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Looking for the best copywriter in Manchester? Your search ends here. I'm Denise, a versatile copywriter, SEO professional and CIM-qualified marketer with over ten years of experience. I have a strong track record for effective SEO work. This includes creating and populating websites and auditing and optimising existing websites to improve search rankings and proving ROI. Like any top-quality copywriter, I quickly adapt to the tone, styles and needs of a diverse range of audiences - from technical, medical and scientific to culture, lifestyle, travel, music and art. Never settle for OK - contact me immediately for a whole load of AMAZING.


Professional Copywriting and SEO

OE Digital Magazine
Technical Article for OE Digital Magazine

Copywriting and final editing for FTSE 100 company magazine's oil and gas article on OE Digital Magazine prior to technical input by a colleague.

Geoexpro Magazine (Page 56)
Technical Article for GeoExPro Magazine

One of several articles written for GeoExpro Magazine on behalf of a colleague at an oil and gas FTSE 100 company.

Travel Writing

10 Best Local Playgrounds For Adults In Europe

Playgrounds are just for children? Of course they aren't! Adults' playgrounds are about movement, adrenaline, fun and carelessness. So, on this list you will find 10 best local playgrounds where adults can wake up their inner child. All of us need some quality time, leaving our troubles behind.

Spotted by Locals Manchester
Pie & Ale Manchester | Spotted by Locals

Pie and ale, pie and mash, pie and gravy, pies go with everything. Plus, there's nothing quite like defeating Manchester's damp weather with the power of pastry. One of the best places to eat in the city centre if you're looking for convenient, well-priced and filling food is the Northern Quarter's Pie & Ale.

Manchester tips by locals | Spotted by Locals city guide
Cottonopolis - Industrial chic food and drink

On paper, Cottonopolis could be yet another Northern Quarter bar - its shabby chic industrial interior and artisan ales aimed squarely at after-work and hipster crowds. Thankfully, it's not. Upon its opening in November 2015, it became apparent that Cottonopolis has been conceived, designed and planned down to the last light bulb - in short, it feels loved.

Manchester tips by locals | Spotted by Locals city guide
Font - £ 2 cocktails!

If I had to name Manchester's most reliable stop-off for a relaxed and colourful vibe, bags of space, cheap but decent food and legendary tea, coffee and beer menus, it would be Font. As if these victories weren't enough, the number one jewel in Font's heavy crown is its status as...

BootsnAll Travel Articles
11 Ways to Save Big on a Trip to Japan

The mention of Japan always seems to invoke the same response in uninitiated travelers - "But, isn't it expensive?" No, no and no again. Japan is often, unfairly, pegged as a budget-busting destination - a reputation that could be discouraging for frugal wanderers.

The Mystery of Usuki's Sleeping Buddhas

For a corner of Japan less worn on the map than the manicured gardens of Nara or the bustling temples of Kyoto, take a trip to Usuki on the east coast of Kyushu. Just outside of this small castle town, groups of ancient stone Buddhas sit suspended in line, fashioned into hillsides of soft rock formed thousands of years ago from the eruption of nearby Mount Aso.

Manchester tips by locals | Spotted by Locals city guide
Wasabi Sushi - Japanese food

Oh Wasabi! The card up my sleeve when I have friends or relatives visiting and need somewhere in the middle of the city to eat well, cheaply and in a quirkily place. In fact, I don't wait for visitors - I often pop in on weekday nights or weekends in between films, gigs or shopping or when...

Set your compass to cool in Harajuku

It's true that in some ways, Harajuku is as fickle as the teenage girls that screech over the plastic phone charms dangling from its jam-packed shopfronts and only moves as fast as the latest fashions.

Manchester tips by locals | Spotted by Locals city guide
Lord of the Pies - Gourmet handmade pie heaven

Stockport has some old school Northern selling points that lend it real character and make it worth a day trip from the city centre and on the gastronomical side of this is its local gourmet handmade pie shop, Lord of the Pies. Opened in 2011, it has proved such a hit that locals often spill onto...

Kyoto's best-kept secret

My first time in Kyoto, a couple of years ago, was not wholly successful. Like many people, I'd heard too much about how it was the cultural capital of Japan, the hub of all tradition, where it was impossible not to have the very best time.

Music Features, Reviews and Interviews

Silent Radio

BAND ON THE WALL, MANCHESTER - In the early hours of the morning at London's Maida Vale Studios, Delia Derbyshire unravelled an entire reel of tape down the length of a long corridor. After finishing an almost-perfect track, she had identified a single note out of sync.

