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Since 2014, I have led the effort to enhance interaction between RGJ journalists and readers through with interactive events within the community, as well as reader content on the site and content marketing of our journalism. I also write award-winning local news snark three times a week in The Reno Memo e-newsletter (sign up at

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Nevada's 6 electoral votes could decide the presidential election. Here's how

An often-repeated bit of Nevada lore says that the state was added to the Union less than two weeks before the 1864 presidential election in order to secure President Lincoln's re-election in the middle of the American Civil War. As it turns out, Lincoln didn't actually need Nevada's two electoral votes.

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The Reno Memo's guide to the Biggest Little City's civic feuds

A city can't make it a century and a half without picking up some mortal foes along the way - or at least starting some extremely petty feuds. Here's our short list of Reno enemies. (Reno-mies? Ren-emies?), in no particular order. Let us know who you think is the worst in the poll below.

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Free speech, no exceptions: Our view

Prior to an NFL preseason game last August, UNR alum Colin Kaepernick didn't stand up for the national anthem, sparking a protest on race relations and policing that has spread through the NFL and the sports world.

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What's next for the Space Whale? | Reno Memo

It's Friday afternoon ... let's get to the latest Space Whale details. The fate of downtown Reno's Space Whale is in serious doubt. The RSCVA had planned to use $200,000 in COVID-19 relief funds to buy the steel-and-glass sculpture until someone said the idea out loud and scratched it off the agenda.

For the Record: Trump makes his open mic night debut

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump can breathe a big sigh of relief this morning ... they don't have to be in the same room ever again. Last night, just 24 hours after a testy final debate in Las Vegas, the two candidates were mocking each other in New York -- but for charity this time!

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Nevadans are sticking to social distancing. How do we know? A report on smartphone data

Subscribe: Stay in the know with a digital subscription to, starting at just 99 cents a month Congratulations, Nevadans: Your smartphone thinks you're doing a great job at social distancing. Unacast, a company which aggregates and analyzes location data from various sources, released a study ranking all 50 states plus the District of Columbia on how much smartphone owners had reduced their travel.

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Winning at fatherhood

Do kids say "my dad can beat up your dad" anymore? I thought it seemed like it was a pretty common thing. Maybe it still gets said, but I never hear about it from my kids. Classmate: "My dad can whup your dad." My son: "Well, my dad's a writer and an editor, so ...

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We're all in Boarding Group A now | Reno Memo

The Reno Memo is free, and so is the RGJ's comprehensive coverage of the coronavirus outbreak. Why not support local journalism starting at just 99 cents a month with a subscription to

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We're missing out. Here are the 18 largest restaurant chains nowhere near Reno-Sparks

All things being equal, we'd rather dine local. And if we're in the mood for a chain restaurant, we definitely have our fair share of them around here. But then we see TV commercials for Zaxby's Zaxville Hot sandwich, or read about Hungry Howie's $3.14 pizza deal on Pi Day, and we can't help wondering how the other half lives.