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Littéraire et toujours connectée à l'actualité sous toutes ses formes, j'ai développé naturellement un fort intérêt pour le journalisme. Communiquer avec rigueur une information aux gens me tient à cœur d'autant plus que j'accorde une réelle importance à la véracité des faits. Je suis passionnée par les sujets culturels et artistiques, la société et son évolution et j'aime capturer l'individualité de chaque personne pour la transmettre.

Leah Welborn

Freelance Writer

I'm Leah Welborn, a freelance writer based in Denver, Colorado, and I've been writing professionally for 25 years. I have advanced degrees in Creative Writing and Art History, and I've written extensively about art, culture, and cannabis.

Jakki Phillips

Communications leader and content strategist

A dynamic communications leader with a proven track record in driving content strategy and delivering transformational multichannel engagement campaigns


Peter Ning


I used to be a scientist but my passion has always been words, communication and the psychology of persuasion. My journey from nerdy to wordy is grounded in a lifetime's experience in science, marketing and sales. My Ph.D. and Diploma in Marketing is backed up with job roles ranging from scientist, programmer, sales person, ad agency account manager and project manager. I am comfortable writing about science, technology and creative copy to take the customer on the journey to buying your product or service. So if you are looking for a 'twist' or new connection to your target audience, send an email to [email protected] to start the discussion.


Zlatina P

Hey! My name's Zlatina (don't panic - it's phonetic) and I'm a Toronto-based writer. I have a background in marketing, public relations and social media management. I also love screenwriting. My content ranges from professional to downright silly and is always engaging and search engine optimized. Take a peek at my portfolio. If you like what you see, give me a shout!

Alexis Elliott

Freelance Content & Copywriter

Hi! I'm Alexis 🙂 a Freelance Content & Copywriter. I've always loved writing, and even at a young age, I had an obsession with reading books and coming up with my own stories. But working as a writer, wasn't something I ever planned on. It just, sort of, happened. In fact, I got my degree in Graphic Design in 2017, since I've always had a passion for the visual arts too. But once I graduated, I had a difficult time finding work, or even an internship, in this field. I learned about copywriting while I was earning my degree, and as a natural wordsmith, I started exploring other job opportunities. Things took off from there, and since then, I have been steadily working with creative lifestyle brands and entrepreneurs to develop content that speaks to their audience in their voice. My work includes: -Blog posts -Email marketing -Podcast scripts -Product descriptions -About pages -Landing pages -Social media paid ads -Organic social media copy -Google ads -Meta descriptions Besides crafting original content, I have also worked to ensure existing content is up to snuff. I've done copyediting, proofreading, provided feedback for existing landing pages, site pages, and blog content to help brands grow their audience and engage their existing followers.


Tasmin Waby

Words | Content | Podcast | Editor | SEO

Born in London to New Zealanders, I somehow ended up growing up in Melbourne (lucky me!). Today I split my time between the UK and Australia, with regular visits to New Zealand whenever I can. I've spent the last couple of decades working as a travel writer and editor, and am currently training to teach English to non-English speakers: ask me anything about phrasal verbs! I love slow, sustainable travel and learning about people and places (I rarely visit a country for less than a month). I like to travel solo, but also love it when stars align and friends can join me. When not away on assignments, I live in London on a canal boat. I'm also busy raising two delightful teenagers, and a fat Russian Blue cat that we adopted called Millie.


Stephen Yang

Digital Culture | UX | Qualitative Research

Stephen Yang is a junior pursuing a double major in Communication and Information Science at Cornell University. As an aspiring media professional and social scientist, he is passionate about bringing about changes in our digital culture through creative endeavors and research inquiries.

Tera Jayewardene

Law Graduate/Journalist/Playwright

LLB Graduate of the Faculty of Law, University of Colombo. Journalist for the Sunday Times. Tera Jayewardene, started her creative journey at the age of 12, when her play 'Xtrapergus' was produced in 2009. Tera is currently an avid reader, writer and performer who interprets the world around her through writing. With more than 120 articles published in the Sunday Times, Tera focuses on Environmental protection, Sri Lankan home grown business and promoting the Arts and Geek Culture.


Arianne Yssabel Narido

Digital Content Creator

A digital content nerd who loves creating content about travel, lifestyle, food, business, finance, and positive thoughts. I also write and produce videos. View my video portfolio: Work with me via [email protected]