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Isabella Green

writer, editor, and student

Hi! I'm Bella, a Classics student at Durham University. My particular area of academic interest is literary reception - the study of how Classical literature has been received over time. Academics aside, I love to write about intersectional feminism and other social justice movements, political structures, animal rights, and sustainability. My role as Profile Editor for Palatinate (the Independent Durham Student Newspaper) requires me to contact and interview interesting individuals around the country with a focus on the changing student perspective. I also work as a Content Editor for Academus Education, an organisation which aims to increase the accessibility of Classics as a subject - traditionally an exclusive and elitist field. I write and edit regular academic articles for its online blog, emphasising the continuing relevance of the Ancient World today. This portfolio is an amalgamation of all my work and eclectic interests. Email: [email protected]

Laura Amy

Content writer

An experienced, passionate, dedicated, and versatile writer, proficient in all aspects of communications. Writing in a variety of styles and on a diverse range of subjects, including travel, health, lifestyle, education, and fitness. Flexible copywriter for a variety of web and multi-platform applications. Significant experience in online publishing and social media. Sharp eye for detail: spelling, grammar, tonality. Able to meet tight deadlines and work with subject matter experts, adapting their knowledge into web content, blogs, stories, articles, summaries, and more.


Caroline Boyer

Strategic Communications Professional

A strategic communications professional with 10 years’ experience and a broad range of skills across public relations, community engagement and digital marketing. Here's a small sample of my work -


Brett McGinness

Opinion and Engagement Editor, Reno Gazette Journal

Since 2014, I have led the effort to enhance interaction between RGJ journalists and readers through with interactive events within the community, as well as reader content on the site and content marketing of our journalism. I also write award-winning local news snark three times a week in The Reno Memo e-newsletter (sign up at therenomemo.com).

Kamran Rosen

Writer and Futurist

I began my career in projection as a data analyst for the NerdWallet mortgage team—using U.S. Census Bureau data on income, working age population, and housing permits to create insights on homebuying trends. I later transitioned to a role at The Hustle—a San Francisco based newsletter with 400k readers that covered all things startup and business. This led to writing positions at the Morning Brew, The Motley Fool, Business Insider, Forbes, LifeHacker and copywriting for several brands. Through my experience I've developed an expertise in predicting future societal behavior, stemming from advancements in micro-transactions and digital simulations. I've covered the future of simulated sports, cryptocurrency in real estate, and shifting paradigms in the worlds of education and retail. I enjoy opportunities to indulge my love of the basketball and politics in my writing, and the occasional Haiku on the subway. My Podcast: https://www.letstalkaboutrace.net/ My YouTube Series: https://www.youtube.com/c/basement_dwellers

Anna Deen


Hey there! I’m currently based in New York City as a freelance journalist and graduate student at CUNY’s Newmark J-School, where I specialize in urban, data, and investigative reporting. I’m also the Fix intern reporting climate solutions stories at Grist and a volunteer reporting obituaries at THE CITY’s MISSING THEM project. I was previously the assistant editor for philosophy and religious studies at Oxford University Press, and an intern with the U.S. Department of State and U.N.C. School of Law's Center for Civil Rights. I received my B.A. in American culture studies, English literature and communication design from Washington University in St. Louis. As an undergraduate, I was the editor in chief of two collegiate magazines, a radio show host and DJ at KWUR 90.3 FM and a Lynne Cooper Harvey scholar in American culture studies. You can probably find me eating Ben & Jerry's and plotting my next day trip upstate. My full portfolio, including sample clips and data visualizations is available at annadeen.com. Feel free to reach me with any tips at [email protected]

Elena Carruthers

Digital Copywriter

English Masters Graduate with a diverse background in professional writing services. Currently working as a Freelance Copywriter, I am actively seeking new opportunities to network & collaborate. Please don't hesitate to get in touch!


Michelle Myers


Michelle Myers is an Ecuadorian bilingual journalist who moved to Philadelphia in 2017. She is currently a freelancer and Co-hosts the show “El Café de la Tarde,” on Philatinos Radio. Before Philatinos, she worked at AL DÍA News as a political reporter, covering the 2019 city elections and City Hall, among other topics like labor and the LGBTQ+ community. Prior to moving to the U.S., she worked for a tv station, a magazine and a native digital outlet in Ecuador covering the General Assembly and doing data journalism for the national elections.


Theodora MacLeod

Journalist, MacEwan University

Having been a writer my entire life, the decision to pursue journalism was an easy one. After graduating with my Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in Sociology in 2017, I set my sights on completing a Bachelor of Communications in Journalism, and haven't looked back. I am a journalist who loves working with words to convey ideas and explore the world around me. I am so excited to be learning and practising the art of writing informative and compelling articles while working on editing my fiction novels in my spare time. Writing truly is my passion and I welcome every opportunity I have to strengthen my craft. I intend to explore as many areas of writing and journalism as I can to diversify my portfolio and find the area where I am best suited; for me, the most important part of being a writer is taking information and experiences and sculpting them into a piece of work that inspires emotion in readers while providing new and informative perspectives.

Cheryl Kho

Aspiring Writer

I'm Cheryl, a current undergraduate with a flair for the written word. I'm looking for a meaningful role where I can hone my skills and also learn a little something new that I can work with. I've had some work experience in strategic content creation and customer relations, with hands-on experience in team and project management too.