Catherine Best

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I'm a freelance journalist, writer, content creator and Escape columnist. I produce articles for magazines, newspapers and online platforms, as well as creating bespoke content for clients. I've been writing professionally for 20 years, with a special interest in travel writing. As a former news reporter, I can turn my hand to virtually any brief or topic, including business and personal finance, lifestyle, health and wellness, and parenting. My work has appeared in The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Herald Sun, The Australian, Lonely Planet, Voyeur, Qantas Spirit, The Collective, Jetstar magazine, Silkwinds, Tiger Tales, Kidspot and get lost magazine. I have also written for Red Balloon, BPAY, Mercer, Mantra and Tourism and Events Queensland, among others.


I found Hawaii's best-kept island secret

There's a monkey swinging from the rafters in my stateroom. He's a peculiar breed with green and white stripes and bobbly, I'm-up-to-mischief eyes. Cruising has entered something of a cultural twilight zone. I'm an Aussie on a Norwegian ship, in American waters, off Hawaii - a Polynesian archipelago that defies convention as the 50th state of the US.

Army of spider crabs invades Melbourne's Port Phillip Bay

They're here. An army of spider crabs, sometimes the size of a football field, is on the march in Melbourne's Port Phillip Bay. The creepy crustaceans are scurrying into shallow waters en masse for their annual shell-shedding soiree.

It's a Blue, Blue World

Lake Louise wears blue contact lenses - here's how to make the most of your visit.

Hip Hip Hoo-Ray

A special welcome awaits at the reopened Daydream Island Resort.

It's a Lava Story

Hawaii's volcano eruption might have briefly melted tourism, but its aftermath is a new drawcard.

Drop in to Angkor

See where Tomb Raider was filmed and more at the world's largest religious monument.

Lava Dream

On the trail of a Polynesian demigod, Catherine Best discovers the Hawaiian legends of creation aren't completely at odds with science.