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Lee Adendorff

Freelance journalist

Location icon Australia

I am a freelance journalist and Italian to English translator and editor. My stories have appeared in a range of publications in Australia and the United Kingdom including the Sydney Morning Herald; Newcastle Herald; Weekender magazine; Sydney’s Child; Italianicious magazine; Commercial Motor magazine, Oils&Fats International magazine, BBC Wildlife magazine and for the apparel and textiles portal, and beverage industry portal
I have also presented broadcast news stories on Italy.
My subject areas cover B2B business and regulatory issues for diverse sectors, food and wine, parenting, Italian politics and the olive oil industry.

Cambodia wage dispute causes massive shutdown

A dispute over increases to Cambodia's minimum wage levels has led to a virtual shutdown of the country's garment industry. Garment factory workers have been protesting for better pay since 24 December - but events appear to have taken a turn today (2 January) with claims that soldiers from a military special command unit have been deployed to crack down on the demonstrators.

Shell-shock: corporate service provider controls put to the test

There is one sure way to find out if your AML defences are working: try to breach them. Jason Sharman, a professor at Griffith University, Queensland, Australia, has spent over two years setting up untraceable shell companies through corporate service providers around the world.

Australian beef exporters concerned over Russia lifting US beef ban

Australian beef exporters are nervous about a decision by the Russian government - confirmed directly to - that it is planning to lift the existing ban on imports of US beef. Australian exports of high-value chilled beef to Russia have soared since Russia imposed a ban on US beef in February 2013 over the use of beta agonists in US beef production.