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Karen McKenzie

Freelance reporter for the packaging industry

Location icon Australia

British/Australian freelance writer living in Brisbane.

Contact: [email protected]

Canmaking News
The Devil is in the Detail

Karen McKenzie looks at a commonly used scam targeting the winemaking industry as fraudsters purporting to work for genuine wine companies use identity theft to fleece producers.

The Metal Packager
Stepping Into The Carbon Footprint

Karen McKenzie examines how the industry must move the debate from the recyclability of metal to consumer-driven issues of emissions and carbon footprint.

Canmaking News
Your Industry Needs You

Karen McKenzie considers the importance, ethics and structure of marketing in these unprecedented times of global crisis

Canmaking News
Metpack, The Greatest Show On Earth?

Karen McKenzie takes a look at the phenomenon that is METPACK, the most successful show in the Metal Packaging Industry, exclusively for Camaking News

Canmaking News
Dr William Hoyle

A profile of Dr William Hoyle, President of the International Metal Decorating and Packaging Association (IMDPA)

Cantech International
Employment Boom or Skills Shortage

Much of the developed world is currently experiencing a boom in employment, but what of the canmaking idustry?

Cantech International
The Rise of the Robots

Karen McKenzie reports on the increasing importance of robotics in the canmaking industry

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