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Alisa Wylie

Freelance Journalist

Location icon United Kingdom

Young Journalist of the Year finalist at the Scottish Magazine Awards 2017.

Former editor-in-chief of the Strathclyde Telegraph in 2017, previously the music editor in 2016.

I'm based in Glasgow, Scotland but cover everything from local to international issues.

My two favourite things to write about are music and mental health

For any contact/commission enquires: alisawwrites [at] gmail [dot] com


Music - live reviews

Young Fathers, O2 Academy, Glasgow

It seems appropriate that Young Fathers play Glasgow on a cold, wet November night. Notably, it's also St Andrew's Day - but the collective turn up the heat all the way up to 11.

Strathclyde Telegraph
Knuckle Puck, Tiny Moving Parts & Movements at SWG3

Photo credit: Nathan Matheson. The first thing you notice about Southern Californian band Movements' frontman Patrick Miranda is how genuinely appreciative he seems to be that so many people showed up early to see his band play. The 450-capacity room started to fill up at a reasonable rate, despite the early doors of 6pm.

Strathclyde Telegraph
Boston Manor, Microwave at SWG3

Photo credit: Nathan Matheson. While SWG3 is not immediately what you might have in mind when you think of where pop-punk underdogs Boston Manor would play while in Glasgow, but it seems fitting. The Warehouse, one of the smaller rooms in the multi-purpose arts venue is filled comfortably with emo kids young and (slightly) old(er).

Strathclyde Telegraph
Live review: The Xcerts

While a similar sentiment was shared when the Strathclyde Telegraph last reported on a live music event taking place in the hallowed hall that is St Luke's, it would act as a disservice to not mention that there is, indeed, a buzz in the air prior to The Xcerts' biggest Glasgow headline show to date....

Strathclyde Telegraph
Live review: Gregory Alan Isakov @ King Tut's Wah Wah Hut

By Alisa Wylie, Music Editor When Leif Vollebekk takes to the stage and sits down to his keyboard at the front, right-hand side of the stage - you quickly notice that there's something peculiar in his movements when he plays. His upper limbs jerkily move almost continuously as he makes contact with his instruments.

Strathclyde Telegraph
Live review: Phoebe Bridgers

Ever wanted to feel like someone was caressing the skin over your torso with their soft hands, singing softly to you while the hum of a baritone guitar serenades you in the background? That sounds nice, right? Imagine now, just when you're just about reach that euphoric sense of nirvana; that the hands cut through...

Strathclyde Telegraph
Live review: Lewis Capaldi

There is a palpable excitement in the air, as we await for 20-year-old Lewis Capaldi to take to the stage for his biggest headline gig in Glasgow to date in St Luke's. It's obvious that he has a strong fanbase already, despite the fact that at time of writing this, he only has 2 songs...

Strathclyde Telegraph
Live review: Eyre Llew

By Alisa Wylie, Music Editor While I may be reiterating this from a tweet, it's bares great importance so it is worth stating again. If pure bliss had a sound, it would come in form of Eyre Llew. The eclectic three piece from Nottingham have received copious amounts of high praise and I am here ...
Live review: The Wonder Years

It's no surprise given the heavy subject matter of the majority of their material, that when The Wonder Years (★★★★★) perform, it feels almost holy. After selling out an intimate UK tour in less than an hour, the band take to their alter at Glasgow's Stereo in front of a very eager crowd.

Strathclyde Telegraph
Live review: PUP

At King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, on the 6th September 2016. Brazen, Canadian punks PUP rightly take the stage for their first headline tour this side of the Atlantic this month. They have previously supported pop punk's front runners, Modern Baseball and The Front Bottoms, with those slots being beneficial by way of reach -...

Strathclyde Telegraph
Live review: Rachel Sermanni

Oran Mor 6/10/15 By Alisa Wylie Tonight, the Oran Mor has been transformed into a folklore dream. Wooden chairs have been laid out in front of the stage in two sections, with an aisle down the middle of the corresponding sides. You would think you had walked into the middle of an elaborate evening wedding without knowing.

Strathclyde Telegraph
Coffee House Sessions: Eoin Glackin

The Priory this past Friday was blessed with a performance from Irish singer-songwriter Eoin Glackin. If you're currently living in Ireland, you might have already heard of him, as he seems to making waves over the water. This tour has enabled him to travel up and down mainland Britain to give him the push he...

