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UK-born and Australian-based, I love the art of storytelling for business - combining strategy with creativity whilst being bang on with the detail.

I have worked with many well-known and emerging brands, engaging both consumer and B2B markets with great results. Take a look at some of my work.

How Financial Stress Impacts Mental Health

Business experiencing financial problems? You could be at higher risk of mental health issues and, as a result, business failure. Learn more and seek help

Snug Bug Sleep Solutions
Baby Sleep Training - Your 101 Expert Guide

Usually, when parents come to me, they’re exhausted, sleep-deprived, and at their wits end. “Why won’t my baby sleep?”, “What am I doing wrong?”, “Is there something wrong with my baby?” We’ve all been there and asked those questions – I know I have! However, when the solution of baby sleep training comes up, it’s a knee jerk reaction to push against it. After all, no one likes to hear their baby cry.

Hunter Defence
Reap the benefits of a mentally healthy business with our latest DRSS course

When you think of being 'defence ready', workplace resilience and wellbeing may seem like a low priority. However, a strong, healthy mental state can impact the people and businesses in our industry in significant ways. This topic is the latest to be covered in our Defence Ready Seminar Series 2022

New family law firm advocating for what matters

A new family law firm has just opened its doors on Hunter Street, bringing a fresh offering to the local legal scene. The business baby of experienced family and divorce lawyer Sarah Walker, Walker Family Law is on a mission to bring legal calm when family relationships change by making the process as easy, accessible...

Snug Bug Sleep Solutions
How to Help Baby Nap Longer - 0 to Toddler

Short naps, long naps, cat naps - everyone loves a nap, especially us parents. They make us feel refreshed (and slightly more human!). The same goes for babies and toddlers. In fact, at this young age, it's more than just nice to have - and a welcome break for you.

Snug Bug Sleep Solutions
How to settle a newborn: 5 proven techniques for getting your little one to sleep

Having a newborn is the most amazing feeling in the world. You've created your own beautiful little human, and your heart is full as you gaze into their eyes. But no matter how besotted you are, if your overtired newborn refuses to settle or sleep no matter what you try, adoration can quickly turn to tears, frustration and even resentment.

10 Bankruptcy Myths Debunked

Bankruptcy gets a bad rap but it can actually make good financial sense in some situations. Here we debunk some of the most common bankruptcy myths around

Dawsons Oyster Supplies
SEO Website Copy - Dawson's Oyster Supplies

Under new management since May 2021. What's on your menu today? We sell fresh restaurant-quality Sydney Rock Oysters, local prawns and a wide range of quality, sustainable seafood. Plus, we always support local growers and suppliers. Did you know? We shuck (open) all of our oysters on site.

Skinduced Aesthetics Clinic
SEO Website Copy - Cosmetic & Skin Clinic Newcastle

Your confidence journey starts here Ready to feel fantastic in your own skin? Our friendly doctor-led team of qualified dermal therapists can recommend the perfect treatment for your skin or body goals and tailor it to you for amazing results

Hartford College
SEO Website Copy

A pioneering independent Catholic boys school for Years 5 to 12 where parents and teachers come together to instil knowledge, faith, strength, and excellence in tomorrow's young men. REGISTER FOR OUR INFORMATION EVENING IN OCTOBER REGISTER FOR OUR INFORMATION EVENING IN OCTOBER A pioneering independent Catholic boys school for Years 5 to 12 where parents and teachers come together to instil knowledge, faith, strength, and excellence in tomorrow's young men.

The Bread & Butter Project
Sourdough's keto and vegan credentials

Have you gone keto or vegan - or are you considering making the switch? These two lifestyle diets are among the hottest food trends right now. They seem like direct opposites: while keto is about cutting out the carbs and upping your fat and protein, vegan says 'no' to all animal products.

Cassowary Cafe
SEO Website Copy - Welcome to Cassowary Cafe - Ethical, Eco Cafe Belmont NSW

What will you love most when you visit? Why should you choose Cassowary out of all the other cafes in Belmont NSW? There are so many things to love about our space, our menu and our team, that we attract a diverse range of customers with a passion and sincerity from across Newcastle and beyond.

Willow Collective
SEO Web and Product Copy - Willow Collective - NZ Contemporary Designed Jewellery

Add something 'extra' and a splash of colour with our latest collections Contemporary jewellery | Floral designs | Minimalist pieces | Statement earrings | Gold and silver | Cubic zirconia Contemporary jewellery | Floral designs | Minimalist pieces | Statement earrings | Gold and silver | Cubic zirconia Shop Now Love these earrings!

Hand Therapy Centre
Website Copy

Hand Therapy Centre provides rehabilitative care for hand & upper limb injuries. Located in Newcastle & East Maitland. Read more & make an appointment.

Website Copy

Keystone help with the legalities of a project or matter, we take the time to get to know you, your business & your goals. Contact us today.

Hunter Defence

To increase your chances of success in the defence industry, there are some important standards, certifications and accreditations (SCAs) you need to consider. ISO 9001 Quality Management System accredited certification is usually mandatory for doing business with defence. For some larger suppliers, AS 9100D or IAT 16949 discipline-specific quality certification is required.

The Measured Marketer
The value of an outsourced chief marketing officer (CMO) - The Measured Marketer

Ghostwritten: COVID-19 has brought the value of marketing into focus, with many businesses having to rely on improvisational tactics and accelerate their digital efforts ad-lib to survive. At times like this, having an experienced marketing strategist to lean on is a huge advantage, but many SMEs don't see it as an option.

6 Smart Ways to Use Data to Influence Purchase Intent

There's no doubt that digital has taken over many aspects of our lives. According to recent research, 4.5 billion people now use the internet worldwide, with the average user spending six hours and 43 minutes online each day. E-commerce is also on the rise, with sales growing 30 percent in 2020, spurred by the pandemic. In response, more brands are moving online.

Hunter Defence

The Hunter region has already positioned itself as a key player in the defence industry. Now, the BAE Systems Australia's facility at RAAF Base Williamtown, which serves as the Southern Pacific Regional F-35 Heavy Airframe Depot, will support the F-35 fleet in the region over the next three decades.

Director Penalty Notice - What they are and how to avoid them

With many businesses still suffering from the financial fallout of COVID-19 and the ATO already tightening up debt recovery in early 2021, directors are at a higher risk of being made personally liable for outstanding tax debts and receiving a director penalty notice (DPN).

Graeme Fitzgerald | Manufacturing Growth Specialist
John Costly's Lessons in Manufacturing Excellence | Graeme Fitzgerald | Manufacturing Growth...

John Costly, Business and Operational Excellence Practitioner with Lead C.I. knows a thing or two about achieving excellence in manufacturing. He's spent 35 years in the industry, including holding senior roles in BHP and Alcoa. He attributes his passion for excellence to three key experiences: going through BHPs leadership programs; having good mentors in his...

Graeme Fitzgerald | Manufacturing Growth Specialist
5 priorities for manufaturing success in 2021 and beyond

EDITING EXAMPLE: What a year 2020 has turned out to be. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on economies around the world has been massive - and manufacturers have not been spared their version of the experience. The best description I've heard for 2020? 'Well, that certainly was a year not to be expected!'

