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Karen Kefauver

Freelance writer, photographer and social media consultant

Based in Santa Cruz, California, I specialize in stories, photos and videos on adventure travel and endurance sports. I've been a full-time freelance journalist since 1996. I have published 500+ feature stories and photos worldwide in magazines, newspapers and online media. With a background in public relations and marketing, I also help businesses with social media marketing - teaching, training and speaking on how to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social media networks to boost business results.


Felipe Frazão

Jornalista e estudante de Ciência Política

Repórter de O ESTADO DE S. PAULO


Erin Caughey

A journalism student looking to broaden my knowledge in reporting and editing.

Former sports reporter and news reporter for The Marquette Tribune. Current Director of Marquette Student Media Interactive. Spent a month in Italy practicing digital storytelling, using design and video editing software to create a feature package on the economy of Calgi, Italy. Interned at Ireland's Food & Wine magazine as an editorial assistant for two months during the summer of 2013.


John Grimley

Freelance journalist passionate about music, sports and technology.

Currently freelancing at, I have worked as a weekly columnist, music critic, community reporter and editor/reporter/writer for a radio news program. I've done....


Peter Cox

Freelance Journalist

Daniel Lewis

A multimedia journalist, Colorado raised and educated at Brigham Young University. There's no such thing as too much cheese, and you can't go wrong with a good piece of pie.

What is journalism? The most basic answer I can give is that it is storytelling, and that's what I love about it. Whether the story is the latest legislation that is being pushed through, the dramatic win by a local team, or how to save some money while traveling this summer, journalists are storytellers. I hope that you feel like you're able immerse yourself in my stories, and I promise I'll do all I can to weave you a magnificent tapestry.


Katie Weise Cornett

e-Book Development Administrator at LifeWay

Hi, I'm Katie! I'm a University of Georgia graduate who now lives in Austin. I work at a non-profit e-book publisher and love to freelance on the side.

Aron Angel

Veteran editor/writer/web producer in the sports and entertainment world with experience in cross-functional production, social media and marketing. Boston transplant, L.A. convert.


Christopher Chavez

Marquette Tribune Sportswriter, Editor In Chief of The Stirring Straw, Freshman journalism major at Marquette University

New Yorker working hard at making it big in the journalism industry. Currently a sportswriter covering Marquette University athletics for the Marquette Tribune. Christopher is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Stirring Straw, a New York Yankees news and analysis website. When he is not writing, Christopher is training to run the New York City Marathon with a time under four hours.


Paul Liotta


My Name is Paul Liotta. I was born June 7, 1991 in Staten Island, New York. I attend the University of Scranton and will be receiving a B.A. in both History and Communication.