Jennifer Hartwig

Communications Coordinator

Accomplished Communications Professional with 15 years of experience providing clear, concise messaging and communications for a number of business sectors including local and federal government, military, health and fitness, financial services and HR. Adept in creating strategic messaging, creating marketing materials, training materials and internal corporate communications, web design, photography and videography. Demonstrated successes in writing social media campaigns, Web- and print-based marketing campaigns, website design and implementation, press releases and in working with local and national media.


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Alloy Personal Training Center
Why FMS? | Articles, Gym Happenings

Team Alloy If you've ever been to Alloy Personal Training, you may have seen us measuring our clients' movement, gone through this screening yourself, or heard us talking about "FMS." This screening is called a Functional Movement Screening (that's the FMS!), and it's something all of our clients went through when they started at Alloy.

Alloy Personal Training Center
Probiotics and Your Overall Health | Articles, Nutrition

Team Alloy Why Probiotics? Chances are, if you're not taking a probiotic, you know someone who is - or you've at least heard people talking about them. But you may be asking, "why do I need probiotics?" Our gut houses a colony of millions of bacteria, which we call our "microflora."

Georgia football legend visits Fort Stewart WTB

FORT STEWART, Ga. - "There's no shame in my game." That was the message from Herschel Walker, University of Georgia legend and Heisman Trophy winner, to Soldiers of the Warrior Transition Battalion, May 13. The Wrightsville, Ga. native is regarded as one of the top college running backs of all time.

Reintegration - Finances: Avoid splurging, discuss spending

lt;b>FORT STEWART, Ga. </b>-When a Soldier returns from deployment, he or does not always have extra money that was saved during the deployment. Not all Soldiers and their Families discussed what they would do with the added income during the deployment. Many things happen during a deployment, unexpected costs as well as excessive spending can deplete deployment savings account.

Marne Soldiers join Fortune 500 companies

FORT STEWART, Ga. - Two Third Infantry Division Soldiers are spending the next year in the corporate world, learning the ropes of their profession from some of the best at Fortune 500 companies.

The Frontline
Labor Day Brawl gives Hunter a show

Marine Chris McPhearson (red shorts) is bloodied, but still battles Daniel St. Juste in the opening bout of Hunter Army Airfield's Labor Day Brawl, Sept. 4. St. Juste caught McPhearson with a guillotine choke, forcing the Marine to tap out early in the second round.

Past, present NFL players visit Belvoir

Former NFL quarterback Joe Theismann demonstrates the proper way to hold a football during the NFL/USO sponsored football clinic held Tuesday at Pullen Field. (Photo by Marny Malin) Joe Theismann was among five current and former National Football League Players who visited Belvoir Tuesday as part of an NFL and USO-sponsored youth football clinic.

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Milton reopens parks and does some sprucing up

Nearly all Milton parks and facilities will reopen Saturday, after being closed by the public health crisis. Birmingham Park will be getting an extensive cleanup starting Monday. Park water fountains will be turned off and Mayor Joe Lockwood is urging visitors to use safety protocols, a statement said.

Man charged with aggravated assault after Milton SWAT situation

A man is in custody after a SWAT situation in Milton lasted more than three hours, authorities said. Nikolas Alexander Cole, 23, faces aggravated assault and criminal damage to property charges after allegedly firing several gunshots at another man outside his home near Freemanville Road on Thursday, Milton city spokeswoman Jennifer Hartwig said.


Blogspot/The Frontline
Boston Strong

wrote for personal blog, ran a week later the The Frontline

Sitting In: Another town, another school, forever changed

Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook. These seemingly wonderful places to live and go to school are now names associated with horrendous acts of violence - so much so that we no longer think of them as towns or schools, but as crime scenes. The memories of what happened there can never be washed away.

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City of Milton YouTube
MPD Cribs

Part of a series highlighting Milton's new Public Safety Complex. In this video, Officer Chad West gives the viewer a peek into the new “MPD Crib.”


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