Rapsey Griffiths
Simplified restructuring process now available for small businesses - Rapsey Griffiths

The new, streamlined process - a formal appointment - allows financially distressed businesses to retain control while they restructure their debts. During the restructuring period, unsecured creditors (and some secured creditors) can't enforce claims. These reforms will not only help more financially distressed small business survive, but will positively impact the economy.

Benefits of the New Small Business Restructuring Process (& How to Prepare)

Are you or a client still struggling with ATO and other debt accrued during COVID-19? If so, the good news is extended help is in sight. As the government finalises the finer details of the new small business restructuring process - part of its COVID business recovery plan, now's the perfect time to determine your suitability and to get yourself ready to access it when it comes into effect on 1 January 2021.

Pro Bono Australia
Swift action is key to turning struggling not for profits around | PBA

Swift action is key to turning struggling not for profits around. Mitch Griffiths, from turnaround and insolvency firm Rapsey Griffiths, has seen first-hand the financial struggles not for profits face. But he says it's possible to turn things around if you know the warning signs and take swift action.

How F&Bs Can Up Their Game in the Age of Social Distancing - Appier

Your marketing technology might be able to track a customer's behavior from their smartphone, but what about when they switch to their tablet? Or their laptop? Is your algorithm smart enough to know it is the same person using a different device? Or will it be confused into thinking it is three (or more) different people entirely?

Measure Marketing Campaign Success with Control Groups - Appier

If your marketing tries to appeal to everyone, it is doomed to fail. Instead, those in the know use market segmentation to divide their audience into specific groups for precise targeting. What Is Market Segmentation? Market segmentation is a way of separating your customers into different groups.

Everything You Need to Know About Exit-Intent Technology - Appier

In the world of online retail, knowing who your customers are is only half the battle. Equally as important as knowing their demographic information is understanding how they behave as customers, so you can tailor your marketing offering to their specific needs. What Is Behavioral Segmentation?

How to Play the Long Game in Today's E-Learning Market - Appier

The world is awash with data - companies are now able to collect and analyze data from more sources than ever before. However, as a marketer, you would be better off prioritizing quality data over sheer quantity in order to create more effective campaigns.

HIA - Sponsored Content
Weathering the storm | Rapsey Griffiths

Working in construction certainly isn't easy right now, but it's not all doom and gloom. While external factors and legislative changes are impacting business, by putting the right actions in place at the right time, Rapsey Griffiths says it's possible to thrive.

4 things to include in a training manual | Snap Print & De

From smoothing the onboarding process to upskilling existing employees on new products or systems, training manuals play a key role when it comes to teaching staff new tricks. Here are five key elements you should include to better engage your audience and boost learning and recall. 1.

Rapsey Griffiths
Turnaround tactics to ensure your business survives the COVID-19 pandemic - Rapsey Griffiths

Early last month, we published a blog asking 'How solid is your business continuity and crisis management plan?' in light of COVID-19. At that point, the crisis seemed manageable. Unfortunately, as we're all too aware, things have now worsened and the risk the Coronavirus pandemic presents to public health and, as a result, the economy and business owners, has become very real.

A Quick Guide to Customer Data Platforms - Appier

To solve the problem of disconnected data in a world where we are dealing with millions of touchpoints and interactions, 51 percent of marketers say they currently use a customer data platform (CDP) and 35 percent say they plan to use one.

5 creative policy design ideas | Snap Print & Design

Published: 17 February 2020 Company policies are essential for establishing workplace standards in areas such as procedures and codes of conduct. But how many could your employees recall off the top of their heads? Here are five creative design ideas to help infuse them into your office life.

Customer Engagement Infographic

The creatives you choose – and how you use them – can make or break your advertising or marketing campaigns. Here are some of the top formats for driving customer engagement and tips on how to squeeze the most value from them.

Snap Print & Design
How to create a winning sales manual

Your sales manual is crucial to achieving success. It gives your reps everything they need to sell, puts them on the same page and motivates them to seal the deal. But what makes a winning sales manual? Find out here.

Why Advertisers Need Contextual Targeting in the Age of Privacy - Appier

Contextual targeting is having a resurgence. According to a report by Business Wire , the global contextual advertising market is expected to grow to US$279.2 billion by 2025. This revival is largely due to the impact of Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Residential Property Group
Corporate Profile

At RPG, we understand that putting money into a property is a big commitment – especially when it has been hard-earned. That’s why all of our investment properties are designed to be a sure bet rather than a risk.

Website copy - full rewrite

Success in business is ultimately about believing in yourself and making the right choices. Whatever stage you’re at in your business, we listen, support, advise and offer fresh ideas and networking opportunities to make you more effective, profitable and the best at what you do.

4 things to include in a training manual | Snap Print & De

From smoothing the onboarding process to upskilling existing employees on new products or systems, training manuals play a key role when it comes to teaching staff new tricks. Here are five key elements you should include to better engage your audience and boost learning and recall. 1.

The Wedding Designers
Welcome Pack

COPYEDITING/PROOFREADING - We are so excited about being a part of your day! Sometimes the whole process can be quite overwhelming and the last thing we want to do is put extra pressure on you. You are more than welcome to contact us much as you need and like – email, phone, text or come by the warehouse and we can sit down and have a chat.

Rapsey Griffiths
eBook - Insolvency in Building and Construction

The construction game can be tough. If you’re operating in the industry, you’re at potentially higher risk of facing insolvency, and you could become the victim of insolvency higher up the chain. However, with the right advice and actions, you can minimise the risks.

7 trending summer colours for print | Snap Print & Design

Published: 2 October 2019 As we get closer to summer, a fresh Pantone colour palette has arrived on the design scene. This season's hues are uplifting, confident and playful, portraying feelings of optimism and warmth. What more do we want from this time of year?

6 stationery management tips | Snap Print & Design

Published: 22 October 2019 All business inventory needs managing, and branded stationery is no exception. By keeping track of what you have, how much you have and how you use it, you can reduce costs, used materials and, with that, your environmental impact. Here are our six top stationery management tips.

GWG Blog
Q&A - Pratap Iyer, Cloud & DevOps Lead (IT Resources Division), UON | GWG Blog

The University of Newcastle is known for its strong commitment to innovation - and its approach to IT is no exception. A dedication to DevOps is helping it stay agile, and stay ahead, as an educational provider and employer. Pratap Iyer, UON's Cloud & DevOps Lead (IT Resources Division) is one of the people at the helm of its digital journey.

Snap Print & Design
Business Stationery Checklist

Business stationery isn’t just a practical necessity. A consistent suite of items can help keep you front of mind and put your brand in the right light. Here are some key items you should have in your inventory.

How print can build customer loyalty | Snap Print & Design

Published: 4 November 2019 Having your customers as brand advocates means you're doing something right and what kind of business doesn't love that? It means you can keep growing with confidence, knowing your customers are happy and you're likely hitting your goals.

Moir Landscape Architecture
Website copy

Please note: The client has made edits/revisions to the content. Please contact me to see the original copy submitted. LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE | URBAN DESIGN | PLACEMAKING | VISUAL IMPACT ASSESSMENTS PLAY VIDEO COLLABORATION | COMMUNICATION | INNOVATION Our team delivers engaging, functional and sustainable solutions for our clients through a combination of research, consultation, technology and innovation.

