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Marina H.

Content Strategy, CRO & Copywriting Fairy 😊

Seasoned copywriter with almost a decade of agency experience, specializing in conversion rate optimization. I can write from scratch but hiring me to optimize your content would be a wiser investment. I can revive your: ★ Taglines ★ Ads ★ e-mails ★ Articles & blog posts ★ Social pages ★ All kinds of sales pages ★ eBooks ★ Press releases ★ Personal letters ★ Speeches ★ Product descriptions ★ Content localization into Balkan languages (Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian) ...and probably a few more things. So, if your content needs some magic dust, I just might know a fairy ;)

Jon Blackstock

Writer, Educator, Facilitator, Director

As a former co-sponsor and editor for <i>The Foxfire Magazine</i> and as an online tutor, my specialties include writing, editing, and proofreading. I create clearer and more engaging sentences from my own ideas and from those of my clients. Along with my editing experience, I have also written several articles on topics such as teaching theatre and using Moodle in the classroom. For international Elance clients, I have written articles that range from children’s health to motorcycle gear reviews, and I have edited and proofread articles for electronic and print publications. Most recently, I have written general introductions for the magazine issues and for the forthcoming <i>Foxfire Book of Simple Living</i>. I am a native English speaker with a master's degree in literature. I am a former sponsor/editor of The Foxfire Magazine, and I have editing experience as the chair and chief editor of a SACS accreditation document at Jenkins County High School in Millen, Georgia. I have been an English and drama teacher since 1995. I currently tutor high school and college students in academic writing, and I teach Advanced Placement English Language and Composition. As an academic writer and as a journalist, I have completed a one-hundred-twenty-page thesis on Hugh Henry Brackenridge, and I have worked for a local newspaper.


Daniel Hill

Sports & Content Writer

I am an ambitious and creative sports writer and content professional with proven experience in multiple facets of digital and innovative content. A big advocate of Women's sports and athletes, I believe they deserve a greater media presence. To help with this push and to bring to light the inequality of genders in sport, I am currently working with Women Sport Australia as a Content Creator. I am determined to build a career in Content Writing and Journalism, passionate about reaching new readers and markets while keeping existing subscribers engaged. I want to be doing what I love; writing, providing people with information through my words but ultimately enhancing their lives.

steven viney


i've reported from throughout the Middle East and North America and written on a wide range of topics - politics, economics, science, and socio-cultural issues. most of this time was spent working from Cairo, Egypt (2009 - 2013). i most enjoy unorthodox interviews/profiles of interesting characters, and in-depth features on obscure or marginalised subjects and peoples. now residing in melbourne, australia - contact: [email protected]

Allison Babka

Storyteller of the quirky.

As a freelance features writer and editor in the Midwest, I'm committed to highlighting the people and ideas that make our world interesting -- especially if there's a little quirkiness involved! I also write boring marketing stuff, but you'll have to ask me about that elsewhere. Pitch me or hire me: allisonDOTbabkaATgmailDOTcom. Go to my website: See additional clips: See still more work: Some of my favorite shenanigans are below.

United States of America

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Irene Doda


Ho 27 anni e vivo in Romagna. Scrivo su varie testate, tra cui Il Tascabile, Jacobin Italia, L'indiscreto e la rivista letteraria inutile. Ho scritto in passato per Girl geek Life e Gli Stati Generali. A tempo perso faccio la lavoratrice precaria nell'industria tech. Scrivo e parlo anche per il progetto Anticurriculum, che è un blog e un podcast sul mondo del lavoro contemporaneo. Mi occupo di tecnologia, questioni di genere, diritti del lavoro e spesso di tutte e tre queste cose insieme. Per richieste e collab: [email protected]

Rebecca Anderson

Multimedia journalist • Photographer • Social Media Producer • Former Columbia graduate student

