Victoria Mackinlay

Freelance Writer and Children's Author


Raised in the UK, Victoria studied Modern Languages and Literature at Bristol University with stints in France and Italy. She worked in Ireland before moving to Sydney, Australia in 2008.

Lover of travelling and squeaky-sand beaches, Victoria has visited 51 countries (still counting...). Her favourites are India, Italy and Bolivia.

Having amassed some incredible experiences working for Google for 9 years, Victoria began freelance writing when she was on maternity leave, focusing on parenting and travel features.

Community Early Learning Australia
Once upon a time ... Developing storytelling skills with children

Telling stories is our oldest form of teaching. Long before we could write, our ancestors passed knowledge from generation to generation through oral stories which gave answers to our largest questions surrounding creation, life and the afterlife. Children's author Victoria Mackinlay shares how developing storytelling skills can benefit young children, along with some ...

Air Force News
Robot helper brings loads of potential | Defence News

If you head over to the No. 36 Squadron headquarters building at RAAF Base Amberley, you might meet an unusual new member of the team, but she won't stop and chat. She's a 'loggie' of few words and she's most likely on an important mission with no time to waste.

Astro Jasper magazine

Meet Astro Jasper, a little girl with big dreams to fly! This magazine is jam-packed with incredible people who studied STEM and have reached the stars.

Jasper Magazine

Meet Jasper, a little girl with big dreams to fly! This magazine is jam-packed with incredible people who studied STEM and have done awesome things.

SBS Life
Where are all the girls on children's TV?

Have you ever watched TV with your pre-schooler and wondered why only two of the eight pups in PAW Patrol are female or why Emma is the only female Wiggle? If you have, you won't be surprised to learn that in 2008 researchers who analysed children's TV shows across 24 countries found that 68 per cent of characters were male (in Australia, it was 69 per cent).

A Luxury Travel Blog
10 things to do on Lord Howe Island - A Luxury Travel Blog

Undiscovered and unspoiled by man for almost 7 million years, Lord Howe is a diamond amongst the rough seas of the pacific. The island with UNESCO world heritage status only allows 400 visitors at any time, so you should feel like a VIP the minute you step from the plane onto the narrow runway which ...

Essential Baby
Would you track your toddler?

Every parent is unfortunately familiar with that heart-stopping feeling you get when you're out with your child, turn around for a second and then look back to find they've gone. Wearable technology for children is working on eliminating that situation. With one in five Australian adults already using wearables, the kids' market is next in line to explode.

'My baby's snoring was a sign of something more sinister'

This Sydney mum is very lucky she trusted her instincts after hearing her son's laboured breathing. Baby Rafferty in hospital. Picture: supplied. Despite being overjoyed at the birth of her beautiful second son, Lindsay, 44, from Sydney, couldn't shake the suspicion that something was wrong with his breathing when he slept.

Essential Baby
9 truths about flying long-haul with a toddler

Getting away for a family holiday is a great idea, right? Well, it can be. When it involves flying long haul with a toddler, it can bring some very unique challenges ... 1.

The weird way you can use a sultana to teach a toddler about nirvana

Victoria Mackinlay discusses ways to encourage mindfulness with your child and explains how adopting some of these techniques can help with anxiety, better memory skills and academic results. Mindfulness isn't necessarily sitting still and meditating for half an hour. Image: iStock.