Alex Garwood

Writer, Analyst, Dreamer

United Kingdom

In my life I wear many hats.

One (a Panama with a red band) is that of an analyst and researcher, able to find all the relevant information you didn't know you needed and transform it into the most useful form. Another (a velvet mortarboard with tassels) is that of a writer: whether fiction in the form of barely constrained imagination, or fact with speeches that pull at the complex elements of the human soul, I write because I have things to say that no-one else has.

Other hats may make appearances from time to time (a beanie with inbuilt headphones for programming, a midnight blue fedora for moonlighting as a pianist, or a 14 foot high chef's hat for in a kitchen), and I'm certain as life goes by I'll acquire more still.

I look forward to sharing with you all the skills (and hats) I have.

A Short, Comic Play
Red, or, The Current State of Politics

A short play, produced in London pre-Covid, that should add a little levity to the otherwise serious portfolio, while giving an example of my range as a writer

On Coöperative Democracy

A serious idea for political reform in a fragmented pluralistic society, presented in an engaging manner and treated with immense decorum.

Campaign Strategy
South Dakota Senate Campaign

This campaign strategy was prepared for an (eventually aborted) Democratic candidacy for the 2020 election to the US Senate in South Dakota. With an election having such long odds, I took it as a challenge to plan for the impossible.

Position Paper
Restoring Democracy in the Lone Star State

In response to the trend towards competitive authoritarianism in Texas (and other Republican governed states), this is a series of concrete suggestions of how to strengthen democracy in the state. As the current institutions have proven fragile and inadequate in stopping authoritarian acts, I advocate significant reform.

Censorship in Education

A speech on education (in particular the current trend of Republicans banning books), written with a candidate in a Republican leaning district in mind.

Corruption in the Heart of America

Inspired by the seemingly limitless corruption in South Dakota, this speech was written for a potential Democratic campaign in that highly conservative state.

Short Story

A short story, originally written and performed as a monologue for a theatre in Brighton, and adding a touch of the macabre to the proceedings