Tamara McCullough

Experienced Copywriter

United States

What happens when you mix one part passion, one part craft and one part dedication? You get me -- Tamara McCullough and I’m ready to throw myself into the Copywriter position wholeheartedly. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from Southern Methodist University, plus an abundance of writing experience in a wide variety of realms.

Writing is a truly a desire of mine that is showcased through my commitment and passion for the art. For example, I have freelanced consistently for the past 4 years for a variety of clients. In this role, I create persuasive, informative copy. My goal is not only to capture the reader’s attention through stylish writing and engaging language, but also to inform, persuade and enthrall them with the service or product I’m presenting. Whether I’m writing about upscale mountain bikes, Irish toasts or how to start an LLC in Pennsylvania, I always make sure to write for my particular audience.

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The CBD Situation in North America

When it comes to CBD, the situation varies from country to country. Even though North America only consists of three nations, the laws surrounding CBD are very different. Traveling folks should keep...

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Sports and CBD

For the longest, many sports leagues have steered clear of CBD since there's been limited information about the product.


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Tamara McCullough

Electric Zoo Music Festival Turns Into Chaos: What We Know The 2023 Electric Zoo Festival has turned out to be the most chaotic to date with cancelations, delays, and a stampede. Now, authorities are looking into what went wrong.

Real Reality Gossip
The Devastating Meaning of the Song 'Tennessee' by Arrested Development

"Tennessee" by Arrested Development is one of those songs that everybody knows and loves. The track was the lead single off the group's 1992 debut album entitled 3 Years, 5 Months and 2 Days in the Life Of... When the song hit the airwaves that same year, fans were hooked and couldn't get enough of the socially conscious lyrics.

Real Reality Gossip
What Happened to L'Trimm? (Cars With the Boom)

Before there was Trina and the City Girls, Miami was home to the fierce twosome, L'Trimm. Made up of Elena Cager, also known as Bunny D, and Rachel de Rougemont better known as Lady Tigra, the best friends put bass-heavy hip-hop on the map and started a trend.

CW33 Dallas / Ft. Worth
Dallas, You Can't Sit With Us-Signed, Fort Worth

By Tamara McCullough, NewsCastic Prefer to be on the East side of the Dallas/Ft. Worth debate? Check out our piece on 10 Reasons Why Dallas is Better Than Ft. Worth. Which came first: the chicken or the egg mystery or the Dallas-Fort Worth rivalry?

CW33 Dallas / Ft. Worth
Woman-Owned Businesses That Put the 'W' in DFW

Photo Courtesy of Montanna Mitchem By Tamara McCullough, NewsCastic Whoever said this is a man's world, business is a boys' club and women aren't cut out for the boardroom clearly haven't been to DFW recently. Meet these five talented and enterprising businesswomen.

CW33 Dallas / Ft. Worth
First Look: The Stock Exchange Neighborhood Pantry

By Tamara McCullough, NewsCastic Remember the good ol' days when a grocery store was actually a local neighborhood store with personalized service and not a behemoth where you're treated more or less like merchandise? Even if you don't remember those days, you can relive that same pleasant experience with The Stock Exchange Neighborhood Pantry.

CW33 Dallas / Ft. Worth
7 Best Tattoo Artists In Dallas Who Are Insanely Talented

By Tamara M, NewsCastic Tat, tat, tat it up. It's hard-pressed to go almost anywhere in Dallas and not see some serious body ink. With more and more tattoo artists and shops popping up, it can be a life-changing decision on where you should go.

CW33 Dallas / Ft. Worth
11 Signs You're Dating a Guy From DFW

1. Cowboy 'Til the Death If you're dating a true DFW guy, 9 times out of 10 he has a Cowboy jersey in his closet or on the floor that he's waiting to throw on after a Cowboy "W" or as is often the recent case, a loss.

CW33 Dallas / Ft. Worth
5 Boomin' Texas Cowboy Churches You Probably Didn't Know About

By Tamara McCullough, NewsCastic What do God, a professional rodeo clown and church have in common? Give up? It's the cowboy church. While many people may not be very familiar with the cowboy church, its existence came about in 1972 as the brainchild of Glenn Smith, a professional rodeo clown.

CW33 Dallas / Ft. Worth
8 Ways to Keep Your Beach Bod Going All Year Long

By Tamara McCullough, NewsCastic It's almost Labor Day and you know what that means - summer is pretty much a wrap. While the summer may be winding down, it doesn't mean it's time to hibernate and give up on your hot body.

CW33 Dallas / Ft. Worth
11 Hip-Hop Artists Turning It Up in DFW

Giphy.com via wifflegif.com By Tamara McCullough, NewsCastic If you mentioned DFW and hip-hop together just a few years ago, you might have been met with a blank stare or even a laugh. Rap and DFW don't go together, right? Wrong!

CW33 Dallas / Ft. Worth
Throwback Thursday: Relive Your Favorite Dallas Moments From The 50s and 60s

By Tamara McCullough, NewsCastic Let's turn back the hands of time and go back to an era where there was no Snapchat, texting and no futuristic-sounding thing called the "Internet." Pull out those poodle skirts and those mod suits, it's time to go back to good ol' days and find out what made Dallasites flip in the 50's and 60's.