Live review: Neck Deep, Roam, Cavaliers, Flakes at Audio, 17/1/14 - ravechild

The corner outside McDonalds at Glasgow's famed 'four corners' will be quiet tonight. Why? Neck Deep, the new kids on the pop-punk scene, are playing at Audio. The first and youngest band of the night are Flakes, with singer Sean MacKay only being a ripe 16 years of age - which entails the young audience ...

Strathclyde Telegraph
Coffee House Sessions: James McLaren

On seeing James McLaren at the Priory on Halloween for the first time, I initially think of Alex Gaskarth. With his long hair swept over his face, he seems like a token poster boy. Being in a university setting, though, it might be a bit out of place to start singing saccharine pop songs fit...

Strathclyde Telegraph
Coffee House Sessions: Florrie

This past friday the Starbucks in the Union not only brought half price frappuccinos to round off the week quite nicely, but an acoustic performance from the lovely Florrie. This is the last date of her two week Coffee House sessions tour and we were second of the three performances scheduled for that day.

Live Review: Jimmy Eat World, We Are The Ocean at Academy, 9/9/13 - ravechild

The first and only support band tonight is We Are The Ocean, an Essex four-piece who take to the stage and warm the crowd with their Gaslight-Anthem-meets-The-Menzingers' sound. Singer and rhythm guitarist Liam Cromby's gravelly vocals do a good job of getting those who are already immensely excited to see the later band to get ...

Live Review: Kate Nash, Vulkano at SWG3, 19/10/13 - ravechild

If you're like me and you are transported back to 2007 to the time of MySpace, scene kids and Skins anytime you listen to Kate Nash, then you would probably go to see her live six years later with a nostalgic perspective. However, when you realise that Nash has completely transformed herself from then, you'll ...

grief, loss and mental health

Strathclyde Telegraph
In memoriam: Gary Watson

On the morning of his 22nd birthday, Gary Watson passed away after a tragic accident that had occurred the night before. I did not know Gary very well, and while many people have said the same while paying their respects online, what ties our brief interactions with him together is the continuous acknowledgment about how...

Strathclyde Telegraph
Death and the Hero: a response

On reading Fraser Bryce's article 'Death & the Hero', published in the last edition of the Strathclyde Telegraph, it got me thinking. Well, I've been thinking about the subject matter for a while now, given the fact that every celebrity reaching, or in, their 70s seems to be dropping off the ...

Strathclyde Telegraph
SAD - What it is and what you can do about it

Given how cold it is outside, and I don't know about you, but for me it's getting a hell of a lot harder to try and force myself out of bed in the morning. Add into the mix that there's black ice o...

Strathclyde Telegraph
How to get the support you deserve at University

I'm going to open this piece with a relatively personal piece of information. This year - I lost two members of my immediate family in the space of 7 months.

straight news stories

Strathclyde Telegraph
Local dementia café turns one year old

A local Dementia Cafe, which currently receives no funding and is run entirely by volunteers and carers, has just celebrated its first birthday. Situated in a Cope centre in the North West of Glasgow, the cafe runs on the third Thursday of every month. It allows for people living with dementia and their family members...

Strathclyde Telegraph
Graduate awarded with Prince Phillip Prize

Product Design Engineering graduate, Merlin Kafka, was awarded with the Incorporation of Hammermen of Glasgow's Prince Philip Prize.

Strathclyde Telegraph
Nicola Sturgeon to speak at Barony Hall this Thursday

Nicola Sturgeon will be making an appearance at the University of Strathclyde this coming Thursday, the 23rd of November, 2017. The First Minister will be delivering the 15th Kilbrandon Lecture in the Barony Hall. Inaugurated in 1999, the lecture series is named after Lord Kilbrandon, who chaired a committee which resulted in the creation of...

music - Q&A

The Vignettes

A music journo emails some guys from Glasgow and we discuss their band, Bowie, performance, #unilyf, who exactly THAT Jacqueline burd is and what makes them 'exuberant groove-mongers'. First off - how did you guys meet and why did you decide to form the band?

Strathclyde Telegraph
Interview: Lost In Stereo

We sit down with Glaswegian pop-punk band Lost In Stereo, and talk about what pop punk means to them, their already impressive collaborations and what else we should expect from the young, up-and-coming foursome.

