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D. Quinn Foster

Content Writer & Copywriter

Bonjou (Kréyòl) everyone, my name is Quinn. I am a Content Writer, Copywriter, Copyeditor, Ethnographer, and Musician. I aim to grow brands and build professional relationships in an honest manner. My writing is prompt, fresh, eye-grabbing, diverse, entertaining, on-time, and professional. I am helpful, open-minded, and an active listener receptive to feedback. Contact Me For Services Today: [email protected]


Masen Virginia


Welcome to my portfolio! I am a writer and multi-media creative based in Minneapolis. Although I am equipped to write about many genres and subjects my writing niches mostly consist of technology & society, science fiction & fantasy, issues of class and social justice, research-based technical subjects, professional/corporate writing, and writing for TV/film/radio. Simply put, I love words and the challenge of stringing them together to make something meaningful, informative, beautiful, thought-provoking, and useful! Contact me below, I'd love to work with you! Let's make something great. You can also reach me here: [email protected]


Laura Elliott

Freelance journalist, writer, and editor

I'm a disabled writer, journalist, and editor based in the UK. My non-fiction is primarily focused on health, disability, and politics, and its intersections in art and entertainment. I've had by-lines in The Establishment, The Ecologist, and The Guardian, among others, and anthology essays published by places like Monstrous Regiment Publishing, and in Hachette's "Letters from Lockdown" collection. My fiction often runs towards the speculative, horror, and so-called "weird fic", and can be found in a number of magazines and anthologies, including Disturbing the Body by Boudicca Press, Strix Magazine, and many more.


Eylul Deniz Yasar

Journalist, Videographer

Trilingual (Turkish, English, German) investigative journo with a penchant for visual storytelling, based in Istanbul, Turkey, focusing on politics, human rights with occasional forays into cultures, art, and travel. Fond of representing the human condition turning the eyes on topics deemed as taboo and social identities which are discriminated against, othered and disenfranchised such as the homeless people, Kurds, LGBTIs, the most disadvantaged working-class people. Skilled in camera work, editing, photography, and feature writing with 7 years of writing & 5 years of video journalism experience. Former political editor and Turkey correspondent of Medya News international news portal. Published features & articles in Turkey's national media outlets Gazette Duvar, Mesopotamia Agency & Birikim magazine. Works appeared: in ARTE, Belfast Telegraph, RT, Spectee News. Member of independent video activist collective Seyri Sokak since 2017. Below are some of my work in English. More samples and references are available upon request. Contact via: [email protected]

Camila Pedrosa


Camila is a sophomore studying journalism at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. In summer 2022, she is working as an intern with Copper Courier in Arizona, and in the fall, she will work with the breaking news desk at AZCentral and as a managing editor for The State Press Magazine at ASU.

Nikki Haslett

Multimedia Journalist, Editor, Writer

Hello! My name is Nikki Haslett and I'm a recent first-generation honors graduate from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. While obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in English writing and a minor in journalism, I have taken on a variety of thoughtful, interesting, and engaging topics during my college career; I was the first staff member to write on WCU's decision to move to remote instruction during the initial COVID-19 lockdown, interviewed local clothing sellers for a fashion magazine I created in my journalism practicum, and reported on the possible threats to Roe v. Wade and reproductive healthcare resources under SCOTUS Justice Amy Coney Barrett. Aside from my experience in copyediting, research and news writing under ethical standards, I've worked with multimedia tools to tell stories in other ways, such as Photoshop, InDesign, Adobe Audition, Canva and Premiere. As a result, I gained both in-person and digital newsroom experience, having published 30+ articles under Her Campus and The Quad Student News Service. In 2020, I was nominated for the Keystone Press Award for an article I co-wrote, titled “Local Universities Face Mass Faculty Layoffs,” and received public recognition by the senior editors and executive board of Her Campus at West Chester for my piece on the Farmers' Protest in New Delhi. I am currently seeking editorial opportunities for digital/print publications. Feel free to email or message me and thank you for taking a chance to read my work!


Alex Garwood

Writer, Analyst, Dreamer

In my life I wear many hats. One (a Panama with a red band) is that of an analyst and researcher, able to find all the relevant information you didn't know you needed and transform it into the most useful form. Another (a velvet mortarboard with tassels) is that of a writer: whether fiction in the form of barely constrained imagination, or fact with speeches that pull at the complex elements of the human soul, I write because I have things to say that no-one else has. Other hats may make appearances from time to time (a beanie with inbuilt headphones for programming, a midnight blue fedora for moonlighting as a pianist, or a 14 foot high chef's hat for in a kitchen), and I'm certain as life goes by I'll acquire more still. I look forward to sharing with you all the skills (and hats) I have.


Sofia Quintero


I am a young journalist who has experienced a diverse upbringing. Born in the United States, raised in Costa Rica by Colombian parents, and now studying in Europe. I believe in the power of unity through globalization. I am constantly inspired by culture, design, language, fashion, and news.


Samuel J. Hyde

Writer/ Political Researcher

Samuel Hyde is a writer and political researcher at ‘The Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance’, based in Tel Aviv, Israel. He is the editor of “We Should All Be Zionists” by Dr. Einat Wilf and is currently co-writing another book with Wilf titled “Political Intelligence." Hyde's work focusses on topics that range across Israel’s political climate, the Israeli-Palestinian and Arab-Israeli conflict, the Abraham Accords and Middle East affairs.

Elizabeth Moheidly

Writer and Editor

Experienced ghostwriter, editor, and content specialist. Currently ghostwriting on all topics from DIY, and gardening to family life, literature, cooking, and culture. Professional editing skills relating to SEO and P24 formatting, client relationships, giving feedback and corrections for over 150 writers. Experience in Human Rights genres relating to international affairs and conflict commentary. Items on this portfolio are a mixture of ghostwritten and personal-style essays as indicated.