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Sam William West


I'm a writer, copywriter and screenwriter who's great at making information come alive for the internet. I've worked on projects about IT, energy policy, management strategy, haircare, extra-thin condoms, vegetables, car sales and everything in between. I also used to edit Three Thousand (Melbourne's first online city guide) so I've got a lot experience talking about arts, music, recreation and travel. Here's a small sample of my work.

Hannah Collins

Copywriter | Content Strategist

I’m a copywriter from Melbourne (via Wellington) with 8 years’ experience. I cut my teeth in digital marketing, and once told 2 billion people the story of #IronBoyAU. My interests include finding dogs to pat, and honing my skills in UX in preparation for our robot overlords.

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Liam Smith

Freelance Writer

Liam Smith is a young and aspiring Australian blogger with a passion for everything related to home, design, lifestyle, and sport. He has a B.Sc. in Interior design and is an avid reader. He specializes in writing about business, home, and sport. He is always looking for a new challenge.

Morgan Hannah Pettersson

Teller of environmental and travel stories

Morgan Hannah Pettersson is a writer and storyteller who weaves words into magic with a focus on telling environment and travel stories.


Harry Stewart

Freelance Content Writer

Welcome to my portfolio page. My name's Harry and I'm a freelance content writer from Australia with three years' experience in the travel/culture niche. Some of my previous clients include big-name digital brands such as Culture Trip, FluentU, and the Google Arts and Culture Magazine, just to name a few. I've also earned extensive experience as a copywriter, crafting story-driven content to convert leads into sales for travel-related businesses. Past industries span everything from luxury hotel wholesalers to outdoor adventure gear retailers. In terms of real-world travel, I've been to 71 countries and counting, so I'm capable of writing with authority on most major destinations on Earth. At present, you'll find me hopping between Asian hotspots as a laptop-wielding, WiFi-soliciting "digital nomad." Note that I've been known to moonlight as a generalist content creator on occasion, so don't be surprised to see me pumping out B2B blogs for topics as varied as home renovations and tech. As a professional freelancer by trade, I pride myself on consistently delivering top-quality content in a timely fashion to exceed my clients' expectations. You can always rely on me to use the latest On-Page SEO techniques for the best chance of achieving that coveted front page ranking. Below you'll find a selection of published samples, which I've arranged by topic for your convenience. Once you've perused them and feel confident I'm a good fit, feel free to drop me a line through the e-mail icon below. I'd be delighted to discuss how I can elevate your content marketing strategy to the next level. Harry,

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Catherine Best

Journalist / Escape Columnist/ Writer / Editor / Content Creator

I'm a freelance journalist, writer content creator and Escape columnist. I produce articles for magazines, newspapers and online platforms, as well as creating bespoke content for clients. I've been writing professionally for almost 20 years, and have a special interest in travel writing. As a former news reporter, I can turn my hand to virtually any brief or topic, including financial services, lifestyle, health and wellness, and parenting. My work has appeared in The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Herald Sun, The Australian, Lonely Planet, Voyeur, Qantas Spirit, The Collective, Jetstar magazine, Silkwinds, Tiger Tales, Kidspot and get lost magazine. I have also written for Red Balloon, BPAY, Mercer, Mantra and Tourism and Events Queensland, among others.

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Lisa Schofield

Freelance Writer

Lisa is a freelance journalist and corporate writer with a focus on health and wellness, travel, storytelling and human interest. Lisa has written for a range of publications such as Sunday Life, Good Weekend, Latte Magazine, Marketing Magazine, Jetstar, Womens Health, International Traveller, Shape, Run4YL, Womens Running, Prevention Australia,, Kidspot, Mamma Mia and Essential Kids and Baby. Lisa can be found at Twitter - @lisaschofield2, Facebook - Lisa Schofield - Writer or on email at [email protected]

Linda deWilde-Moon

Freelance feature writer

Writer / Dreamer Qualified naturopath Katoomba, Blue Mountains Contact: [email protected]


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Victoria Mackinlay

Freelance Writer

Raised in the UK, Victoria studied Modern Languages and Literature at Bristol University with stints in France and Italy. She worked in Ireland before moving to Sydney, Australia in 2008. Lover of travelling and squeaky-sand beaches, Victoria has visited 51 countries (still counting...). Her favourites are India, Italy and Bolivia. Having amassed some incredible experiences working for Google for 9 years, Victoria began freelance writing when she was on maternity leave, focusing on parenting and travel features.


Gabe McGrath

Freelance writer

Need a copywriter who 'gets' your brand and your customers? A freelancer who hooks those readers in? Someone to ghostwrite articles for your company blog or facebook page? Or write a professional Wikipedia article about yourself, your business or organisation? For an ASAP response, email: [email protected] My features have appeared in outlets such as The Age/Sydney Morning Herald, Jetstar magazine, Essential,, Retro Gamer (UK), and My essay 'Another 4 minutes of non-stop commercials' was featured alongside pieces by Alice Pung and John Birmingham in the 2013 Emerging Writer Book. For 16 years, I've written radio commercials for businesses & non-profit organisations that grab attention, trigger emotions & generate results. You can read the *full* articles in my portfolio, by clicking on the *headline* of each piece.