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Coumba Diallo

Multilingual content manager, copywriter and translator

Born and raised in Paris, France, I was drawn to foreign languages and cultures at a very young age. Following this passion, I attended several language courses in England (Oxford), Perugia (Italy) and Madrid (Spain) and dedicated my studies to translation and intercultural communication. My personal interests and areas of specialisation span music, yoga, travel, astronomy, science fiction and societal topics.


Will Fortune

Writing, Podcasting, Music

If there's a comedian, musician, author, director, actor (the list goes on) with a story to tell, I am there with a pen and paper in hand. My experience with writing started with 'The Rotten Appal', a satire publication I founded and led as Editor-in-Chief for two years at Appalachian State University. This led me to writing for 'The Laugh Button', a publication dedicated to covering all things comedy. As a passionate lover of the arts, the possibilities for future writing abound.

Brooklyn, New York

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Alisa Wylie

Freelance Journalist

Young Journalist of the Year finalist at the Scottish Magazine Awards 2017. Former editor-in-chief of the Strathclyde Telegraph in 2017, previously the music editor in 2016. I'm based in Glasgow, Scotland but cover everything from local to international issues. My two favourite things to write about are music and mental health For any contact/commission enquires: alisawwrites [at] gmail [dot] com

Lei Takanashi


A culture journalist who is passionate about reporting on graffiti, streetwear, New York City, and hip-hop culture. I'm currently a Staff Writer in Complex Magazine's style section. I've written original feature stories and short news posts for magazines and websites such as New York Magazine, XXL, Mass Appeal, Grailed, Complex and 12ozProphet. I'm a graduate of the Journalism and History program at Stony Brook University.

Jacqueline Atta-Hayford


A London-based writer of colour in her late 20s, gathering ideas and experiences to turn into written works. My major interests are music, literature, mental health and wellness, and learning is my favourite thing to do.

Christa McIntyre


I'm Christa McIntyre and I write about arts, music and culture. I'm a Portland theater critic, chef of sandwiches and occasional backseat canoe paddler.

United States of America

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Hasan Beyaz

English Literature Graduate

Dreamer, believer, achiever.

United Kingdom

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Brandon Ratliff

Freelance/Fiction Writer

I used to have this section filled with a bunch of generic "I did this and then I did that and then this," and I realized something: it sucked. Who cares? If you really want to know more about my background, you can ask. But since that doesn't really affect any potential enjoyment you'd get out of reading something I wrote, I gave it the ol' 86. Instead, I'm going to tell you that I write short stories primarily. I also spent a long time as a music critic, but I retired from it. I do miss doing that from time to time, but I'd rather focus on the more creative parts of writing. Thus, I have a book coming out soon. It's called Bridges, and I hope you think it's as awesome as I do. It's a short story collection with three novellas. You can read a few of those shorts below, too. So I hope you enjoy them. What else? I do marketing and coding by trade, and that's pretty fun as well. I love it. Maybe it's just another way to reach people, just like writing. I also play and coach semi-pro football. I'm probably too old to still be playing, but I'm going to continue until I can no longer do it. Which might already be the case... Depending on when you ask. I host a YouTube cooking series called Metal Kitchen, where I combine my love for heavy music and good food. Click the YouTube link above to check it out. Anyway, if you want more writing samples or have questions, email me. I'd be happy to oblige. [email protected]

United States of America

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Ben Hyde

Senior Copywriter and Social Media Specialist

2013- Present. Senior Copywriter with experience producing engaging articles for a variety of sectors. Based in Manchester, United Kingdom.

United Kingdom

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Kelly Campbell

Freelance Journalist

Aspiring writer & digital content creator Third year Communications Bachelor Majoring in Journalism & Cultural Theory and Practice Special interests include environmental sustainability, fashion, music, art & food.