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Jordan Oloman

Editor-In-Chief at Quillstreak, Gaming Editor at The Courier and Freelance Writer

21-year-old History and Archaeology student at Newcastle University Editor-In-Chief of Quillstreak Print Designer/Gaming Editor at The Courier Freelance Writer - Seen in Playboy, Kill Screen, What Culture Gaming Contact me via my email: [email protected]

United Kingdom

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Neil Simpson

Experienced journalist and writer

The bulk of my experience is all about London, from writing news and features about museums, galleries, bars and restaurants, to describing the terror of taking part in open-mic stand-up comedy. Since then, my focus has shifted to writing about the climate crisis and communicating solutions, predominantly for Extinction Rebellion and the sustainable banking campaign group that I co-founded, Bank.Green.

Sarah Coleman

Freelance writer/blogger

Hello! I'm S.Cole and I'm from NYC! I'm a freelance social media coordinator/graphic artist and I am also a writer and reviewer. I love to write about music, art, latest current events and sports. Basketball is my favorite sport (I'm an avid Bulls fan). Occasionally I like to write about food as well. I like to consider myself a foodie. While these are my favorite things to write about, I'm not limited to these. I can write for hours about things I find interesting! Welcome to my portfolio :)

United States of America

Stefanie Italia

Freelance writer & editor, Product Support Manager

Stefanie Italia is a writer and editor from Melbourne, Australia. She works in book publishing and has a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Publishing and Communications.



I am to be found always reading (novels, zines, theses) and always writing (free writing, journalistic, poetic, and stand-up comedy). Inspiration is drawn from popular culture, personal experience, and music. Not a day goes by where I do not listen to a composition of some kind. I also enjoy many a television series and cinematic experiences. I am very concerned with the representation of minority groups in mainstream media. Whenever I have to fill out a form, I tick the, 'female', ‘Black British’ and ‘African/Caribbean’ boxes. I would like to display that I, and others like me, are more than box-tickers; we are more than your preconceived notions on what black youths get up to. I hope to effect change through my work.

United Kingdom

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Ben Butler

Freelance Writer

I'm a recent English Literature graduate from the University of York. I have written for publications such as The 405, 1883 Magazine, Gigwise and The Gentleman's Journal. I am also a part of the editorial team for Public Pressure. Contact: [email protected]

United Kingdom

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Charlie Ensor

Freelance Journalist

I am a compelling communicator and long-form copywriter. I am an effective communicator, using my skills as a journalist to inform readers and my ability as a copywriter to get the same audience to take action. As a campaigner for aid and development, I write to inform as well as to advocate for change. As a writer I seek to communicate with my audience on a personal level, bringing them closer to the story through effective use of words and narrative. My role is always to deepen my audience's understanding of any topic and allowing them to interact on a personal level.

United Kingdom

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Antônio Turnes

Creative Copywriter

I am Creative Copywriter with 8+ years of experience in advertising writing and content production focused on the fashion and lifestyle market. I have the ability to write about various subjects in order to meet the needs of each client. With excellent verbal and written skills, I use creativity to develop my texts according to the language required by each media and target audience. I am flexible to adapt positively to any challenges that may arise.


Victoria Spadaccini

My mission is to inspire positive change through uplifting perspectives.

Entertain. Educate. Illuminate.

United States of America

Christopher Lord

York-based copywriter & music journalist

A bit like that feeling when you leave the cinema. Writing should inspire, inform and tap into our emotions. That applies whether you're selling traffic islands, advertising student accommodation, or interviewing rock stars and Golden Globe winners. And I've done the lot. Over the past 5 years, I've written for national news outlets, regional magazines and a growing number of companies - both B2B & B2C. As a result, I've developed a truly versatile writing style that can be adapted for just about any purpose or audience. When I'm not writing for work, I'm writing for leisure, simply because it's what makes me tick. When you work with me, you can be certain that I approach every brief with the same passion and enthusiasm that you have for your project or business. I've gathered some of my favourite pieces of writing below to demonstrate what I can do. Feel free to have a flick through my CV for a clearer picture of my skills and experience, too. Like what you've seen so far? Great, I'd love to hear from you! Contact me at: [email protected]