Amber Compounding Pharmacy
Singapore Vet 2019 Newsletter

Edit for a Singapore client - The first Singapore Vet 2019 was held on October 11th-12th at Suntec Singapore. The event was organised by CloserStill Media, in association with The Royal Veterinary College and the Singapore Veterinary Association. As our unique products and services address unmet clinical needs in the veterinary medicine market, the Amber Compounding Pharmacy booth attracted high footfall over the two days, with visitors keen to share their needs and issues.

Amber Compounding Pharmacy
K9Biotix - Product Packaging

Copyedit for a Singapore client - 1. What is K9Biotix used for? K9Biotix is used to treat ear infections in dogs (canine otitis externa). It is available as a customisable otic gel compounded in accordance with a prescription from a veterinarian. 2. How can K9Biotix be customised? Based on a culture and sensitivity test, a veterinarian can prescribe from a range of suitable antimicrobial agents that can be delivered via the thermo-reversible gel to the site of infection.

Current - DE
How robots are changing logistics

With robots taking over more and more parts of the supply chain, what does the future hold for the increasingly automated logistics sector? Learn more here.

Website copy

Need a skilled, efficient contractor? Pacific Welding Australia delivers superior quality welding and fabrication solutions on time in the toughest industrial environments.

Revive Financial
Statutory demands 101 - what you need to know - Revive Financial

Not paying your tax debts is a serious issue, one that can lead to serious action being taken against you and your company. One of these actions is the serving of a statutory demand. To help you understand exactly what an ATO statutory demand is, and what the implications of receiving one are, we've answered all the questions for you.

Revive Financial
Selling to overcome insolvency: How to avoid becoming a phoenix company - Revive Financial

If your company is struggling financially, you have three main options available to you: business turnaround, voluntary administration or sale (followed by liquidation or administration). If the first two aren't viable, but you believe your business can be successful, selling your business, after careful consideration of your director's duties, creates an opportunity for you to buy it back and start over.

4 AI Applications That Are Transforming the Insurance Industry Now - Appier

The Asia Pacific (APAC) region is experiencing an insurance boom, as well as significant digital disruption in this sector, according to a recent report by Bain & Company . As competition grows and new players enter the market, insurance companies are implementing artificial intelligence (AI) powered tools to stay ahead.

Northwest Mining Company
Website copy

Effective, reliable mine support solutions for your business. Running a mine site is no mean feat. That’s why we’re here to help you keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently – reducing downtime and boosting productivity.

Revive Financial
ATO payment plans 101 - what you need to know - Revive Financial

Struggling to lodge and pay your tax? The worst thing you can do is stick your head in the sand. By letting the ATO know about your situation, you can avoid worsening debt and potential legal action. You may also be able to apply for a payment plan to spread the cost.

Revive Financial
The pros and cons of a debt agreement - Revive Financial

Debt agreements continue to be a popular solution for people struggling financially. According to the Australian Financial Security Authority, debt agreements made up 14,834 of the total 31,859 personal insolvency activity in 2017/18. This is compared to 16,811 for bankruptcies and 214 for personal insolvency agreements.

Current - DE
How robots are changing transport

Robots are taking over every kind of transport. But what do these new modes of automated travel look like? And what will their impact be? Find out here.

Understanding Fringe Benefit Tax | QuickBooks Australia

Employee benefits are a great way to recognise and reward staff. As well as improving acquisition and retention rates, they can also boost productivity. The only downside is they could leave you with an additional tax known as fringe benefits tax (FBT).

Rapsey Griffiths
Corporate brochure 2018

We understand the uncertainty and stress that comes with experiencing financial difficulty, whether in business or personally. The challenge of keeping your head above water, along with feelings of potential failure, can be overwhelming.

Catch the Right Audience for Your Next Product Launch - Appier

For any marketer, one of the first and most critical steps in any successful new product launch is identifying the right audience. Rather than relying on demographics and guesswork, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) can help you find the prospects with the highest potential to convert among your existing customers, and beyond.

Revive Financial
Bankruptcy Income Contributions - Revive Financial

Entering bankruptcy does not normally prevent you from working. However, when you earn as a bankrupt, you may be required to pay income contributions towards your bankrupt estate. Whether you pay, and how much you pay, depends on your income.

A Guide on How to Maximize Value From Third-Party Data - Appier

Data privacy concerns are on the rise in a post-GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) era. Four in five marketers worldwide were worried about the potential risk of violating the EU's GDPR due to their tech vendors. However, data is critical in today's engagement-focused marketing battlefield.

Blue Sky Escapes
10 Remote Travel Accessories To Up Your Game | Blue Sky Escapes

Travel checklists are a dime a dozen but being fully prepared for off-grid adventures require more strategic packing. Whether you're camping atop a mountain or experiencing life in a local village, here are some pro-traveller must-haves for what you can expect - and what you won't.

All Of Your Single Touch Payroll Questions Answered | QuickBooks Australia

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) launched Single Touch Payroll (STP) on 1 July 2018. As a small business owner, you will now be required to use STP-enabled payroll software to report your payroll information to the ATO every time you complete a pay run. Find out what this means for your business.

Hunter Headline
GWG Recruitment expands accounting, finance and legal expertise

Local recruitment agency located in Cooks Hill, GWG has recently welcomed a new Senior Consultant, Amanda MacGregor, it its team. Amanda will lead the agency's accounting, finance and legal practice and brings with her a wealth of experience including several leadership and training roles, as well as 15 years in finance.

Revive Financial
6 Steps to Managing Unmanageable Personal Debt - Revive Financial

Australian household debt has risen steadily over the past three decades. As a result, we now have some of the highest levels in the world. According to the latest OECD statistics, our average ratio of household debt to income sits around 211%. The means a person with net disposable income of $80,000 has total debt of $168,800.

Revive Financial
6 Ways to Deal With Out-of-Control Debts - Revive Financial

Struggling to pay your bills or make your loan or credit card repayments is a scary position to be in, especially if you have a family relying on you. Whether it's the result of poor money management or you've been affected by unemployment, ill health or a relationship breakdown, the feeling of hopelessness as debts roll into yet more dollars can be overwhelming.

Revive Financial
ATO payment plans 101 - what you need to know - Revive Financial

Struggling to lodge and pay your tax? The worst thing you can do is stick your head in the sand. By letting the ATO know about your situation, you can avoid worsening debt and potential legal action. You may also be able to apply for a payment plan to spread the cost.

5 steps to your brand style guide | Snap Print & Design

Published: 12 August 2019 A brand style guide is a reference tool to help keep your visual branding consistent across all levels of your business. It is not only handy for internal use, but helps you convey your brand's message to your business partners and audiences.

Rapsey Griffiths
Tackling phoenix activity: An overview of the latest reforms - Rapsey Griffiths

Despite all the changes introduced to date, illegal phoenix activity remains a pressing issue. According to a 2018 Pricewaterhouse Cooper report commissioned by the Government, the estimated annual cost to the Australian economy is $5.19 billion - a figure which is leaving employees unpaid, business in debt and taxes owing.

