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Ayna Gonzales

Career and Lifestyle Blog Writer

I'm a Freelance Content Marketing Writer. I write blog posts, lifestyle articles, think pieces, and product features for a variety of clients and brands. I also write about personal experiences in navigating life as a young professional. In my spare time, I enjoy contemporary art, documentaries, and world history.

Sharice Wells

Bureau Editor

I am currently a full-time editor for The Motley Fool. I graduated with my Master of Accounting from North Carolina State University and have an extensive finance background. In addition, I recently completed my first course at NYU School of Professional Studies for Copyediting and Proofreading manuscripts. My experience and education may seem counterintuitive to most people, but the background shows the abundance of my interests. I believe each person and even numbers can tell a story, but I've learned that it's not just about the story but the mode of delivery also. Every word, phrase, and clause, if there's any room for confusion, a reader can miss the message. I value stories and want to ensure whether in an article, book, or blog, I help readers feel the message. Whether I'm in the position of editing or writing my own story, I put in that same level of dedication.


Chloe Price

Blogger, beta reader, copywriter

Emerging writer and aspiring novelist. Based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire UK.

Sabrina "Bri" Carrington

Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Writer/Editor

Sabrina Carrington is a Writer, Editor, and Public Figure Stylist. As a writer, she enjoys creating content on the latest Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle trends. Sabrina takes pride in keeping up with the trend reports and news, appealing to diverse audiences, and creating content in a timely fashion. As a beauty and fashion writer, Sabrina contributes to publications by way of creating content, Stylist layouts, Shopping Guides, Product Launches, and news/trend reporting. As a Lifestyle writer, Sabrina contributes to publications by way of conducting interviews; producing Movie, Television and Book reviews; writing Restaurant and Food Reviews; creating Dating & Relationship content, Home and Office Decor layouts, developing food content and recipes, etc...


Jolly Lauriano

Freelance Content Writer

Hello there! My name is Jolly! Welcome to my online portfolio! It is with a stirring sense of pride that I present to you the digital versions of my written masterpieces. May you be able to catch an authentic glimpse of my writing style, its quality, and its unique potential to help your business get ahead of the game. I am a writer by passion and teacher by profession, with more than a year of freelance writing experience. If you are on the lookout for a freelance writer who delivers results with such a high degree of professionalism and excellence, you landed on the right page! As a business owner, I know what it means to you to be at par or ahead of your competition. With many businesses going digital today, staying on top of your game can be both physically and mentally demanding. One of these demands is your need to produce compelling and high-quality digital contents produced by a professional content writer. Why drain your energy when you can outsource? If you're looking for a skilled Content Writer who can help you write email copy, web copy, ad copy, or even blog post, worry no more! You already found the one! Planning to scale your business? Let's talk! Just shoot me a message in my email at [email protected] You can also reach out to me through the social media links below. See you!

Vicki Powers

Words have taken me places and given me opportunities I never imagined. And it all started with a 7th-grade journalism class. I have experience writing all types of content including web copy, social media content, case studies, blogs, white papers, and more. I'm a strategic storyteller who loves sharing success stories of people and organizations. I have broad communications experience in corporate, nonprofit, and freelance writing with national clips in Entrepreneur and United Airline's magazine. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and started a hyperlocal site, Houston on the Cheap. I sold it in 2018 after publishing content for 9 years reaching 10+ million pageviews. My site was much more than a calendar -- but also a community. Readers shared how my site changed their life -- like the single mom who wrote how she wouldn't have had such an amazing summer with her kids if not for ideas from Houston on the Cheap.


Eric Lai

B2B Technology Writer and Content Strategist

I help B2B cloud and software vendors tell interesting, technically-credible stories that educate and attract customers. As a former technology journalist (ZDNet, Computerworld, Reuters, South China Morning Post) for 15+ years, I bring deep expertise from the enterprise IT space. I have also worked in-house, including as a content marketing director for 5 years. So I understand the marketing needs of enterprise vendors, as well as their processes. My forte is blogging, particularly thought leadership. Some of my pieces have generated half a million views and 1000+ comments. I have also edited and written more than 20 ebooks, as well as numerous customer case studies, whitepapers, infographics, presentations, web pages, lead-generation emails, video scripts, and more. My clients range from Fortune 100 to startups, and include: FileInvite (financial services cloud) Rockset (cloud analytics), Acceldata (cloud data management), Cloudticity (healthcare cloud), Egnyte (cloud content management), Samsung (enterprise mobility), Oracle Communications (networking), Imperva (cybersecurity), Pinterest (online advertising), and Rogue Wave Software (DevOps). Contact me at [email protected]


Jake Cordell

Business & Economics Reporter, The Moscow Times

Business & Economics Reporter, The Moscow Times Russian economy, business, politics & more [email protected] Previously: City AM, London

Cori Padgett-Bukowski

Freelance Writer | Copy Editor | Content Writer | Ghostwriter

Cori Padgett-Bukowski is a cheeky word wrangler-for-hire, professional blogger, and published fiction author under the pen name C.B. Stone. You can find her at Big Girl Branding, furiously polishing the words of her clients and sharing her thoughts on entrepreneurship with all and sundry, as well as at Salt, Light, and Faith, digging deep and sharing her thoughts on God. Elsewhere, you might find her sipping coffee, staring into space, and wool-gathering for her storytelling endeavors. Ps: Wool-gathering is harder than it sounds. Truth.


Lindsay E. Mack


With over ten years of experience as a professional writer and editor, Lindsay enjoys helping others reach their communication goals. As a health writer for MakeUseOf, Lindsay crafts posts about the intersection of health and technology. She reviews apps, websites, and devices in pieces designed to help readers choose the best ways technology can improve their wellbeing. In her role as a columnist for St. Charles Avenue Magazine, Lindsay interviews social entrepreneurs and community leaders for her original column, Changemakers. In a previous role as a lifestyle blogger at Romper, she created over 2,000 original posts for the site, many of which included original reporting. She holds a BA in English and an MBA. Clever, empathetic writing with an eye for SEO is Lindsay’s trademark. Contact for rates and availability.