Oli Gross

Freelance Writer and Trainee Psychotherapist

United Kingdom

Before starting my psychotherapy training, I worked in animal rights, environmentalism, the hospitality industry and news journalism.

I began my career in journalism in 2013 working for local newspaper the Mid Sussex Times, followed by B2B magazine the Morning Advertiser. In my most recent full time journalism role as Editor, I built startup publication Totally Vegan Buzz from soon after its birth to achieve 100,000 page views and 100,000 followers within a year.

I'm studying to become a psychotherapist at the Connexus Institute in Hove, UK, and specialise in working with substance misuse and addiction.

Get in touch at [email protected]

Brighton Therapy Partnership
Brighton Therapy Partnership | Avoidant Attachment in Therapy

Just a few weeks away we have another BTP workshop with popular expert trainer Linda Cundy. This time around focussing on *An Attachment Approach to Therapy with "Avoidant" Clients*. The event will be taking place in a small group live in-person session from 10 till 4.30 pm on Saturday 2nd April at City Coast Centre.

Brighton Therapy Partnership
Brighton Therapy Partnership | The Ethics of Love in Therapy

As we gear up here at Brighton Therapy Partnership for the *Love in Psychotherapy* CPD which is taking place LIVE via Zoom on Saturday 5th March, we are thinking about 'all things love'. This exciting online event will be delivered by three expert speakers; Professor Divine Charura, Victoria Settle, and Robin Shohet.

Brighton Therapy Partnership
Brighton Therapy Partnership | How Can Therapists Heal the Wounds of Love?

The BTP conference on *Love in Psychotherapy* takes place in-person at City Centre Portslade and also via Zoom, on Saturday 5th March 2022, with catch-up available after the event. Professor Divine Charura (York St. John University), Victoria Settle (CEO of The Bowlby Centre) and Robin Shohet (Centre for Supervision & Team Development) will be our three expert speakers and trainers on the day.