Current - DE
How robots are changing the defence sector

Governments are on a mission to evolve their defence capabilities to ward off the threats of today and tomorrow. Thanks to developments in robotics and AI, the possibilities for military applications are exploding.

A tradie's guide to cash flow management | QuickBooks Australia

Concerned about your cash flow? You're not the only one. The challenge of ensuring you're bringing in more money than you're spending at any one time is the key issue affecting Australian tradies today. In fact, 90% of business failures ¹ are caused by poor cash flow.

A Tax Guide For Musicians | QuickBooks Australia

Figuring out your tax obligations when you're a self-employed musician can be a challenge. From reporting to understanding the deductions you're eligible for, there's a lot to learn. Here's what you need to know to keep you and the tax man in tune.

5 Benefits Of Using QuickBooks Online Accountant | QuickBooks Australia

If you're looking for ways to get ahead and add value to your accounting business, it's time to invest in the right tools and tech. Automated accounting software QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA) is designed to help you manage your business and workload more efficiently. Here are the benefits.

5 Advantages Of Single Touch Payroll | QuickBooks Australia

Single touch payroll (STP) has been in the pipeline for a few years, but with the ATOs first STP reporting deadline looming, business owners are likely to start asking questions now. To give your clients confidence in the change, talk them through these five benefits.

How To Maximise Your Tax Refund | QuickBooks Australia

All the preparation and planning for tax time is sweetened by the possibility of claiming a refund for all your deductions.Whether you're unsure exactly what you can claim for, or you're failing to document it sufficiently in your return, here's some advice to help you give this year's refund a boost.

Tax Tips For Sole Traders | QuickBooks Australia

If you're a sole trader running your own business, then you're lucky enough to have the flexibility and freedom to do things your way. Unfortunately, at tax time, you have to fall in line like everybody else. Here are a few tax tips to get you through.

5 Questions To Ask Before Buying A Business | QuickBooks Australia

Buying an established business is a great option for your first entrepreneurial leap. In saying that, buying an existing business, whether it's a cafe or an accounting firm, isn't without risk. So, before you commit and part with your cash, do your due diligence and ask these five questions first.

How to Get Your Tradie Branding Right | QuickBooks Australia

Your branding will highlight your business's personality and help you stand out from the crowd. When your branding and design send a strong message, it lets people know what they can expect when they hire you. Focus on getting this right and you may see your customer list grow more quickly than expected.

Current - DE
5 robots pushing the frontiers of space exploration

From Nasa to the European Space Agency, investors are pouring billions into creating robotics and AI applications suitable for zero-gravity conditions. Find out about the potential of this inspiring new technology.

Rapsey Griffiths
Struggling with superannuation debt? Now's the time to act - Rapsey Griffiths

With the announcement of the Government's latest measure to stamp out superannuation non-payment - a one-off, 12-month amnesty - businesses who have superannuation debt should seize this opportunity to be proactive. But what exactly does the amnesty mean? And what do businesses who take advantage of this new legislation stand to gain?

Canon Australia
10 jobs that don't yet exist, but will!

The modern business landscape is set to change dramatically in the next few decades. Here are 10 jobs that may crop up on your CV in the future.

How to be your Customer's Favourite Tradie | QuickBooks Australia

When you work in a trade, word-of-mouth matters. In fact, reviews, testimonials, and recommendations from a customer can make or break your reputation, and sometimes even your livelihood. When you're a tradie, you're only as good as your last job. So making a good impression should be high on your to-do list.

Revive Financial
The Superannuation Guarantee Amnesty Dilemma - Revive Financial

Since the Government announced its 12-month Superannuation Guarantee (SG) Amnesty, there's been a fair bit of confusion. This is largely because, despite being introduced into Parliament on 24 May 2018, the law has not yet been passed. In fact, there's no certainty it will be. This leaves business owners in a quandary.

Current - DE
5 inspirational search and rescue robots

In the aftermath of disaster, humans have always been first on the scene putting their lives at risk. But is there a better way? These SAR robots are showing us the future.

Current - DE
How robots are changing the mining sector

Discover how robots are reimagining mining. From how materials are extracted and transported, to the ways in which sites are controlled and monitored - will mines become human free?

7 Body Language Tips For The Workplace | QuickBooks Australia

Your body language speaks volumes. If you're looking to get ahead at work, you need to start paying attention to the way you act and speak to co-workers. Get it right and you'll show colleagues, clients, and, most importantly, your boss that you're confident, engaged, and a great person to have around.

Hunter Headline
Business turnaround: the art and science of cost cutting

GHOSTWRITTEN for Chad Rapsey: Successful businesses never rest easy. Instead, they're constantly seeking out new ways to evolve their corporate model and strategy to maintain a competitive advantage. Unfortunately, not all companies have this same 'constructive dissatisfaction' mentality. Many become complacent, a catalyst to financial decline and eventually crisis. It's a tough reality, but, with smart intervention and cost...

How to use letterbox in an integrated campaign

Letterbox marketing is a smart tactic. Not only can you reach millions of consumers directly but, according to research by Nielsen, 45% of Australians have considered buying something, 42% visited a store, and 19% went to a website after engaging with letterbox marketing material. However, letterbox marketing works best as part of an integrated campaign.

Intel iQ India
Can Technology Prevent Sexual Violence in India?

At the end of April, India's Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Ravi Shankar Prasad, announced that all mobile phones must include a 'panic button' by 2017 and GPS by 2018. This move is just one of many recent tech-driven government initiatives launched to enhance the safety of women in light of growing concerns about sexual violence in India.

What does a career coach do?

GHOSTWRITTEN for Lee Sunlay - Career coaching can benefit people at all stages of their working lives - especially young people. However, most people don't actually know what's involved in the coaching process. TwoPointZero's Manager of Coaching Lee Sunlay gives her insight into what ...

Tammy Hawkins
We love local @ Lotus Espresso, The Junction

GHOSTWRITTEN: Recently I was lucky enough to catch up with the lovely Guy Ashford, owner of The Junction's very own Lotus Espresso. Unassuming and refreshingly laid-back, this man is the epitome of what every upmarket café owner should be. When I arrive he is already in a meeting but is instantly warm and welcoming and asks me to join him.

How omnichannel integration can boost your call centre

Salmat is a marketing services business that helps clients with the constant pressure of acquiring customers, week-in, week-out. With media, digital and customer service capabilities, we manage the fundamentals to ensure this happens like clockwork. More articles by The Salmat Team

How to get stuck into A/B testing today

GHOSTWRITTEN for Melle Staelenberg - Email marketing is simple, right? Create a great email, send it to your list of subscribers, and wait for those clicks and conversions tocome rolling in. If only it were that easy. The reality is that email marketing success doesn't happen without a little blood, sweat, and insight.

Infographic Portal
How To Eat The Right Ratio Of Macronutrients

They say food is one of life's simple pleasures but, when it comes to eating for health,the science can get complex. But no matter your food philosophy or diet plan, there's one thing you shouldn't ignore: the importance of macronutrients. Nature's body fuel, these bad boys are the basis of all things edible and essential ...

Current - DE
Why robots will be better drivers than humans

Self-driving cars are coming whether we're ready for them or not - and they're rewriting the rules of road travel. Predictable, intelligent machines will be better and safer drivers than us hands down. Here's why.

