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Nick Patterson's work has appeared online and in newspapers and magazines including BirminghamWatch, Weld, The Birmingham Times, Southern Living, Coastal Living, This Old House, History Magazine, Southern Automotive Alliance, the Birmingham Post-Herald, and in books including his own Birmingham Foot Soldiers. He is a writer and editor whose background also includes public relations, consulting and teaching.

Balolas Carvalho

Journalist; Content Creator; Producer

I'm Balolas, a Portuguese independent journalist, writer and documentary producer focused on Human Rights, Environment and Alternative Lifestyles. I also organise a festival where I connect people that share the will to be better, with teachers of self-mastery. In November 2017 I quit my job at a national newspaper so I could dedicate myself to independent creation. Since then, to be able to invest in my plans, I've been working as a freelance writer, content creator, communication strategist and copywriter for different projects and companies. I'm a traveller, based in Lisbon, and I have a mission of connecting people and projects to raise the awareness of what's happening out of every personal bubble. My biggest passion is to tell stories to inspire people to be the best expression of themselves, so we all can make this world a better place for every living creature. After graduating in Communication Sciences with a specialisation in Journalism from the University of Porto, I decided to focus on humanistic journalism. Once I had already four years of experience as a freelance reporter for several online media publishers, as soon as I got my bachelor degree I moved to Boa Vista, an island of Cabo Verde, in Africa. There I've directed and restructured a Community Radio, Rádio Voz de Bubista for seven months and worked as an International Reporter for Bloomberg. I've then moved to Lisbon to study International Affairs at the University of Lisbon. During this year I've focused my attention on the international effort to rescue indigenous peoples from the tourism exploitation happening in South America, mostly in Brazil and Peru. At the same time, I was working for two startups based in Los Angeles as a communication manager, "" and "Kodo Startups". In February 2017 I joined the team of a daily printed newspaper "Jornal i" and the weekly "Semanário SOL," writing about Society focusing in Human Rights, Health, Environment, Inequality, and Alternative Lifestyles. I've also created the weekly articles “Generation I," dedicated to the study of the Millennial generation in Portugal. I’ve also written a daily report series about a 31 days Balkan’s trip with a photojournalist which I’ve also published on my website: I'm a constant seeker for new adventures and experiences, not only as a professional but also in a profound self-discovery journey. I'm a native Portuguese speaker, a fluent English speaker, and writer, but I've also studied Spanish and Italian. I have on my plans to learn French and Arabic soon. My most recent clients have been Sonder Minds (Portugal), NLP Academy (UK), Rocket Table (Germany), Hipnode (Canada), Awakening&Transformation (India). I don't feel work as a weight to carry, because I'm deeply passionate about everything I do. My creativity and enthusiasm are known to be contagious, so I can't wait to share it with you. You should also know that I'm highly efficient and I have a social media impact, primarily through Facebook and Instagram. If you have a story, a project or a company with a mission that needs a voice to impact the world more efficiently, you should contact me.


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Emily Webb

Reporter for Leader Community Newspapers based in Melbourne

A reporter and writer with over 10 years experience in the media and associated fields. Currently working as a reporter for News Victoria on Leader Community Newspapers. First true crime book due out March 2014 for The Five Mile Press. Since 2011 I have edited a blog on true crime books called True Crime Reader. I also do freelance writing commissions and editorial consultation/social media management.

Kelly Jasper

Social Media Editor

Андрій Якубув

Член Національної спілки журналістів України.

[Редактор часопису українців Іспанії "Надсегурська Україна" -]


Michelle Chang

Section Editor

Features Editor for the Horizon Newspaper Skyview High School Vancouver, Washington

United States




Currently work in Radio Universidad de Santiago 94.5FM


Natasha Clark

Freelance media, current affairs and political journalist

Currently working as Co-Editor at Wannabe Hacks, reporter for What's New In Publishing and sub-editing for The Prometheus Post. Future City MA Newspaper Journalism Student. Previously Editor of The Boar, the University of Warwick Students' Newspaper. BA Hons History and Politics, 2013.

United Kingdom

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Caroline Wilson

Writer & Digital Marketing Specialist

San Francisco, CA

Gabriela Araújo

Jornalista e redatora web

Jornalista (Universidade Mackenzie) com experiência em produção de conteúdo para a web e de matérias jornalísticas, além de revisão, planejamento de conteúdo e SEO. Conhecimento em marketing de conteúdo, webwritting, cibercultura, publicações personalizadas (revistas e jornais), cobertura de eventos e fotografia.