Strathclyde Telegraph
Q&A with Muzobook

We spoke to Ronnie Simpson, the director of new Glasgow-based music booking service muzobook, which is free to use, about why they feel like they could lead in their field, where it could go and how it can work for you. How did the idea of muzobook come about?

A.W. Interview: "It's A Dream Come True" - Overblown

New Album New Love Is Out Now Via SideOneDummy Records. With the release of her new album New Love, Allison Weiss has shown a natural progression in her music, both in the sound and in the already high quality of songwriting and production. We speak to her about that new direction and the making of the album,...

Jenny Owen Youngs

After a long awaited return, Jenny Owen Youngs is finally back in the UK. We talk to her about the big changes in her life that have occurred since the last time she was on British shores, and delve deeper into her relationship with her fan base, literature, art and Perez Hilton.

Ambivalent Peaks (originally Scotcampus)
The Vegan Leather

By Alisa Wylie The Vegan Leather are a four piece from Paisley that make infectious, experimental pop. They have branded their genre as 'art pop,' and while that phrase may make you think of Lady Gaga, there are only moderate similarities between the two.
Brian Sella of The Front Bottoms

Photo credit: Jade Esson Photography The Front Bottoms are back in the UK yet again and ready to tackle a tour that's already selling out months in advance. We caught up with frontman, Brian Sella, before their sold out show at Glasgow's King Tuts to chat about their recent festival sets, The Grandma Series, Fuck, Jobs and their general domination of the UK crowds.

short snippets of writing

Strathclyde Telegraph
Ten essential films for the Christmas season

With the holiday season coming up, we asked some of our contributors what films they like to watch with all this spare time on their hands. This is the essential guide to holiday movies, chosen by the team at Strathclyde Telegraph! About Time - John-Anthony Disotto "About Time is a film that I can watch...


Strathclyde Telegraph
Welcome to the New Year

If you're reading this, it's too late. You're a student reading this (probably), about to be sucked into another new year of academia. Welcome!

The Big Red Taboo - an investigation in #PeriodPoverty in Scotland

Strathclyde Telegraph
Feature with Glasgow University's society, Red Alert

by Alisa Wylie, Music Editor (@soakedinstatic) When speaking speaking with Eleanor Wilson, Olivia McHugh and Natalie Moffat of the student society, GU Red Alert, one thing is abundantly clear - this is not about them. Cloaked in the vibrant West End of Glasgow, the very idea of people struggling for basic hygiene products among the...

Strathclyde Telegraph
Why universities, schools should take on the burden of periods

Illustration credit: Coleen Skinner Campbell. Imagine if toilet paper wasn't supplied in public bathrooms, and as a result, you had to supply your own, keeping your personal and private stash on your person at all times. Luckily, this isn't the case and institutions do provide toilet paper for you if and when you need...

equality: gender and race in the arts

Strathclyde Telegraph
Producer Girls: Eradicating sexism in the electronic music industry

When you think of a music producer - you think of a male, right? It's usually a dude, probably wearing a beanie or a cap (they always seem to be wearing hats, for some reason), with his hand clasped around his jaw area, thinking pensively. Think this analogy is bullshit?

Strathclyde Telegraph
Film review: I Am Not Your Negro

By Alisa Wylie, Music Editor (@soakedinstatic) I want to preface this by saying that I am fully aware that I am writing this from a point of privilege given that I am a white, Scottish female with the only knowledge about where my roots lie is with my grandparent.

Strathclyde Telegraph
Recap: 404 Ink's Nasty Women book launch

Photo credit: Jade Esson Photography By Alisa Wylie, Music Editor (@soakedinstatic) In the modern day, obviously the best thing to do when you have strong feelings about anything ever is to articulate them in the form of tweets. While the President of the United States of America and I have this particular pastime in common, it was his insult during ...

Strathclyde Telegraph
Theatre: Blow Off

By Alisa Wylie, Music Editor On a Thursday night at the Tron Theatre, I stumbled across one of the compelling pieces of theatre and live performance I have ever seen. Blow Off is a piece of guerrilla theatre which is accompanied with a full gig set up with live guitar, bass, drums, synths and viola ...

Strathclyde Telegraph
We want arts funding and we want it now

Over my three years at Strathclyde, there has been many a time that I have walked by the majestic looking building on Ingram street while making my way down for a post lecture coffee, and always wondered what it was. I'd always thought of it as being an old church that never quite seemed to...