How To Use Artificial Intelligence In Small Business | QuickBooks Australia

Many Australian business owners are yet to invest in artificial intelligence technology. This is likely because the technology is perceived to be too complex, expensive and confusing. However, while the technology itself is advanced, most of the AI applications designed for small business are simple to use.

5 mistakes to avoid when launching a startup | QuickBooks

If you're looking to start a new business, plan to make a few mistakes along the way. It's all part of being an entrepreneur. In fact, making a few blunders is not always a bad thing. It can be a valuable learning experience and make you a better business owner down the track.

How to Get Your Tradie Branding Right | QuickBooks Australia

Your branding will highlight your business's personality and help you stand out from the crowd. When your branding and design send a strong message, it lets people know what they can expect when they hire you. Focus on getting this right and you may see your customer list grow more quickly than expected.

Current - DE
How robots will change automotive manufacturing

While the race to level-5 self-driving cars continues to capture the public imagination, less is being said about the increasing automation going on behind the scenes. Here's a quick guide to some of the top robotic tech shaking up the sector.

10 Early Warning Signs That You Need A Business Turnaround | Rapsey Griffiths

Is your business simply limping along a little - or is it more serious? Could it require a business turnaround to get it performing again? Most businesses become inefficient over time and need to make changes to remain in the game. From rising overheads to old processes, many inefficiencies negatively impact profitability and cash flow.

Current - DE
10 robots that will change how we live and work

From humanoids and androids to self-driving cars and automated drones, robots are re-imagining all aspects of our lives, opening up new possibilities and helping us solve problems in smart new ways. Here are ten of them.

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These 6 companies are leading the way in industry automation

Robots, AI and the Internet of Things are taking over processes and machinery, redefining manufacturing. Here are six case studies of those companies pushing us forward and examples of their revolution-enabling technology.

What Is A Chief Restructuring Officer & Do You Need One? | Rapsey Griffiths

CROs have become the new best friends of distressed businesses. But what is a chief restructuring officer exactly - and could appointing one be the saviour that your business has been looking for? Objective, practical and realistic, these interim executives are able to take a failing company by the horns, identify what's going wrong and work quickly to turn things around.

Are you making the most of your digital catalogue?

Having completed a Bachelor's degree in E-commerce Daniel was first employed by IBM, which put his trajectory on the path towards Salmat, where in 2007, he set up Salmat's Digital Catalogue business with Paul Marshall and Matt Mason.

A tradie's guide to cash flow management | QuickBooks Australia

Concerned about your cash flow? You're not the only one. The challenge of ensuring you're bringing in more money than you're spending at any one time is the key issue affecting Australian tradies today. In fact, 90% of business failures ¹ are caused by poor cash flow.

Fast Business
10 jobs that don't yet exist, but will! - Fast Business

Say goodbye to traditional work appraisals. Quantified self-assessment auditors will scientifically monitor employees using " quantified self " technology - where even human characteristics such as creativity are measurable - then suggest how improving the self will enhance company efficiency. There'll be no room for slacking. 2.

Fast Business
Three ways to foster workplace friendships - Fast Business

It's great when employees get along, but even better when co-workers become friends. According to a recent study by LinkedIn, millennials - more than any other group - stated that workplace relationships affect them positively, making them feel happy (57 per cent), motivated (50 per cent) and productive (39 per cent).

Total Web Design
What you need to do right now to become a more successful content marketer

According to a new Content Marketing Institute (CMI) report published at the end of last year - Content Marketing in Australia 2017:Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends - 82% of Australian marketers are currently engaged in content marketing, but only 25% consider themselves extremely or very successful at it. Great if you're one of them.

Google Analytics for beginners: Top 8 metrics for website tracking

What's more important than having a business website? Knowing how it's performing. Why? Because if you don't know how many people are visiting, what they're doing when they get there or if they're converting to paying customers, how can you gauge its success?

How to get your small business started with video marketing

Video marketing is big right now. Not only are more videos being consumed online than ever before but they also increasingly top the Google search results pages. Combine this with the fact that video has been proven time and again to powerfully hook in, engage and prompt an audience to action, and you'd be crazy not to consider video marketing for your business.

Total Marketing Australia
Emoji marketing: should you be using it for your business?

Emojis: they're cute, they're fun, they're expressive and over 92% of the digitally savvy population use them (Source: AdWeek). Once limited to our personal texts and emails, over the past few years they've entered the professional space, with more and more brands successfully using them in their communications.

8 reasons why your retail brand needs letterbox marketing

What do top retail brands like Myer, Kmart, Mitre 10, and Dan Murphy's have in common? They're all integrating letterbox media as part of their wider multichannel marketing strategy - and if the big names are doing it, surely there must be something in it?

4 ways to target your audience in a letterbox sampling campaign

Knowing exactly who your customers are, and where they live, allows you to send fewer samples to more receptive households, reducing costs. But, you can also tailor campaign messaging to maximise conversions and, in turn, boost return on investment (ROI). It's an attractive advantage when budget accountability is palpable, no?

10 proven ways to drive more patients to your dental practice

Marketing a dental practice in today's highly-competitive market can be tough. Despite this, demand, revenue and profit in the Australian dental market is rising so there's plenty of possibility for growth - with the right strategy. So what can you do to take advantage of this trend?

5 reasons why your business needs video marketing

When it comes to content marketing in 2016, it's all about video. Both B2C and B2B Businesses are all over it, and if yours isn't you might want to get on board. Here are five compelling reasons why. In the face of information overload, your business needs to be paying attention to what is engaging audiences today.

How to Write Effective Copy for your Website: PART 2

In our last blog we covered the basics of crafting effective web copy, focusing on language, style and structure. Now it's time to focus on the content. People frequently ask, "What pages do I need on my website?", "How much copy should I write on each page?"

Is your contact centre optimised for self-service?

When it was first introduced, self-service was considered an inconvenience. Today, if your company doesn't offer fast, intuitive self-service options on a selection of digital channels, customers will be left with a bad impression of your brand. But how has self-service affected the contact centre, and how can you implement it successfully?

Total Graphic Design
5 reasons why your business should consider using illustration

Illustration has been used for centuries as decoration and to describe text, concepts and processes. It's been carved into cave walls, inked into religious scriptures and splashed across the pages of children's story books. It's also been used extensively in advertising over the years.

10 reasons you need a self-service strategy

Matt Carracher is the Chief Operating Officer for Contact at Salmat. He has over 20 years in leadership positions and operational experience in Contact Centres, Product Management and Digital channel management in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Offshore vs onshore: Your contact centre options

An offshore contact centre could help your organisation save in several areas, but an onshore operation has the advantage of local service. To consolidate at home or abroad? It's a tricky call to make. By weighing up the pros and cons, you may get a better picture of what will work for your business.

15 simple ways to boost your website conversions

How many of your website visitors actually go on to convert into leads and paying customers? Chances are it's not as many as you'd like. From getting people to sign up to your email newsletter to encouraging them to request a quote, give you a call or take that final step and buy, conversion is a tough egg to crack.

