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Portia S. Cole

Writer & Editor

Portia S. Cole is a Rowan University alumna with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and specialization in print and online media. She has written for publications such as, The Courier Post,, The Current Newspaper, The Cape May Gazette, Ocean City Gazette, and Portia has an insatiable craving for keeping up with what’s current, but she also enjoys traveling and home décor. For a glimpse of her versatile writing portfolio, take a look at some of her work below.


Lauren Lee

Professional Writer | Editor | PR & Social Media | Freelance Article & Pet-Content Writer | Animal Rescuer

I am a professional writer and editor with a Master's degree and 15+ years of experience in Education. Writing has been my lifelong passion. I have experience in print journalism, corporate writing and editing, content writing, pet content-writing, curriculum writing, and narrative and creative writing. PROFESSIONAL WRITER AND EDITOR - I have experience in news journalism and the corporate sector. I worked as a news reporter, writer, and education editor for a weekly newspaper. I went on to lead the editorial department for an international research and consulting firm. I have spent the past several years writing various web content pieces with a special focus on pet health, pet-related businesses, and animal advocacy. CURRICULUM DESIGN - Designed the writing portion of two Newtown, Ct. workshops specifically to inspire creativity and empower young people through art and writing CURRICULUM WRITING - Coordinated and designed curricula for a variety of ages and needs. INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR -Designed and wrote public relations brochures that improved communications between a large, regional school district and three communities it served. EDUCATOR -15 years' experience teaching language arts and writing. Planned, implemented, and assessed various creative plans and instructional techniques to meet academic, intellectual, and social needs. Lauren Lee is a dynamic writer/editor/communications specialist specializing in sociology, psychology, and creative writing. She has a Master's degree in Education with a concentration in Curriculum. She has also worked as a Team Leader. She served as the Curriculum Designer and Workshop Coordinator for two workshops with children in Newtown, Connecticut, through Kids Share Workshops, Inc. Kids Share Workshops was formerly an L(C)(3) company offering art enrichment workshops to children in communities struggling with hardship or disaster. I have an eye for detail and the ability to make communications effective and compelling.


Tamirys Seno Barboza

Jornalista, editora de conteúdo e gestora de mídias sociais

Graduada em jornalismo pela UNESP, trabalho com gestão e produção de conteúdo nas áreas de games, tecnologia e cultura pop desde 2010. Possuo experiência em curadoria de conteúdo, cobertura de eventos, elaboração de pautas, planejamento estratégico e gerenciamento de mídias sociais, com ênfase em netnografia, análise de benchmark e público-alvo. • • • Atualmente, trabalho como gestora de conteúdo para a Ubisoft Brasil, produzindo material para todas as redes sociais oficiais da empresa, elaborando pautas de pré e pós-lançamento, coberturas internacionais, reportagens em vídeo e gerenciamento de equipe. Contato: [email protected]

São Paulo, Brazil

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Maddy Simpson


Maddy Simpson is a Data Fellow at Business Insider. A Columbia Journalism School alum, she was most recently a DJNF Business Reporting intern in 2020 and has contributed to reporting in the Columbia Journalism Review and the Michigan Free Press. She is a proud Minnesotan, and constantly craves a Juicy Lucy from Matt's Bar in Minneapolis. Reach her at simpsonmadelinem (@) gmail (dot) com.


Bruno Brito


Assessor de imprensa e analista de comunicação com experiência em Comunicação Corporativa e Gerenciamento de Relacionamento com a Imprensa. Veja alguns meus trabalhos abaixo no portfólio. Press officer and communication analyst with experience in corporate communication and press relationship management. See some of my work in my portfolio.

Leda Antunes


Jovem jornalista, versátil e competente. Acumulo seis anos de experiência em diversas área do jornalismo, incluindo a cobertura factual em jornal impresso diário e portais de notícias, cobertura de mercados financeiros em tempo real, grandes reportagens e produção e pauta de telejornalismo e documentário. Atualmente me divido entre a a produção de reportagens de economia, gênero e diversidade. Freelancer com colaborações para UOL, O Globo, HuffPost Brasil, Folha de S.Paulo e Contato: [email protected]

Laura Piper


Journalist based in Scotland, currently employed by STV.

United Kingdom

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Ana Beatriz Caldas

Jornalista | Assessora de Imprensa | Mestra em Comunicação e Culturas Midiáticas

Sou jornalista diplomada pela Universidade Estadual da Paraíba (UEPB) e Mestra em Comunicação e Culturas Midiáticas pela Universidade Federal da Paraíba (UFPB), onde estudei a relação entre violência midiática, construção social da notícia, políticas públicas e violência de gênero. Possuo experiência em jornalismo impresso e digital, assessoria de comunicação, eventos e produção de conteúdo para blogs e mídias sociais. Principais áreas de atuação: Cultura, Turismo, Economia, Política, Saúde. Principais áreas de interesse: Cultura, Educação, Política, Turismo, Segurança Pública. Atualmente morando em Fortaleza - Ceará. Contato: [email protected]


Hélia Martinho

Freelance Journalist || After ten years I can call myself a journalist, or at least I can introduce myself as that. I worked in a lot of different places and met amazing people along the way. Investigative journalism is the type of journalism which interests me the most. I would love to go back in time and share the Watergate experience with Bob and Carl. And apart from all that people say, investigative journalism is not dead, but maybe people who say that are ... inside. I love nature, comics, museums, travel, reading out loud, making voices when I read to children; sometimes I sing... alone. Love to ride a bike and walk and I really, really love to travel by train.

Lesa M. Spivey

Public Affairs & Communications Strategist

Lesa Spivey is a highly organized, forward thinking and creative public affairs and communications professional with more than 25 years of experience working with diverse organizations. She has the skills and expertise to develop and implement strategic solutions throughout all stages; concept formulation, research and development, senior strategic counsel, execution, and evaluation. Below are a few samples of her work for your consideration.

United States of America