articles, which is one of my favorite styles of content to write. I have worked on a wide variety of topics, including video games, nutrition, mental health, motherhood, and more. Regardless of my personal interest in an assigned topic, I write as if it's something I love and provide quality work. I always research my topics thoroughly, including fact-checking and sourcing any information I use. I also follow all provided guidelines and requirements on a project, and strictly adhere to deadlines.


Melissa McCart

Editor, Heated with Mark Bittman on Medium.com

Co-author with Rick Easton of Bread and Salt, "Bread and How To Eat It," Knopf, 2022 Freelancer: Eater National, Saveur, Bon Appetit, Taste Cooking, Washington Post, Washington City Paper, Washingtonian, and others. Previous: Eater NY editor, Newsday restaurant columnist, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette restaurant columnist, Broward Palm-Beach New Times restaurant columnist

Caitlin Flynn

Freelance Politics Reporter & Travel Writer

Caitlin Flynn is an award-winning writer and reporter who experienced early age corporate burnout in 2015 and traded New York City for the misty air and superior coffee of Seattle. Her reporting and essays have been featured in publications including The Seattle Times, Teen Vogue, InStyle, HuffPost, VICE, CrimeReads, Glamour, Allure, DAME Magazine, Refinery29, Crixeo, HelloGiggles, POPSUGAR, Eater Seattle, and Bustle. Caitlin's work covers a variety of topics, including politics, travel, health, women's issues, and true crime. Caitlin earned a B.A. in English Literature and Film Studies from Smith College and she has taken opportunities to live, study, and work abroad in London and Portugal. A professionally trained ballet dancer, she writes reviews of local and national performing arts companies. Caitlin is currently working on her first book.

SMcLeod Copywriting

Copywriter | Thesaurus Enthusiast | Grammar Nerd | Oxford Comma Loyalist

Whether it's a succinct social post (damn you, character limit!), the subtle art of a pay-per-click CTA, an oldie but a goodie print ad, soup to nuts website content, a less-spooky-and-more-invisible ghostwritten blog, or (in my spare time) a polysyllabic book review, I'm never at a loss for words. Let me speak for you, too.


sade moore

Entertainment/Sports Journalist

Sade Moore is a multimedia journalist that writes and corresponds for Sheen Magazine bi-monthly national and international publication and on-camera talent and contributor for the NBA covering the Los Angeles Clippers and Lakers. Her duties entailed writing editing, and interviews with high-profile athletes and celebrities she is known for her warm welcoming personality asking in-depth questions that keep viewers and readers engaged and wanting more! Sade values diversity and embraces sharing bringing people's stories to life from different perspectives.

Dr. Shari Youngblood

Health & Wellness Copywriting/Content Creation

Hi, I'm Shari - I use evidence-based, personality-infused writing and research to help businesses in the natural health & wellness industry connect authentically with their audience, grow their customer base, and increase their bottom line. Working with me comes with side effects, enabling you to: - painlessly and efficiently establish yourself as an authority in your niche - earn respect in your professional community - make more money - have more time for yourself and the people and things you love - make a strong connection with the PEOPLE WHO NEED YOU THE MOST What you'll get: - doctoral-level expertise in the food, nutrition, health and wellness arena - thoroughly researched and referenced copy (that's still fun to read) - consumer deep-dive = writing about topics your target audience is searching for - catchy titles and headlines that compel people to read and share on social media - SEO-optimized articles without the spammy and annoying keyword-stuffing - triple-checking that the work I deliver is scientifically accurate and typo-free - brainstorming article ideas based on your ideal audience - formatting so that everything is easy to read and ready to go as is - truly professional copywriting, on time, so you can shine like the star you are ••••• My Bio: I'm a board-certified doctor of clinical nutrition with professional experience as both a writer and a functional medicine clinician. I've also worked as a culinary medicine expert and special diet chef; a nutrition research supervisor on an enormous, multi-year USDA-funded study; a pro blogger and weekly food & lifestyle columnist; and have 24 years of experience living, cooking, and eating in the Mediterranean Basin. My B.A. was in Cultural/Medical Anthropology and my M.A. was in Sociology. I love exploring the intersection of food, culture, and health. Find me at www.nutritionwriting.com


Kayla Kinney Stockdale

Content Writer/Freelance Writer

Hi, I'm Kayla! I am a Chicago-area based writer and editor, specializing in marketing, advertising, and content writing. Please reach out if you'd like more information regarding my experience. I'd love to chat!


Timothy M. Cornish (Tim)

Marketing | Marketing Communications | Industrial Storytelling

Content creator with more than twenty years of B2B experience in Marketing/Marketing Communications, Product Management, and Direct Business Development Support. Focus on technological, engineering, and industrial markets for leaders in their respective space. Experience includes: • Content development, management over several mediums • External press releases • Technical writing/ghost writing • Website creation and management • Internal communications • Product management/marketing • Co-owner of Healthcare Provider <!-- Begin: HubSpot Academy - Inbound Badge --> <div class='academy-badge'> <a href='http://academy.hubspot.com/certification' title='Inbound'> <img src='http://api.hubapi.com/academy/v1/badge-image/EF3629590EE941E3AFC2CF5613DD0932' /> </a> </div> <!-- End: HubSpot Academy - Inbound Badge --> <!-- Begin: HubSpot Academy - Content Marketing Badge --> <div class='academy-badge'> <a href='http://academy.hubspot.com/certification' title='Content Marketing'> <img src='http://api.hubapi.com/academy/v1/badge-image/DA54FDA44B444013AC672D5F3CC6B958' /> </a> </div> <!-- End: HubSpot Academy - Content Marketing Badge --> <!-- Begin: HubSpot Academy - Email Marketing Badge --> <div class='academy-badge'> <a href='http://academy.hubspot.com/certification' title='Email Marketing'> <img src='http://api.hubapi.com/academy/v1/badge-image/9E6DC11AF87E45A3B74CAEB815520D1B' /> </a> </div> <!-- End: HubSpot Academy - Email Marketing Badge -->


Meg Stewart

Freelance Content Writer

Looking for a writer or ghostwriter with a natural flair for persuasion? Want content that ranks 1st page of Google search results? Looking for a flexible writer who understands User Intent and SEO? Meg is a freelance writer, content creator, and content strategist, who specializes in quality content that gets your business seen! Meg has ghostwritten on hundreds of topics from pet care to writing tips, parenting to haunted houses, and bathroom fixtures to wood stoves. She is experienced in writing product descriptions, reviews, and buying guides for everything from backpacks, survival gear, and dirt bikes to bake ware, writing software, and online educational platforms. Contact Meg today for specific writing samples related to your topic or industry or to discuss your content needs.