Rebecca Anderson, 28, is a driven reporter, photographer and social media producer with a background in multimedia journalism and digital/social and print media. Currently, she works as a social media producer and digital reporter for Good Morning America, GMA3 WYNTK and ABC News in New York City, where she manages all social media channels and some digital content. Prior to this, she worked as an editor and operations analyst at Park Evaluations, an immigration services company in Lake Success, NY, where she composed and proofread letters, ranging from academic evaluations, work experience evaluations, expert opinion letters and specialty occupation evaluations to assess all immigration needs, from routine H-1B filings to RFEs (request for evidence). She also curated content and blog posts on the latest in immigration news. She was a former editor, reporter and photographer for the Long Island Herald at Richner Communications Inc., a weekly publication, for two-plus years and covered local news in the hamlets of Wantagh, Seaford and Levittown. In 2018, Rebecca earned her Master of Science degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. In 2015, she graduated from Towson University with a Bachelor of Science degree in mass communications and a focus in journalism and creative writing. Rebecca's work has been published in Good Morning America, GMA3 WYNTK, ABC News, The Long Island Herald, the summer and fall editions of Long Beach Magazine, Long Island Pulse Magazine,, Anton Media Group, Blank Slate Media, Newsday Media Group; Long Island and Park Evaluations, LLC. Her photography has been commercially used for Long Trunks designer clothing, Reign Fashion Boutique, The Sands at Atlantic Beach Club and MSNBC's The Beat with Ari Melber. Feel free to contact Rebecca at [email protected] or [email protected]

Melchizedek Anyinsah-Bondzie

Junior Journalist/Copywriter/Writer

Content Executive @ RMP Enterprise Assistant Editor/Writer @ Formerly: WeAreCollison, Insider -------- Betty Suarez is the reason why I decided to become a journalist. Yes, she’s a fictional character - but she represented everything I was at the time. A little shy and unsure, but headstrong with a voice that has always been best used through writing. I wrote horror fiction and R’n’B song lyrics in primary school, much to my teachers' chagrin, but something about writing soothed me and allowed me to speak when my mouth wouldn’t. Little did I know I could write for a living! I love everything to do with culture, lifestyle, and fashion. I am obsessed with how we live outside of the professional world and what makes us tick. You’ll find my nose in a magazine, especially if Mariah Carey is on the front cover. Still, I’m always interested in the latest fashion trends, which Youtuber is in another drama, and how to decorate your home. Outside of the profesh world, I bedazzle using Swarovski crystals, recently started collecting vinyl, and started drag during lockdown number one. All hobbies that require a money I love it all the same! --------

Brendan Hesse

Writer, Video Host, Artist, and Game Designer

Hi! I'm Brendan. I'm a writer, artist, and content producer working in the gaming and tech industries. I've held staffed and freelance positions with various publications, including Digital Trends, IGN, and more. I'm currently a regular contributor for LifeHacker. Below is a selection of my work from various publications and media sources. If you would like to see further clips, contact me for work, or just get in touch, drop me a line at: hesse[dot]brendan[at]gmail[dot]com You can also find examples of my art/design work at:

Sandra Alonso González

Periodista, locutora, redactora, community manager, productora

Profesionalmente he tenido la suerte de trabajar en prensa escrita, radio, medios digitales, agencias de noticias y en productora audiovisual. Esto me ha permitido conocer desde dentro cómo se trabaja en cada medio y me ha enseñado a adaptarme a las exigencias de cada uno. Además he trabajado con grandes profesionales de los que he aprendido mucho. A lo largo de mi carrera profesional me he encargado de la guionización y locución de vídeos informativos, formativos, de productos, reportajes, spots, etc., así como de cuñas e indicativos radiofónicos; presentación de informativos audiovisuales y radiofónicos; dirección, presentación y producción de programa de radio sobre viajes; labores de producción audiovisual y radiofónica; redacción de reportajes y noticias en periódico quincenal de temática educativa y en revista mensual sanitaria; preparación y realización de entrevistas; gestión de contenidos en webs; traducción de textos inglés-español y español-inglés. Ahora soy freelance. Puedes ver mi perfil en LinkedIn para conocer mis últimos trabajos. Y si crees que puedo ayudarte en tu proyecto, no dudes en contactar conmigo.