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If there's a comedian, musician, author, director, actor (the list goes on) with a story to tell, I am there with a pen and paper in hand. My experience with writing started with 'The Rotten Appal', a satire publication I founded and led as Editor-in-Chief for two years at Appalachian State University. This led me to writing for 'The Laugh Button', a publication dedicated to covering all things comedy. As a passionate lover of the arts, the possibilities for future writing abound.


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The Laugh Button
On "More Later", Marc Maron sacrifices consistency for honesty - The Laugh Button

It's common for artists to make creative transformations throughout their career. Pablo Picasso emerged as a painter fixed in realism, later advancing through the blue and rose periods, and concluding as a pioneer of Cubism. With the arrival of More Later, Marc Maron enters the post-aggression phase of his illustrious career.

The Laugh Button
Remembering Greg Giraldo: 5 years ago comedy lost one of its best

If we were to detail the characteristics of a good comedian, words like perceptive, enlightening, and witty might suffice. For the late comedian Greg Giraldo, this description would be a vast understatement, because he was not simply good, but great.

The Laugh Button
Getting ready for bed with Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim

There are two prevalent attitudes toward the comedy of Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim. There are those who find their humor intolerable and those who revel in its absurdity. They are the most polarizing force in modern comedy. For fans, that is exactly what makes them so special.

The Laugh Button
Sam Morril is a comedy Class Act

Those familiar with stand-up know that New York City exports a distinct style of comedy. Perhaps it's the looming city landscape or comedic tradition of the city, but comedian's who come up in The Big Apple tend to be self-referential, dark, and remarkably honest.


The Laugh Button
The Laugh Button Podcast #51: Wayne Federman finally chronicles it

Mark and Matt welcome the one and only Wayne Federman to the podcast this week. Federman recently released his new comedy album, The Chronicles of Federman, which is his first comedy album in the course of 30 years. We break down what someone could do in that length of time which leads into a discussion ...

The Laugh Button
The Laugh Button Podcast #44: Sean Donnelly has a Manual Labor Face

This week comedian Sean Donnelly joins us to talk about his new album Manual Labor Face, his origins as a New York Comedian and how he'd do it differently, and some Saved By The Bell Trivia, all before letting us know what it was like to ride the bench of the basketball team his dad coached.

The Laugh Button
The Laugh Button Podcast #41: Take us down to Moonbeam City

This week for the news Matt welcomes Bram Teitelman, Editor-in-Chief of our sister site, Metal Insider. Bram and Intern Will sit in on the news because Mark is not present... he might be on a mountain somewhere.


Rotten Appal
App State to Move All Academic Departments Into Trailer. Vacated Buildings to be Turned Into...

BOONE-In an unanimous vote taken recently, Appalachian State University executives decided to move all academic departments into a trailer behind Gardner Hall, refurbishing the educational buildings into football workout facilities. University administrators are working to make sure this decision comes into effect by the beginning of next semester. "Who cares?"

Rotten Appal
Grateful Editor Concludes his Time with Humor Magazine

BOONE, NC - You're probably wondering at this point, "Hey, what's the catch? Did Rotten Appal start outsourcing it's writing to some distant community in the corner of the universe where its rulers have forbade comedy?" or something along those lines, I'm certain.