Top 8 digital marketing trends for 2017

Winning at digital marketing means keeping on top of the trends. Technology and customer demands are moving at an unprecedented pace and you need to be aware of what's happening now, and its implications for tomorrow, in order to stay relevant, engaging and ahead of the competition.

Why Your Business Should Consider Vehicle Wrap Advertising | Total Graphic Design

Using your vehicle to advertise your business may not be groundbreaking marketing, but it can be an effective way to promote your company, especially if you're targeting a local audience. Whether you're a removal company, a dental clinic, a fitness instructor or an accounting firm, well-designed vehicle wrap advertising can increase your brand awareness and generate leads every time you're on the road, and even when you're parked.

Should I use stock imagery on my medical website?

When selecting images for your website, stock photography is often the easiest and most feasible option. Not only is it readily available, but it also offers a professional finish that looks good online. However, although stock images may be appealing, it's worth thinking twice before using them.

6 best galleries & museums in St Ives

From its origins as an important pilchard fishing village to its transformation in the 20s and 30s to a creative hub which attracted reams of artists, today St Ives boasts a rich cultural heritage and a wealth of artistic talent. You can't visit this picturesque seaside town without dipping your toes into the galleries and museums that tell its story.

FMCG shoppers and letterbox: 7 stats you need to know

It's fascinating that so many supermarket brands still include letterbox marketing in their strategy. But how effective are mailbox promotions these days? Very effective, according to Roy Morgan's Single Source (Australia 14+) research for the period July 2015 - June 2016.

Total Marketing Australia
The 7 steps to Google AdWords success for beginners

Keen to get your business in a prime position on Google's search results pages? While organic SEO is the answer, sometimes it's just doesn't work quick enough. Enter Google AdWords, the internet's most popular pay-per-click (PPC) advertising service.

Tammy Hawkins
AREC 2016

EDIT EXAMPLE: So I drafted this blog on the Australian Real Estate Conference (AREC) a couple of months ago, however, in true perfectionist style, I didn't love it enough to click publish. Instead, I put it on the back burner almost ready to scrap it completely.

7 (+ 1) smart New Year's resolutions for your e-commerce business

What are your resolutions for 2017? I'm sure you have some personal ones, but have you set any for your e-commerce business? While growing your customers and your profits are likely to be your overarching goals, in order to realise them, you'll need to focus in on the specifics.

Total Web Design
How to choose the right phone number for your business website - Total Web Design

To appear credible in business, a phone number is important - even if you are web-based. It gives customers a human point of contact that establishes trust in a way that email alone cannot. And, because of this, including one on your website can lead to more conversions - or, put simply, you selling more of your products or services.

10 content ideas for your medical practice blog

Blogging can benefit your practice in many ways. Not only can it drive traffic to your website but it can also convert browsers into patients and help you establish yourself as an authority in your field so people keep coming back.

Australian healthcare marketing: What you need to know to stay compliant

Marketing in the healthcare industry is tough. Not only do you need to keep up with increasing competition and market developments, but you also need to stay compliant. This means following the strict and extensive set of rules and regulations which guide how health and medical services are advertised.

The value of online reviews for medical professionals

When considering the value of online patient-doctor reviews, medical professionals have traditionally been sceptical. Concerns over negative feedback and subsequent loss of credibility hit hard when your professional reputation is at stake. However, in today's digital world where patient testimonials are increasingly viewed as a valuable source of information, the real risk could lie in resistance.

10 questions to ask before you select a web design agency

Choosing the right web design agency is critical for you future online marketing success, so it pays to get it right. What they offer and how they offer it can either help your business grow or leave it lost to the digital wind.

Which social media sites should your business be on?

From Facebook to Snapchat, social media is a global phenomenon. Everyone who is anyone is signed up, connected and actively engaged in some form or another and, because they are, it has become one of the most popular marketing tools of the digital age.

How To Ensure You Get The File Format You Need | Total Graphic Design

You try to enlarge your logo but when you do it looks all pixilated; your image file is too big to upload to your website; you send your brochure to the printers but they say they need a master file. These kinds of problems are all too common when it comes to using prepared artwork files.

8 ways to win at trade show and event marketing

Whether you're a B2B or B2C business, setting up a stand at a trade show or event is a great marketing tactic. Not only can it help you build brand awareness, generate leads, nurture prospects and enhance existing client relationships, it's also a chance to get out there and see what the competition is doing.

12 key attributes of a successful eCommerce website

Setting up an eCommerce store is an exciting step in business. However if you want to attract those online customers and convert browsers into buyers, it needs to be done right. Here are 12 essential attributes any site which sells should boast. 1.

Total Web Design
Slow load, high stakes: why page speed matters (and how to increase yours)

A slow loading website is the epitome of modern frustration. In today's fast-paced digital world we simply don't have the time or patience to sit and wait, especially when out and about on a mobile device. In fact, according to the stats, as online consumers we expect sites to load in under 2 seconds - a pretty unforgiving figure.

The beginners guide to getting your email send times spot on

As well as nailing the content, getting the timing of your emails right is critical to success. According to email marketing software company Campaign Monitor, 80 per cent of email opens occur within the first 48 hours of an email being sent, so if you don't get it right, yours will likely get lost in the inbox abyss.

5 reasons why your brochure content won't work for your website

A common mistake people make is assuming that what works for their brochure, in terms of content, will work just as well on their website. Wrong. Reworking printed content for digital purposes may seem like a good cost saving option, but it can be very ineffective. Why?

Cocktail Revolution
Hottest Trends at Mercedes-Benz-Fashion Week - Cocktail Revolution

With Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in full swing, we turned our lenses to Sydney to capture the fashion frenzy of looks out on the street. Some familiar trends were definitely in there but this style-savvy crowd were taking things to the hilt.

7 Most Stunning Beaches in and Around St Ives

The bay of St Ives is awash with glorious beaches, from more alluring urban stretches, to wide expanses of beautifully untouched sands and pretty sheltered coves. Whether you want to surf, swim, walk or enjoy the sun, you're sure to find your beach paradise on one of these Cornish stunners.

Total Web Design
Why (and how) you should turn your website multilingual - Total Web Design

Thanks to the internet, it's easy to take your business global. But it's surprising how many people still rely on an English-only version of their website to reach international audiences. If you want to enter a new market, surely it makes sense to speak their language - whether Spanish, Arabic or Mandarin?

Fast Business
Boost your business with digital transformation - Fast Business

From advances in computing - including the cloud, big data and APIs - to mobile devices and their capabilities, digital technologies are disrupting our businesses. Unless you take active steps to adopt them, your company will be left behind. According to research by Capgemini and MIT, companies embracing digital, "digerati", are 26 per cent more profitable than their industry competitors.

8 essential SEO tactics to boost your business website

Search engine optimization or SEO: the practice of organically improving your rank positionin search engine resultspages, without the need for paid advertising.Why is it important? Not only is it a cost effective way to promote your business, but it is also acrucial part of any long-term digital marketing strategy.

Mouths of Mums
Have a family holiday in your own backyard! - Mouths of Mums

GHOSTWRITTEN FOR CASEY EWERS THROUGH GETACOPYWRITER.COM.AU - If you're itching for a family break, but are short on funds, time or have commitments at home, why not take a holiday in your backyard? Are your family's hands as clean as they could be? APPLY TO REVIEW Dettol Liquid Hand Wash here No, not a staycation where you explore the area you live in, but your actual backyard.