Glasgow Music City Tours
Volunteering for Girls Rock Glasgow

Next week from the 13th -17th July, Girls Rock Glasgow holds its brilliant Rock'n'Roll Summer School for Girls; a week long music programme aimed at girls aged 8 to 16. You can donate to the summer school here. Alisa Wylie, who writes the music blog Ambivalent Peaks, is volunteering at GRG and we asked her to share her reasons for getting involved.

music - longer form features

Strathclyde Telegraph
On the power of pop punk and nostalgia with Glasgow promoters, MILK

By Alisa Wylie, Music Editor (@soakedinstatic) We sat down with the two inspirational women Hannah Currie and Aileen Lynn (a Strathclyde Alumni who was previously the music editor of the Strathclyde Telegraph) who run and curate the MILK club nights, formerly of Flat 0/1 residency, as they continue with their new endeavour, the ever popular ...

Strathclyde Telegraph
Snakey Swift's Exploitation Rages On

What seems to be new, and has come to light with the release of Taylor Swift's 6th album Reputation, is a legitimising "fan experience" where you have the opportunity to buy tickets for her live shows, dependent on how you interact and use yourself as a promotional vessel for the release of the new album.

Strathclyde Telegraph
Free gig of the month: Scottish Indie Sampler

In celebration of their release for International Cassette Store day, Gold Mold Records have curated a show at Bloc+ on the 12th of October which will showcase bands affiliated with different collectives and record companies. A combination of both electronic beats dubbed over with rap vocals with Jay Rolex and MC Almond Milk playing on...

Strathclyde Telegraph
Spotlight: Grab Life By Foundation

The Grab Life By foundation comes as the ultimate tribute to the late singer of The Lapelles, Gary Watson. Set up by Matthew Johnstone, a local promoter and close friend of Gary's, he first worked with Gary and a friend of theirs, Michaela McElroy on a project called The Spaghetti Factory.
On Motion City Soundtrack's legacy and 10 years of Commit This To Memory

After playing a rare European festival appearance this year at Groezrock, Motion City Soundtrack travelled over to this side of the English Channel for a small leg of the #CTTM10 tour, the hashtag cultivated to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the release their sophomore record Commit This To Memory.

music - album reviews

Lewis Capaldi - 'Lost On You' - ravechild

We could summarise this review up in one meme that was tweeted at Lewis Capaldi as a response to his latest release: who hurt you, Lewis? Who hurt you?

Strathclyde Telegraph
Album review: blink-182 - California (extended version)

By Alisa Wylie What could have been another album's worth of material has recently been released as an extended version of blink-182's California. A decade ago, this may have been another compact disc, or in the modern day -- an opportunity for a double vinyl re-release.

Strathclyde Telegraph
The Fratellis - Eyes Wide Tongue Tied

If like mine, your reference point with the band The Fratellis was their commercially successful debut release Costello Music, then I'd recommend you leave your previous knowledge at the door when listening to more of their up to date material. Eyes Wide Tongue Tied is the latest offering from the rambunctious Glaswegian trio.
Album review: Fireworks - Oh, Common Life

Pop punk's best kept secret Fireworks' highly anticipated new album Oh, Common Life, is finally set to drop this month. Not enough attention is paid to this band, even though their capability surpasses many of current pop punks average angst fraught material.
Review: Cope - Manchester Orchestra. -

Music fans and music critics alike surely will "feel a hot one" in regards to Manchester Orchestra's hotly anticipated forthcoming release, Cope . Firstly, it must be noted that their fourth album cover is a plain black background with the title emblazoned on it in a large, domineering white font.

Ambivalent Peaks
Ambivalent Peaks: Creeper - Sex Death and the Infinite Void review

I'll admit - I never caught on to the Creeper hype. I don't know what they sound like. What they're supposed to sound like. All I know is that... they're supposed to be creepy. Right? They're called Creeper. I've seen the back patches and merchandise, I've seen the book that was published with 404 INK.

Ambivalent Peaks
Ambivalent Peaks: Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher review

There's no doubt that this is a stellar album, but why do you need me to tell you? You don't, but I want to. So there. It opens with DVD Menu, an ambient collection of strings and sounds. Fitting, as it lulls you in. At around 1 minute 10 seconds, it feels like a dream.


Strathclyde Telegraph
In Conversation with Alasdair Logan

Remember "Strathclyde, Logan!" That guy. I spoke to him. Yes, he's just as smart as he was on the telly.

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