Chloe Price

Blogger, beta reader, copywriter

United Kingdom

Emerging writer and aspiring novelist. Based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire UK.

literally stories
Margery by Chloe Price

Margery was a stubborn woman, but not without reason. She spends her days sitting on uncomfortable ground, sweating over tiny cooking pots and trying to make the best meal she can with the small amounts of food she has. Everyone is thankful, no one complains, but she knows she can do better.


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University of London
5 London art trails to see this summer

The University of London sites uses cookies. By continuing to use this site you accept this policy. Cookie policy Museums and art galleries throughout London are now opening up once again for the public, and you may be flocking to the capital to see what artworks are on display.

20 Bedford Way
How To Deliver A Good Presentation | Presentation Tips

Not everyone is comfortable with standing in front of large numbers of people and delivering a presentation in the spotlight. It can be a nerve wracking experience. But trust us, presentations become easier over time, and after reading our guide to delivering a good presentation you'll feel more equipped.

Fibre Marketing
Fully Managed SEO | Fibre Marketing

When it comes to SEO, it's not a case of one size fits all. To appear on the first page of search results, you need to look at your industry, your audience, your competitors - you need your own, personalised strategy.

Tips To Help You Stay Healthy This Season

The last few months of this year may leave some of us feeling even more overwhelmed than usual, both mentally and physically. With darker days and the crisp colder weather, keeping ourselves fit and healthy is vital. How can we look after ourselves during this time?

The F-Word
The rise and rise of lad culture on campus

This is a guest blog by Chloe Price. She is a creative writing student and a feminist who wants to write a novel. She likes reading, baking and will one day travel the world When starting university, students should expect nothing less than a safe environment where they can enjoy themselves without having to worry about being groped or being subject to sexist 'banter'.

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Books and Bao
8 Books That Will Make You Fall In Love With Rome

Rome is a city that certainly deserves its reputation - walking along the cobbled streets, you can't help but feel the history coming alive around you and its thriving culture blowing you away every time. Many writers have been captivated by the Eternal City, as suggested by its frequent appearance in many fantastic books.

Six Things I Learned About Life After University

You've spent the past three or so years working hard (and partying harder) and have finally got your degree. You've thrown your mortarboard in the air and said your goodbyes to the lecture halls, the student union bar, and the student flat you called home.

OnStage Blog
8 Books That Would Really Work as Musicals - OnStage Blog

Chloe Price As musicals such as Hamilton show, you can base a musical on pretty much anything. A countless number of books have been adapted for stages all over the world, yet there are still plenty that deserve the same treatment. This list is only a small portion of those stories.

Creating a cosy reading nook

It's a well-known fact that bookworms can read pretty much anywhere, but when it comes to a serious reading session, the best place to settle down is your cosy reading nook. Student accommodation is often small and, depending on how many you live with, quite crowded in parts of the house.

Books By The Woods
5 Things You Can Do To Help Theatres Survive The Pandemic

I love the theatre, and if you're reading this, I know you do too. Well, as you are already aware, theatres throughout the country are struggling to survive. But yet, the government does not seem interested in saving this beautiful art form. What with the release of the 'Fatima' job ad and Rishi Sunak's comments...