How To Create An Engaging Annual Report | Total Graphic Design

As a piece of communication, annual reports have a bit of a lacklustre reputation. Typically viewed as a dry, text-heavy document designed to tick a legal box, they often elicit as much dread in the person who has to create them as they do in the person who is to read them.

Total Web Design
How to Create the Perfect Landing Page - Total Web Design

Landing pages are effective in helping businesses get conversions. Well, they are if they're done right. Unfortunately, when it comes to content, they are often treated in much the same way as a standard webpage. But this is a mistake. Landing pages are unique in both content and design.

7 top tips for the perfect Porthleven holiday

If you're planning a holiday to Porthleven, you'll want to get the very most out of it. Here are some top tips to help you enjoy the perfect stay. Go in summer if... want to enjoy all the attractions to the full and see Porthleven at its most picturesque, complete with glistening harbour and golden beach.

Top 5 family days out in & around Porthleven

The picturesque village of Porthleven is a great spot for family holidays, with a great range of self-catering accommodation. From its golden beach to its art galleries, restaurants, cafes and ice cream shops, it offers Cornish seaside charm in spades.

How to Master the Art of Medical Landing Pages

For healthcare providers looking to grow their conversions, landing pages present a great opportunity. Unfortunately, they are not utilised enough. Many medical businesses that promote themselves online often direct targeted traffic straight to their website homepage rather than sending them to the information they are looking for.

The beginner's guide to writing a marketing plan

Every marketer needs a documented marketing plan. As well as acting as a practical guide and benchmark of success, the process of creating one demands in-depth research and strategic thinking - the key to making better, more informed decisions and winning those customers over.

Bonfire and Firework Injury - Fairer No Win No Fee Compensation

Keep more bonfire and firework injury compensation with our Fairer No Win No Fee solicitors. Use our Compensation Calculator or call us for free on 0800 612 7456. According to the British Pyrotechnists Association, approximately 20 million people are estimated to attend either a public or private firework display over the November period.

2017 Chapters Experience Holidays Brochure

Holidays aren’t just about taking a break. They’re about seeing more of the world, going on adventures and engaging in new ways of living. Whilst reading a novel by the pool or watching the sun drop behind a glistening ocean is wonderful, when your time in-between is spent learning, doing, discovering and exploring, the experience becomes infinitely more fulfilling.

QuickBooks Australia
Are You a Tech-savvy Sole Trader? - QuickBooks Australia

Technology has opened up a new world of working for the self-employed and freelancers. From the internet and mobile devices to apps and cloud computing, we can now do our jobs anywhere, anytime, with increased ease and efficiency. As a sole trader or freelancer, you might not consider yourself a business.

Is Instagram relevant for my business? (And how to get started)

Unless you're in the business of food, fashion or travel, Instagram might not really be on your social media marketing radar. As a mobile app designed exclusively for photo and video sharing, it's easy to question whether it's relevant if your business is not visually focused. This is a real misconception.

Google's mobile-first index: Is your business ready to rank?

Last month Google announced a significant shift in indexing. Instead of ranking the desktop version of websites, they will instead switch to ranking the mobile versions. This change will impact all businesses with an online presence. How much you'll be affected and what you need to do to prepare depends on your existing setup.

How PPC can benefit your practice

Having a professional website for your practice is critical in today's digital world. But unless you are actively promoting it, prospective patients won't find it. And if they can't find it, they don't know who you are, what you offer or how to contact you. Tactics such as SEO are essential, but they take time.

The medical professionals guide to multicultural web content

Whilst interpreter services in Australia are highly accessible, and have been shown to improve the quality and safety of health and medical care, the same consideration is not always paid to digital channels of communication. Yet producing content, such as websites, in different languages can benefit both service provider and patient - and the process is relatively straightforward.

10 ideas for family fun in Cornwall this Christmas

Traditions are a big part of Cornish life. And Christmas is no exception. The atmosphere at this time of year is even more enchanting than usual. With its colourfully lit harbours and villages, cosy pubs complete with log fires and Christmas trees and fun seasonal events, it's the perfect place for some festive family magic.

Total Web Design
How to turn clicks into conversions for your business - Total Web Design

Increasing the number of clicks through to your website is a job well done. But your job doesn't end there. If your bounce rate is high or your subscriptions or sales aren't increasing despite increased traffic, you need to turn your efforts to an even more rewarding task: conversion optimization.

Total Web Design
Custom Vs Template Web Design: Which is Best? - Total Web Design

When it comes tocreating a new website for your business there are two main approaches you can take: template or custom-built. Both have their advantages and disadvantages but which one should you choose? The answer largely depends on the size of your business, how much you are prepared to spend and your expectations aboutwhat you hope to achieve.

Why Business Cards Are Still A Useful Business Tool | Total Graphic Design

Almost everything we do in the business world today is done digitally, and how we market ourselves is no exception. So why then, despite numerous tech-savvy alternatives, from online advertising and social media networks to virtual business card apps that design, store and send them to other mobiles, do a significant majority of businesses continue to make use of the good old printed business card?

BizConnect Productivity Inspired by Sansan
5 Steps to Create the Perfect Business Plan - EXPLORE BizConnect Productivity Inspired by Sansan

A business plan is like the foundation of a building. A good business plan will pave the way for future success. Here are five tips for crafting the perfect business plan. 1. Tell your story In order to convince investors and inspire them to fund your plan, you need to provide a human angle by harnessing the power of storytelling.

The 5 essential principles of great logo design (with tips and examples)

To be seen in today's competitive marketplace, you need a trademark to set your business apart. Enter the logo. Though only a small part of your company branding, it's one of the most significant as not only does it assist visibility but it tells people who you are, what you do and what you stand for in an instant - well, the good ones do anyway.

Total Web Design
7 smart ways to spend your marketing budget before year end - Total Web Design

With the 30 th June fast approaching, now is the time to knock that outstanding marketing budget balance down to zero. If you don't, not only are you missing a valuable opportunity to boost your year's efforts but, if someone else is in charge of your budget, you face the possibility of a limited pot of cash next time around.

The importance of healthcare branding and how to get it right

Branding is often overlooked when it comes to medical marketing. In fact, it wasn't always necessary. However, building a strong brand for your healthcare practice or clinic is essential in today's competitive healthcare market. Without branding you are missing out on an opportunity to stand out from your competitors and connect with your patients.

Blog SEO: 6 Ways to Optimise Your Posts

You've published a new blog on your website. Great, you're keeping your content fresh and your regular visitors engaged. However, if you're hoping to use blogging as a way to grow your business, you need to expand your reach. How? By optimising your blogs so they are more visible in search.

What are the Working Time Regulations 1998?

The Working Time Regulations 1998 put limits on the number of hours that an employee should work each week and defines minimum rest periods between shifts. An employer must take all reasonable steps - in order to fulfil their legal duty to protect the health and safety of employees - to comply with the regulations.

10 tips to successfully working your LinkedIn Company Page

If you have a LinkedIn Company Page but are not actively using it, you're missing a trick. With over 450 million registered members, this business-orientated social networking platform is prime internet real estate for engaging B2B audiences, generating leads and building customer relationships - when you know how to work it.

