D. Quinn Foster

Content Writer & Copywriter

United States

Bonjou (Kréyòl) everyone, my name is Quinn.
I am a Content Writer, Copywriter, Copyeditor, Ethnographer, and Musician.
I aim to grow brands and build professional relationships in an honest manner.
My writing is prompt, fresh, eye-grabbing, diverse, entertaining, on-time, and professional.
I am helpful, open-minded, and an active listener receptive to feedback.

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Houstonia Magazine
This Rapper Is Having an Impact on Houston's Underground Rap Culture

Amber London is not new to Houston's hip-hop scene. As a teenager who came of age in the late aughts, she recorded her first demo at Elsik High School's Ninth Grade Center. From there, London continued to hone her lyrical craft while promoting her nostalgic underground image, and cutthroat sound throughout the streets of Southwest Houston.

Houstonia Magazine
Classic Rap Songs Every Houstonian Should Know

From Big Moe's sultry harmonies to Lil Keke's Southside swag, Houston rappers have heavily impacted today's music scene. The Geto Boys informed the world that heavy spitters and storytellers lived in the South, while UGK blended church production and street melodies. The Bayou City's sound can be admired by guests but never duplicated.

In Houston, cannabis fires up the city's Chopped & Screwed culture

If you want to understand the cannabis scene in Houston, you have to start with the city's Chopped & Screwed (C&S) culture. From being " draped up and dripped out" to " fire up a fat sweet," the Texas city's C&S sound has intertwined with local weed for more than three decades.

Paradi Sézon
"Let's Talk"

“Let’s Talk” A Short Poem by D. Quinn Foster. Written in AAVE (African-American Vernacular English).