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Aurore Kaeppelin


Journaliste/Rédactrice pouvant analyser les qualités d'une oeuvre littéraire, picturale ou cinématographique sur des critiques; sachant travailler l'ironie et réveiller l'imaginaire sur des chroniques; comprendre les objectifs éditoriaux d'un client ou d'une marque, et pouvant quand il le faut oublier une plume trop expressive pour mettre en avant des éléments pratiques. Je peux également écrire sur la politique internationale et plus particulièrement sur les enjeux politico-sociétaux de l'ensemble territorial russe, caucasien et d'Asie centrale. Vive la ponctuation et la liberté d'écriture dans tout ce que cela implique.

Maria Gonzharova

редактор, автор, журналист

почта [email protected]


Lexie Pitzen

Staff Writer, FSView & Florida Flambeau

Florida State University student majoring in Information, Communication, and Technology.


Spiritual Master Free Spirit

Spiritual Master Free Spirit

Spiritual Master Free Spirit lives in Portugal and is the author of 6 rare literary works including Keys to Immortality, The Life Story of Spiritual Master Free Spirit and The Voyager Masterpiece. His unique books and discourses share what happened to Spiritual Master Free Spirit over the years as a result of ongoing experiences with Higher Dimensional Immortal ET’s and when studied/read in sequence, show an evolution and refinement in understanding. His work is a very rare and refined work of spiritual understanding and is suited to advanced souls on Earth retired from the 3D Matrix who respect its extreme transformational value and who want to learn from Spiritual Master Free Spirit’s Life Experience. From 2009 to the present day he had many mystical experiences in the Upper Astral Worlds with Loving ET’s who taught him many things about the nature of awareness – all that happened to him was channelled into the creation of his Life Work which contain many insights, lessons and teachings for advanced souls on the Path of Physical Ascension or Spiritual Mastery. The main theme of his work is transcending the karma of biosphere collapse by consecrating awareness and understanding the nature of karma and the human condition as well as entering into relationship with Loving ET’s (Star Beings) from Higher Dimensions. These Beings can show one the secrets of the Universe and the meaning of life from a larger perspective. His work emanates from a loving plane of existence far beyond the human world and speaks of transcendence, immortality, spiritual evolution and a deeper understanding of the Universe.


Gréta Csernik

Freelance Journalist

I am a freelance journalist, working in both Hungarian and English. I graduated from The University of Warwick in 2018, with a History degree. I am doing my masters at Warwick in Film and Television Studies between 2018-2019. I have been writing cultural, historical and fashion related articles for the Hungarian online magazine WMN. I have been writing for the award-winner newspaper of The University of Warwick, The Boar. My articles cover topics in the Art, Books, Film and Travel sections.


Kumkum Chandak

Content Strategist

A literature postgraduate who believes that - "Writing should never compromise". Kumkum is a prolific writer who explicitly produce content mostly fallen within the fields of - education, technology, media, and public relations.


Robbie Wilson


As the former editor of award-winning magazines PALACE, Yacht Style, and Art Republik in Singapore and E.L.I.S. in Hong Kong, as well as the VP of Content for fintech company WEALTH, Robbie has more than a decade of experience in the international property and investment markets. Coming from a legal and finance background, he has also worked at companies including Deloitte and entertainment and media agency William Morris Endeavour in London.


Renée Guenette


For thirty-five years, I have been on a journey of self-discovery and healing. As a partner, mother and elementary school teacher for many years, during the last part of my career, writing books and poetry became both a healing tool and a creative outlet. It is an absolute joy and privilege to share my works of passion, with you all. Thank you for taking the time to explore my site. Find my books, poetry and/or art work below. Listen to my music album, "Remember", as well as some of my youtube videos. If you like what you hear, don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel. May you be blessed with love. If you like what you see or hear, please share the link to my website, Thank you for dropping in.


Amanda Gama


Sou jornalista, bacharel em moda, pós-graduada em produção de moda e atualmente estou cursando MBA em marketing. Me interesso amplamente pelo universo da comunicação, atuando tanto com conteúdo textual quanto com o visual. Escrevendo, ilustrando, fotografando, diagramando ou editando, gosto de transformar todo tipo de recorte em um conteúdo novo e interessante.


Anna Galbraith

Features Writer

Anna Galbraith is a 26 year old freelance culture writer. Although currently based in London, her heart still stubbornly beats for the Lancashire-Cumbria border on which she was born, and continues to straddle uncomfortably in the tones of an indiscernible accent. Anna's career in journalism began in 2018, when she became a staff writer for the luxury men's lifestyle magazine, Gentleman's Journal, and where she contributed features covering everything from grooming and fashion to fine dining and profile pieces. Her experience across this breadth of topics has swiftly taught Anna that she dislikes the idea of becoming a specialist writer, and relishes any opportunity to stick her teeth (often literally) into any weird and wonderful project that excites her. However, if you were to press Anna for her specialism, it would be her borderline-creepy biographical knowledge of the life and work of Dame Emma Thompson — whom she has written (thus far unanswered) fan letters to since she was 15. Alongside freelance writing, Anna has experience as a proofreader, copyeditor, campaigner and journalist and she would love to hear from you, should you have any projects, pieces or features you would like to collaborate on. She also sincerely apologises for the excruciating self-indulgence of writing this bio in the third person. Who does she think she is.