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Elena Carruthers

Digital Copywriter

Journalist / freelance copywriter


Oli Gross

Freelance Writer

I am a freelance writer with many years of newsroom experience, specialising in animal rights, environmentalism, the hospitality industry and news journalism. I learned my trade starting in 2013 working for a local newspaper and later a B2B magazine. In my most recent full time role as Editor I built a startup publication from scratch to achieve 100,000 page views and 100,000 followers within a year. I am also a trainee psychotherapist who specialises in mental health and wellness writing. Get in touch at [email protected]


Ayna Gonzales

Freelance Content Writer

I'm a freelance content writer who enjoys writing about a variety of topics and working with brands focused on wellness, entrepreneurship, and self-development. I also write think pieces, personal opinion posts, and navigating life as a millennial professional. In my spare time, I enjoy contemporary art, documentaries, and world history.

Sharice Wells

Editorial Intern

In addition to being an editorial intern I am a Finance Partner at GlaxoSmithKline. I graduated with my Master's of Accounting from North Carolina State University and hold an extensive finance background. Those things may seem to be counterintuitive to someone aspiring to be a writer, but those the background shows the abundance of my interests. I believe numbers tell a story, but also every person tells a story. Whether about finance or just life, I hope you hear my story through it. In every role I've been noted for strong verbal and written communication. I know these are rooted in my passion for writing. When I was young, writing, reading and learning were things I loved to do naturally. Not because someone told me to do it, but because I saw something within every story and teaching. I'm choosing to connect with that little girl again but instead of choosing the path everyone said would lead to financial success, I'm choosing the path to passion and me. Writing is what I want to do for a lifetime, it's the only thing that brings me consistent joy and peace.