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Adriana Sinicropi

Writer | Digital Marketer

Journalist & Professional Writer by qualification. Employed creative writer at Marketing Coordinator at @nelsonteamwear @nxi_sport @nouba_blog & @unpluggedapparelco Adobe Illustrator Amateur, Canva Pro.


Abigail Dennis

Freelance Content Producer, Researcher, Editor, and Author. Food - Travel - Books

• Published author and research specialist with over a decade in academic and non-profit communications experience • Freelance film and broadcast researcher • Recovering academic • Queensland, Australia, via Toronto, Canada

Alex Speed


Journalist & Editor, Content Writer & Communications advisor News, features, media releases, digital, website and content writing. I am interested in the creativity, stoicism and joy in people, especially within our Australian regional and rural communities, and the stories everyone has to tell. I contribute to a number of print and digital media platforms, and on occasion work with clients to devise public relations and communications strategies, reports and publications, newsletters, social media posts, websites and online content. You will reach me at s[email protected] and can see a selection of my work below.


Cara Jenkin

Freelance journalist, writer, content creator

I'm ready to spread the news fast or share your stories with flair. I'm an experienced communications professional as a reporter & editor in media across news, features and sport. While I have specialised in topics such as employment, motorsport and the environment in the past, I'm enjoying the breadth that freelancing brings. I'm keen to be involved in any assignment or project that involves creating words that people actually want to read, be it blogs, company profiles or media releases as well as news and feature articles. I'm based in Adelaide, South Australia, and regularly travel throughout this great state.

Kerrie Brooks

Copywriter | Content Writer | Copyeditor

UK-born and Australian-based, I love the art of storytelling for business - combining strategy with creativity whilst being bang on with the detail. I have worked with many well-known and emerging brands, engaging both consumer and B2B markets with great results. Take a look at some of my work.

Harriette North

Freelance Copywriter & Brand Strategist

Howdy there, welcome to my portfolio, How's your business tracking? Are you looking to hit those big KPIs this year? Smash through some biz-ness goals or simply looking to connect deeply with your audience? Maybe you've tried multiple "strategies" but found little success. Or have spent thousands of dollars and countless hours figuring out what will help you reach more people. You're a change-maker. So why isn't the change happening? Well, the simple answer is. It is. You've gotten this far, but now you need help. There's no denying trudging through mundane tasks is keeping your business plateaued. You set a goal, so why not let a strategic, highly-skilled, punctual copywriter help you achieve it? (in half the time and with way less anxious pacing). With 7-plus years of marketing experience in fast-paced corporate roles, I've seen first-hand the success of businesses that invest in their marketing. We'll work together to create a holistic copywriting strategy that helps you book out, sell more, connect deeply and make the impact you can't stop dreaming about. Every project I work on with clients is a long-term relationship where I get to understand their business inside and out. I'm like the side-kick they didn't know they needed. We work side by side to create a bespoke marketing strategy that propels their business success. Say goodbye to fluffy marketing and pointless strategies. I'll help you laser in on what you need to do to grow your business through the power of words. Below you'll find a diverse range of copywriting projects crafted to. - Reflect a client's tone of voice, - Connect them to their target audience, - Boost brand awareness and; - Increase sales conversions. If you're tired of not seeing results, feeling stressed beyond capacity and ready to see your vision thrive, I'd love to see you in my inbox. Let's create some real magic. Come say hello! [email protected]


Dr Craig Fry

I write occasional opinion pieces and articles about cycling history and culture; and drugs, health and ethics in sport and society. From 1996 to 2018, I conducted national and international competitively funded research on drug use patterns and harms, and related ethical, prevention, and policy issues. I have a honours degree in psychology, a doctorate in public health ethics, and was a founding member of the AusCycling Ethics & Integrity Committee and History & Heritage Committee.

Melissa Coffey

Writer- Poet - Editor

A Melbourne-based freelance editor, published writer & spoken word performer, I hold a BA (Hons) in Theatre Studies, minoring in Media Studies. I believe as writers we're always an apprentice to our craft - I seek to continuously develop my work through further learning. My short stories, poetry & creative non-fiction are published (sometimes in cognito) in numerous international & Australian anthologies (The Mammoth Book series, Stringybark Stories), literary journals (The Last Girls Club, The Aurora Journal, The Ekphrastic Review, Writing in a Woman's Voice, Not Very Quiet, Illura Press) and online. An active writer on since 2020, my poetry, personal essays & articles are regularly curated and I am a Top Writer in Poetry. As a developmental editor and former theatre director, I enjoy writing about creativity and writing craft. My fiction and poetry often explore themes of desire, power, transformation & sexuality, sometimes via a feminist lens. In August 2021, I joined Scrittura as an editor, a publication showcasing poetry & prose poems. Passionate about the power of spoken word, I've performed at theatre and spoken word events, exhibitions and festivals over the last two decades. My poems have travelled the world, appearing in art exhibitions from Shiraz, Iran to London and Argentina. A return Feature performer at Melbourne’s "Mother Tongue: Women Speak", I've also been a guest performer at One Billion Rising fundraiser (2014), speaking out against sexual violence towards women. Current projects include working on my first poetry collection & planning a series of local poetry workshops. For inquiries about projects, collaborations or editing services, please message me via Twitter.

Kristal Maspara

Freelance Writer, Content Creator, and Aspiring Author

There is something in everyone. A potential to not only engage, teach, amaze, entertain, and help others, but also to motivate and inspire. I am the passage between visions and delivery. I am an accomplished customer service provider, delivering the most professional, positive, and results-driven customer experiences. I am self-driven and high-performing, always exceeding expectations because of my ability to multi-task and efficiently prioritize tasks. As an excellent communicator, I can build strong client relationships, but this also helps me be a great writer. I am a wordsmith, editor, and content strategist with a talent for details. I can blend storytelling with search engine optimization keywords while still being concise about my message. In a nutshell, there are two things I value most about myself - creativity and passion. Know that I'm someone willing to step out of my comfort zone to chase my dreams. Competencies: Persuasive speaking skills, clear communication, ability to use positive language, adaptability, message development and delivery, data gathering and research, collaboration, and attention to detail.


Byron Smith

content strategist & creator

Senior content creator and strategist experienced across digital, video and print in engaging users while achieving business objectives. A writer and editor of several years in media and corporations with a passion for clear, well-crafted communication and storytelling. Manager and team leader that motivates people to perform.