Silent Radio
LIVE: MAXIMO PARK - 19/05/2017

ALBERT HALL, MANCHESTER - "This is a song about waiting for something to happen in your town," Paul Smith announces to the hot, heaving crowd before the opening bars of 'Graffiti' build and smash over an electrified crowd. After also selling out the Albert Hall in 2015 with their A Certain Trigger tenth anniversary tour, [...]

Silent Radio
LIVE: JAPANDROIDS - 04/05/2017

GORILLA, MANCHESTER - Some bands find their earlier years to be their most challenging, striving for recognition with unspectacular debuts, later hitting the big time with a breakthrough album (Prince, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Sonic Youth, Blur etc.). Many more make an astounding debut, then sink without a trace after the dreaded second album [...]

Silent Radio

If trends are thunderbolts, burning out in a flash in a desperate bid to be noticed, Nada Surf is a cloud drifting to its destination, confident of its place and immune from the fluctuating scenes around it. The general consensus among music critics is that playing on proven strengths and retaining your existing fanbase signifies [...]

Silent Radio

THE ALBERT HALL, MANCHESTER - We may have failed to land a probe on Mars this week, but despite the project coming crashing down to Earth, Manchester's love of science is still in orbit. So much so that the city's tenth annual Science Festival is being opened this year by the recently much-celebrated Public [...]

Silent Radio
LIVE: NITIN SAWHNEY - 20/11/2015

GORILLA, MANCHESTER - I once heard a theory that it takes an average of seven years to master a trade or profession. Translated into musical instruments by this premise, Nitin Sawhney must be at least 300 years old. The impossibly talented singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, actor, screenwriter and in recent years radio show host, [...]

Silent Radio
LIVE: LIVERPOOL SOUND CITY - 22/05/2015 - 24/05/2015

DOCKLANDS, LIVERPOOL - It has been said that Peter Cook was a comedians' comedian and something of a hidden gem during his time. To hijack this vein of thought, Liverpool Sound City is most certainly a creatives' festival. From the first day, with action centred around Q&As with industry veterans including Slits guitarist and [...]

Virtual Festivals
Primavera Sound 2010 - Virtual Festivals

Set in the Parc Del Fòrum in Barcelona, Primavera works closely with ATP Festival organisers who curate one of the four large stages. Generally taking place between May and June, the festival has attracted crowds of up to 60,000 over the weekend, drawn by the music as well as Barcelona's famous architecture, coastline and nightlife.

Silent Radio
LIVE REVIEW: Low at Manchester Cathedral

MANCHESTER CATHEDRAL, MANCHESTER - Tonight's line-up in the celestial surrounds of Manchester Cathedral would have been on my fantasy gig list as a student in the early 2000s. The crowd tonight reflects that age range - seasoned indie brooders making a twilight trip outdoors for what is an unusually long set in a slightly [...]

Silent Radio
Album Review: Mercury Rev - The Light In You

Pressing play on a Mercury Rev album is like the aural equivalent of opening a volume of fairy tales. You know you'll be in for an intense and evolving series of narratives infused with melancholy and introspection best enjoyed in its entirety as an immersive experience.

Silent Radio
LIVE: ESPER SCOUT - 15/08/2015

FALLOW CAFE, MANCHESTER - August in Fallowfield is the depths of tumbleweed season, with students having committed their post-graduation mass exodus a month previous and a new influx of freshers still several weeks away. Even Saturday night is quiet, with the closure of the once-prominent Baa Bar adding to the eeriness.


Interview: Frank Zappa's Mothers of Reinvention

On November 3rd, the Deaf Institute is set to come alive with the psychedelic, mind-bending, decades-honed tunes of Frank Zappa, as members of the legendary musician's band, under the name of the Grande Mothers Re:Invented, have scheduled a rare gig in Manchester.

Silent Radio

"Built to take on America" - The Jim Jones Revue From their weird name to their attention-grabbing sounds, The Jim Jones Revue have been creating a buzz on the gigging circuit since they formed back in 2007. With textured heavy guitars shot through with honky tonk piano and 50s rock 'n' roll, the [...]

Silent Radio

Sometimes, the anticipation surrounding a gig can build up an expectation that, sadly, isn't met on the night. However, this also works the other way around - something that was proved to your humble writer last month upon diving into a snowed-in arthouse cinema in Cumbria for a quiet beer.

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