Courtney Johnson

Freelance Writer, Blogger & Copywriter


Having graduated with a BA of Communications from the University of Technology Sydney in 2019 with a major in Creative Writing, I have a wealth of experience in various written communication forms across various outlets. This includes long- and short-form marketing copy, reports, features and articles, essays, interviews, speeches and presentations and other technical writing forms.

I have also dabbled in practically every form of creative writing out there during both my time as a writing student, and as an aspiring author: narratives, poetry, screenwriting, short stories, dialogue, creative non-fiction, journals...

With a background in marketing, I have experience in SEO and SEM copy, as well as EDM creation, social media, blog and website content development. I have a passion for travel and culture, a love of baking, film, the arts and an interest in anything remotely historical. And, of course, I love to write about all of it.

The Best Protein Shakes for Bulking & Muscle Gain

There's a lot of protein powders on the market right now, covering just about all your dietary needs and flavour preferences. When it comes to choosing the right one, things can get a little tricky. We've seen a recent boom in protein powder products, and the results speak for themselves.

5 Reason to Drink Smoothies (Other Than

A smoothie is so much more than raw eggs and celery. These days every café across the country has a selection of smoothies on offer, and with so many different recipes out there, the world is your blender. Incorporating smoothies into your diet is something that everyone should do, and not just because they're healthy.

Customer Stories: Wellness, AFL and Massage with Heath Shaw | Blys

Massage is a useful therapy for a number of different people. This applied to both personal and professional contexts. Heath Shaw, member of the GWS Giants AFL club, can vouch for that. We sat down with Heath to get the scoop on all things wellness, health and how he'll be tackling 2020.

How Couples Massage Nurtures Your Relationship | Blys

A couples massage is one of the most romantic ways to treat yourself and someone special. It's a shared experience that makes you feel bonded and brings you closer together. The act of touch fosters intimacy and nurtures your relationship by providing a physically relaxing and restorative experience.

Therapist Spotlight: An Interview With Lisa | Blys

Therapist Spotlight takes a moment to highlight some of the best therapists from around Australia who have partnered with Blys. Get to know the real people behind those healing hands! In this episode, we meet Lisa: spunky, energetic, and so much fun. Based in beautiful Perth, Lisa is the first western-coast therapist to join the feature.

Blys Launches In New Zealand! | Blys

With over 750 professional, qualified and vetted practitioners in our network, our mission to make wellness more easily accessible. Launching in New Zealand is a small but important step in that direction.

How To Host The Perfect Bridal Shower | Blys

It's wedding season! At least, it is at the time of writing this. Spring is the perfect time to get hitched: the sky is clear, the air is warm, the flowers are blooming - it really just sings of romance and sunny days ahead.

How To Kick Procrastination & Actually Complete Basic Tasks | Blys

Procrastination: the scariest word in the English language. An exaggeration? Perhaps, but procrastination is like an illness: debilitating, hard to shake off, and utterly demoralising. When the procrastination bug hits you, suddenly there's 3,942 things you *have* to get done before you can focus on The Big Thing™.

How To Create A Wellness Retreat in Your Own Home | Blys

A lot of families have a naughty corner, but what about the opposite? A wellness retreat should have a place in your home as well. This is where you enjoy dedicated ME time - time spent on yourself, with yourself, for yourself. This special place is designed to nurture you and bring about relaxation.