7 things to consider when rebranding

"Let's rebrand!" announces many a marketing manager in an attempt to modernise their business, stamp their mark and bring in more customers. However, rebranding is not something that should be taken lightly. Yes it might be rewarding, but it can also be unnecessary, costly and, when done incorrectly or for the wrong reasons, outright rejected.

5 Types of Content to Engage Your Customers (Other than Blogs)

When it comes to content, many businesses often start and stop at the blog. This may be due to a reluctance to venture into creating unfamiliar formats or simply down to not being aware of the other types of content that are out there.

Cocktail Revolution
This Week on the Street - Cocktail Revolution

From wide lapels to frayed layers, bare ankles to fluff, this week was a mixed bag of style, with minimal regard for rhyme or season. On the international scene we saw sneakers, designer bags and even more red. AUSTRALIA #WideCoatLapels Top coat detail this week? Definitely the wide lapel.

5 reasons why you should be doing case studies

If you're not doing case studies as part of your content marketing, you should be. As well as being one of the most widely used and effective formats in the B2B market - with 73 percent of businesses turning to them to inform purchasing decisions ( DemandGen) - they are increasingly being recognised by B2C companies aware of their power to inform and convince in a non-salesy way.

Income tax guide for an Airtasker | QuickBooks Australia

Build a profile, bid for jobs, then get hired and paid; that's Airtasker in a nutshell. Whether you're helping people move furniture, redesign their website, or walk their dog, your skills are in demand, so why not use them to make a bit of extra cash?

2010 Worldwide Adventures
P&O Cruises Direct Mailer

If you love the idea of cruising, why not indulge yourself and venture further afield to exciting far-flung shores. Our 2010 Worldwide Adventures, with durations of between 14 and 54 nights, give you the chance to explore the four corners of the globe in style.

McGrath Quarterly Report
A Word from Tammy Hawkins

As we settle into 2017, the beaches and suburbs of Newcastle continue to bask in the summer sun. Our city showcases itself so well at this time of year, from the coastal lifestyle to the café culture. Even as many of us return from extended holidays over the Christmas break, where it’s all about escaping, it’s never a chore to come home.

Cocktail Revolution
Home - Cocktail Revolution

Every week we’re hot-footing the streets of Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide in search of the most stylish young peeps from all walks of life. Once snapped we upload to our weekly Aussie gallery where you can vote for your fave by clicking on the cocktail glass in the top left corner. Or send us a shot and enter yourself.

KB Copywriting

Need someone to write your company blog? After some persuasive copy for your next brochure? Building a new website or revising your current one but stuck for words? Whatever type of copywriting services you’re after, I can help you create just the right words to attract, engage, and win over your audience.

Total Web Design | Website designers in Sydney

Want your business to thrive? Total Web Design can help. Our team of digital marketing specialists can help your company develop and implement a long-term marketing strategy whilst delivering real, trackable results. Working closely with you, we offer everything from web development and website design to graphic design, branding, content strategy, copywriting, internet marketing and more.

Noumea, New Caledonia

Noumea, capital of New Caledonia, is situated on a large peninsula to the south of the region's main island, Grand Terre. Settled by the French in 1854, today it retains a unique blend of French and old Melanesian culture. A popular South Pacific destination, with around 40 cruise ships visiting each year, it is bustling and cosmopolitan.

7 ways to get your blogs the love they deserve [infographic]

Blog, and the customers will come. That's what we've all been told at least. However, in reality that isn't usually the case. Even great blog posts can fail to attract a decent number of likes, shares and referrals, leaving you wondering where you went wrong. If your blogs are well-written and audience relevant, but they're...

Infographic - 7 Smart Tips to Stay in Touch With Clients
BizConnect by Sansan

Keeping in touch with clients is key to business success. But how do you nurture ongoing relationships beyond the seasonal greetings card?

INFOGRAPHIC - The future of green building in Asia Pacific - JLL Real Views

Sustainable building is becoming much more than a 'nice-to-have' label for new developments in Asia Pacific; it's rising up the agenda in terms of how buildings are designed and run to help cities keep pace with the pressures resulting from rising urbanization. Sixty percent of the world's population or 4.3 billion people live in Asia Pacific.

ASEAN's connectivity successes

50 years after its birth, ASEAN continues to overcome roadblocks and push its vision for strong intra-regional connectivity. This infographic will showcase ASEAN's connectivity successes through its aims and achievements in the three aspects - physical connectivity, institutional connectivity and people-to-people connectivity.

2017 Ramblers Worldwide Holidays Brochure

Walking delivers a unique feeling of freedom and adventure. Whether you’re ambling through countryside with nothing but the sound of birdsong above and the gentle crunch of hiking boots underfoot, or trekking to breath-stealing altitudes to cast your eyes on stunning peak and lake panoramas, nothing matters but the journey ahead

Email Newsletter 2018
Izzat Consulting Engineers

Paulo Parrinha joined Izzat's Eagle Street office in September to help manage our already long-established Brisbane client base. Paulo is well-known to us for his previous roles managing site construction teams for the company. We are fortunate that Paulo has recently moved back to the city and is able to bring his expertise to projects in this region.

Email newsletters
Canberra Yoga Space

Welcome to Week 4 of our Beginners Yoga Course – and congratulations on making it to the halfway mark. How did you enjoy your time on the mat this week learning backbends and twists? Did your teacher inspire you to be kind to yourself? It’s something many of us struggle with these days – but it’s central to happiness.

Medical Website Design Landing Page

We've worked with healthcare professionals big and small across Australia and New Zealand - so you can rest assured you're in capable hands. Our clients include practices, clinics and professionals across the industry - from general practitioners to specialists, surgeons, dentists and allied health professionals.

Physio Website Design - Landing Page

Having worked with numerous physiotherapy clients across Australia, New Zealand and the UK, we appreciate the unique demands of marketing physiotherapy services online and have successfully developed over 30 websites within the industry.

Start your Facebook ad campaign - A digital guide for Small and Medium Businesses

Want to grow your business digitally? Download our Digital Marketing guide to find out how you can create ad campaigns on Facebook to attract new customers. Guiding you through the process, from pre-campaign planning to advert creation and ongoing optimisation, it provides step-by-step guidance tailored to SME owners and managers keen to utilise this popular advertising platform.

myBusiness Network
Engage and retain your customers with SimplyCast eMarketing

Despite the push towards social media and content, emails are still highly effective ways to communicate with and increase loyalty among your customers. And any creative, managerial and logistical challenges that may arise can now be addressed with the SimplyCast eMarketing platform by Singtel myBusiness.

myBusiness Network
Grow your digital customers with Web Builder

As more and more Asian consumers make the move to digital, having a professionally designed, easy-to-use website for your business is essential. However, achieving this is not always easy. This is where Web Builder can help.

Voluntary administration case study
Rapsey Griffiths

A small business group specialising in the repair, maintenance and installation of automatic sprinkler and other fire protection systems for commercial premises got into financial difficulty after the first two years of trading. We were called in as voluntary administrators (VAs), taking control of their business and cash flow for two months.