Denise Tench

Professional Copywriter and SEO Specialist, Manchester

Looking for the best copywriter in Manchester? Your search ends here. I'm Denise, a versatile copywriter, SEO professional and CIM-qualified marketer with over ten years of experience. I have a strong track record for effective SEO work. This includes creating and populating websites and auditing and optimising existing websites to improve search rankings and proving ROI. Like any top-quality copywriter, I quickly adapt to the tone, styles and needs of a diverse range of audiences - from technical, medical and scientific to culture, lifestyle, travel, music and art. Never settle for OK - contact me immediately for a whole load of AMAZING.

United Kingdom


Professional Copywriting and SEO

Alenik Advanced Dentistry

Creative Copywriting for Cheshire Socialites Summer Party


Copywriting, SEO and Website Creation for Manchester Marketing Consultant

Copywriting, SEO and Website Creation for Manchester Marketing Consultant

AZ Carpet Cleaning

Copywriting and Design of Corporate Brochure

Alenik Advanced Dentistry

Ongoing Blog Series for Alenik Advanced Dentistry

The first in a series of blog posts for a private dentistry in Manchester city centre.


Website Creation and Content for

Copywriting, SEO and website creation for a crowdfunding client who has invented a device for the alleviation of tinnitus symptoms.

AZ Carpet Cleaning

Copywriting and Flyer Design

Copywriting and design of printed flyer for cleaning company.

Alenik Advanced Dentistry

Copywriting, SEO Optisation and Website Creation

Creation, copywriting and SEO optimisation of a website for a brand-new Manchester city centre dentistry.


Emergency Blog for Accordia IT Systems

Emergency blog post on the WannaCry Ransomware that attacked computer systems around the world in May 2017.


Blog Post for Accordia IT Syatems - Is Your PC Running Slowly?

Is Your PC Running Slowly? Here's How to Fix It In today's world, most of us rely on a computer, tablet or phone in our professional lives to deliver projects and complete our...

Unique Boutique

Copywriting and Flyer Design

OE Digital Magazine

Technical Article for OE Digital Magazine

Copywriting and final editing for FTSE 100 company magazine's oil and gas article on OE Digital Magazine prior to technical input by a colleague.

Subsea & Offshore Service Magazine

Technical Article for Subsea & Offshore Service Magazine

Copywriting - an article examining how ROVs are changing water tank inspection practices in the oil and gas industry. Later input added by technical expert and colleague.


Web Page, SEO Audit and Re-write for Intertek Exploration and Production

Writing, SEO optimisation and complete re-write of 90+ oil and gas, corrosion and microbiology web pages for FTSE 100 company.

Process Engineering Magazine

Press Release - Coriolis Meter Service Launch in South Africa

Engineering solutions provider Intertek has launched an onsite Coriolis flow meter calibration service.

Oilfield Technology Magazine

Technical Article for Oilfield Technology Magazine

Writing and editing of oil and gas technical article 'The Challenges of Scale Management' prior to input from lead researcher and data analyst.


Press Release - Intertek Wins Eurasia Tunnel Contract

Intertek has secured a contract to provide corrosion services for the Eurasia Tunnel - an undersea highway which will connect Asia and Europe for the first time.

Geoexpro Magazine (Page 56)

Technical Article for GeoExPro Magazine

One of several articles written for GeoExpro Magazine on behalf of a colleague at an oil and gas FTSE 100 company.