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Maesa Dwipayana

SEO Content Writer & Copywriter

Lost for words? Let me help you🙋‍♂️ Check out my selected works here! Writing SEO-optimised engaging articles, captivating copies and resonating stories to help you and your business shine. With a passion to tell the untold and unlock the locked, he captivates readers, unveils stories, and demystifies concepts. From winning a national writing competition to assisting in professor research and becoming the best graduate, his dedication shines through. 📜Enjoy more of my published articles: 📱See how my copywriting works on IG & website: @balitecture @balitecturerealty Connect with me: [email protected] Let's get your site to the top of Google and bring in conversions for your social media, shall we?


Leonard Bennett

Leonard Bennett Consulting

Do you need compelling content for your website, blog, or marketing materials that will elevate your brand and draw the attention your business deserves? I've worked with clients across diverse sectors, from tech startups to healthcare providers, from e-commerce businesses to nonprofit organisations. I understand the nuances and challenges of different industries, allowing me to tailor my services to your specific needs. ✔️ Member of the Company of Communicators 🗝️ Freedom of the City of London 🗓️ Over a decade of expertise in Marketing, Communications and PR Let's start crafting a brighter future for your brand - one word at a time. 📧 [email protected]


Christian Harris

Freelance Content Writer

I am a meticulous and detail-oriented content producer and marketer with a passion for language and a keen eye for errors. With 30 years of experience in writing, editing and marketing various types of editorial materials for websites, magazines, newspapers, whitepapers, press releases and B2B publications, I have honed my skills in grammar, punctuation, spelling, style consistency, and audience targeting. I have a driven commitment to delivering accurate and polished work while consistently meeting deadlines. With a strong command of the English language and a dedication to precision, I am confident in my ability to contribute effectively as a copywriter in ensuring the integrity and professionalism of all written materials.


Inga Vere

Editora/periodista (ES, EN, RU)

Facultad de Filología (cum laude) y Máster en Comunicación Empresarial. Más de 15 años de experiencia en medios de comunicación: formación de políticas editoriales, planificación y creación de contenidos, SEO, contratación y supervisión de los autores, desarrollo y lanzamiento de startups, gestión de redes sociales Creatividad. Proactividad. Respeto de los deadlines. Competencias gerenciales. Especialización: ⁕ noticias, ⁕ imagen de marca ⁕ trabajo con reputación ⁕ textos efectivos para landing pages y emailing, ⁕ comunicados de prensa, ⁕ descripciones de productos y servicios, ⁕ reviews, reseñas, analítica. Temas: negocios © bienes raíces © medicina © educación © moda / diseño © lifestyle © viajes © celebridades © tecnología


Hayley Harrison

Health | Personal Finance | Employment

Hayley Harrison is a freelance writer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her work appears on the Los Angeles Times website and on a wide range of websites. Indeed, The Home Depot, Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, Walmart Canada and REI are among her current and former clients. Hayley brings first-hand knowledge of the finance industry thanks to her previous experience as branch manager for a mid-sized regional bank and as a licensed accident and health insurance agent. She is passionate about helping consumers help make informed financial decisions and achieve their financial goals by simplifying complex topics relating to insurance and personal finance. Early in her freelance career, Hayley began producing content related to health care as well. She provides well-researched articles, blog posts and patient guides for retailers, practices and providers on a wide range of health topics from weight loss to women's health to treatments and prevention.


Bianca Maria Gonzalez

Daily News, Features Journalism, Case Studies, Blog Writing

Bianca Gonzalez is a tech and finance writer who highlights the intersection of technical advancements and social change. As a daily news and features contributor for Biometric Update, she covers advancements in biometrics and the rise of mass surveillance. As a solutions journalist for Next City, she covers urban solutions throughout the US. She covers community financial institutions and intersectional disability justice. As a case study writer for Community Solutions, she highlights progress cities are making in ending homelessness using the Built for Zero methodology.


@BizlifeStacey Stacey Adamiec

Business Strategist, Solopreneur

Observer, Strategist working within the intersection of Business and Property, High Streets & Flexible Space Lynchpin, Consultant

Sue Moore

Copywriter & Psy-Copy® Strategist

Brand voice + messaging + web copy for marketing, insight & creative services Plus deep content (white papers, reports) for B2B 21+ years of experience ✍🏻 Substack: Ink Tank by Sue Moore. From sigh-copy to psy-copy®. Hot takes and nuanced thinking on human-to-human copywriting psychology.


Emmanuel Ajala

Technical Content Writer

I am a dedicated technology content writer with a knack for making complex topics accessible and engaging. With a passion for innovation, I create content that informs, inspires, and drives action. Let's bridge the gap between technology and its users through compelling narratives.



Content Manager

I provide content marketing, SEO & email marketing services to traditional finance, fintech, and web3 companies. I'm a marketing expert with almost a decade of experience working in finance and Web3. Most of the time, writers create content based on research and have no firsthand knowledge of your industry. Well, I'm different. I’ve worked at companies providing wealth & investment tech, consumer lending, mortgages, insurance, trading, DeFi, and Bitcoin services. I stick to topics I know well so I can write with authority and deliver a wow experience with every piece of content. Email: [email protected]