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Katarzyna Rybarczyk

Freelance Journalist

I am a Freelance Journalist covering humanitarian issues and conflicts. This portfolio features links to some of my recent pieces. I am available for assignments. contact: [email protected]

David Hasley


Early on I was referred to as a business and banking whiz. I excelled at commercial banking and business consulting, and I moonlighted in cartooning and screenwriting. My evenings took a turn away from entertainment when a banking client asked me to write STARTING UP, a guide for starting and managing your own business. Subsequently, I transitioned to investment management where I oversaw investor communications for a major investment management firm. My real estate and investment savvy grew exponentially during this period as did my writing, designing and editing abilities. Since then, I've owned and operated two successful businesses and I've continued to hone my writing skills. Scripting, training, correspondence, advertisements, marketing and sales materials, investment reports and newsletters are just a few of the types of communications in which I have experience. I would welcome an opportunity to work, learn and grow with you.


Balázs Gulyás

journalist - columnist - political commentator

I have worked for many years in mainstream journalism in Hungary. This has allowed me to experience in-depth the sophisticated means that an authoritarian system uses to choke-off press freedom in incremental stages. I've published articles in English, a language I enjoy and speak well. In 2018 my previous outlet, the newspaper Magyar Nemzet, was purchased by businessmen intimately connected to Viktor Orban’s governing party, Fidesz. The paper was shut down and the journalists fired. A group of us started up an independent paper from scratch, the weekly called Magyar Hang. Despite the fact that the paper has to be printed abroad because Hungarian printing houses are afraid to print it, and despite the fact that potential advertisers are intimidated by the government, Magyar Hang has negotiated the challenges of this hostile environment to become Hungary’s second largest weekly newspaper. The effort has not been without cost. At times, I have been viciously attacked by name in the Fidesz-controlled media. Even worse, in October 2020, a specialist unit of the Hungarian police summoned me to appear for questioning. They wanted to know why I had published information about Viktor Orban's main oligarch ally, Lőrinc Mészáros, who had parked two military tanks parked next to one of his lakes. In November 2021, my car was damaged in what I have good reason to believe was a politically motivated attack.

Emma Guy


Investigative Journalist | Editor of EachOther UK | Co-founder of The Great Central Gazette | Co-Host of LessThan2Percent | Channel4 Alumna 🎥 | Doctoral Candidate Human Rights Law |

Delaney Amatrudo


I am a freelance copywriter based in Nashville, TN. I hold a Bachelor's Degree from New York University and currently work on both marketing and blog content for Verbit.ai.


Vandana Hettiaratchi

Content & Copy Writer

We all dream of changing the world, in some way or another. I believe stories can change the world and I love a job that gives me the opportunity to tell these stories. Over the years, I have shared these stories in many ways. I’ve used photography and pictures, and I’ve created and edited videos but my favourite way of telling a story is with words. I get a thrill from writing! Behind the storyteller, I am a goal-oriented, constantly learning, foodie. I am an avid bookworm, cricket fan and movie junkie. I also love traveling and exploring new cultures, trying out new languages (and failing miserably), and meeting people from all walks of life. On a more serious note, I have a MSc. in Development Studies from Lund University, Sweden and a BSc. in International Relations from LSE, together with 2+ years of experience in content creation, content writing, and digital marketing.


Gretchen Lembcke-Pena

Editor-in-Chief for Lynn iPulse | Journalism student at Lynn University

Hello! My name is Gretchen Lembcke-Pena. I am a junior at Lynn University with a major in Multimedia Journalism and a minor in Public Relations. My work ranges from all sorts of topics; book reviews, international news and social justice are just a few of the things I have touched on. Being from the Dominican Republic, I am fluent in not only English but Spanish as well, which allows for a wider range of communication through both speaking and writing.


Filipe Porto

Freelance international news and opinion writer | MSc and researcher of International Relations

I am an academic researcher, with a primary background in International Politics, particularly in China's relations with the world. Having worked as a volunteer academic researcher, I produced several insightful analyzes on subjects ranging from Brazilian Foreign Policy to international defense and security and the Blue Economy. These articles have helped shine a light on critical issues from every corner of the planet, and my motivation is that they continue to reach an engaged and critical audience.

Drew Favakeh


I am currently a journalist covering public safety and the courts for the Savannah Morning News. Writing long-form articles and daily stories, my mission is to be the voice for the voiceless. I have also written for the Indianapolis Star and USA Today.

Christiana Ewald

Managing Editor, Willamette Collegian

Christiana Ewald is a junior Religious Studies major at Willamette University, from Seattle, Washington. She enjoys early Christian apocryphal literature, material culture, and Christian memes from Facebook. She loves NPR and believes that local, independent journalism is the bedrock of a free and democratic society. She has worked at The Collegian as a news writer and the news section editor, along with running an occasional series taking pictures of stickers and other ephemeral art downtown. Her favorite TV show is Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, her favorite book series is Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere, and she has strong opinions about antique furniture flips on Instagram. In her free time, she likes to sail, hike, kayak, and say hello to seals. She also likes to knit socks, embroider patches for her jeans, and recreate historical cross-stitch patterns.