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Artist, Poet, Creative

ZIRIONN is a 22 year old artist born and raised in New Jersey. He is a creative jack of all trades with an artistic mind and a vision for the future. He is on the rise with the potential to obtain longevity in the entertainment industry.

Yuko Wasabi

Editorial Writer/Journalist

I have over 20 years of experience in online and paper media and operations. In 2008, I was a finalist for the 6th Shueisha Ken Kaiko Nonfiction Award for "Hazuremono no Shuchou". I also served an Air'15 Residency, an artist-in-residence program in Vienna with artists from around the world. My previous work has appeared in Rikunabi Next Journal, Jisedai Leader Summit, Da Vinci News, Mainichi Sponichi TAP_i, Nihon no Kekkonshiki, Hotel Wedding, Wedding DRESS, etc. I have worked for other internet startup companies as a PM and translator. I am a graduate of California State University. WHAT I DO: - Magazine editing and writing in print and online - Book editing and writing in print and online - Interviews (in both English and Japanese) - Translation - Posting on SNS - Web content - Column - Blog post - Book critics - Press releases - Advertorial - Journalism -Project Management -Event Produce -Copyright clearance WHO I'VE WORKED FOR: (details on request) - Publishing companies - Digital Start-up companies - Digital marketing agencies - Advertising Companies Below are selected samples of my works. 山葵夕子(わさびゆうこ) アメリカの大学CSUHでマスコミ学部ジャーナリズム学科を卒業したのち、大手IT出版社を経てフリーに。2008年、『ハズレモノの主張』で第6回集英社開高健ノンフィクション賞最終候補。2015年、世界のアーティストを集めたウイーンのアーティストインレジデンスプログラム『Air’15 Residency』に選出。ビジネス、イノベーション、文化人類、婚礼、テクノロジー、食、地域創生、ジェンダー、セクシャリティと執筆分野は問わず。書籍、雑誌、ネットメディアの監修・立ち上げ、 企画編集、取材執筆を行なう。アマン京都のプレオープニングイベント『秋山章きものショー』のプロデュース、学生や市民向けライティング指導も。過去掲載媒体:リクナビNEXTジャーナル、次世代リーダーサミット、毎日スポニチTAP-i、ダ・ヴィンチニュース、日本の結婚式、WeddingBOOK、Menjoy!ほか多数。


Ochuko Akpobome

Magnetic and Efficacious Content Writer and Direct Response Copywriter

Oh, there you are! Well then, you just hopped into Ochuko's Box of Creativity, whose walls are built with nothing but a plethora of beautifully laid words! You should really give yourself some credit for that. I'm a powerful writer who build content and produce copy that are both interest-clipping and result-provoking using the mastered art of one of the most powerful tools in the world: words. Yes, you got that right. I use just words. And I'd like to think that if you can't already discern that there's truth in my assertion in the preceding paragraph, you wouldn't still be lingering around here. I'm the most magnetic content writer and copywriter you'll ever find in my circle as I always hold down the minds of people and cause them to take the most incredible actions in the most beguiling way with my writings. I think myself an efficacious writer, because I'm always able to use my tools for creativity to piece together content that bring to accomplishment any result whatsoever that is desired from them. I also help people—individuals and brands alike—who cannot bring their thoughts to life or whose creativity does not lie in writing to do justice to their projects by building content that abundantly replicate their minds. There's no time you don't find spiciness, newness, realness, and professional coating in my writing. And bringing or dispensing it just the way you want it is what I do. If content in the fashion of writing or writing for a specific purpose is what you're looking to get, then you've found what you want—not a part of it, but the whole. Now, there's only one line of action to take to get me: simply reach for me. And you can easily do that at [email protected]. Feel free to enjoy the wonder of my works as you browse through my powerhouse of words!

Valentina Veronica Peana

Travel, Culture and Lifestyle Editor - Creative Strategist - Storyteller

classe 1992 Mai saputo cosa fare da grande, alla fine sono tornata a quanto già amavo fare da bambina: essere curiosa, parlare con tutti e scrivere per raccontare storie.



Photographer, Artist, Writer, Creative

Postgraduate qualified at Falmouth, UoC, OU etc. Lost all my archive of lifes work to thieves 2020 including novel, photography,books, poetry, lyrics. Cyberkidnapped since 2020. Famously filmed in a bathtub against my knowledge 2021 and harrassed on Tik Tok and Twitter ever since. UK all my life.


Morgan Kenyon

Business Journalist & Engagement Manager

About me... I am an experienced writer, editor, and business journalist working as an Australian-registered sole trader under my registered business: MGK Writing Services. I am also a student, currently completing my Bachelor of Arts/ Writing double degree at the University of Canberra. I major in Literary Studies and minor in Creative Writing, the latter being a personal passion. I have so far had the pleasure of writing for peak body organisations, not-for-profits, industry leaders, national and international franchises, SMEs, and sole traders. I value respect, passion, creativity, equity, and courage above all else. I grew up in a rural village and regional stories remain very dear to my heart. I am currently working as Business Journalist for Region Media and Engagement Manager for The New England Times... and I'm loving every moment. Writing is my world. Come and join me in it!


Ryan Yau

Feature Writer

I write feature stories, reviews, and columns on arts, usually on topics relating to film. Email: [email protected]


Joan Gralla

General Assignment Reporter, Newsday

I adore breaking news, excel at finding the sources to do so and spotting holes in what's presented -- hopefully improving the outcome. It’s wonderful working with such a talented group excelling in so many areas, including video and graphics. No newcomers to SEO. My hope is my public service aims, starting with my Reuters Holocaust restitution series, will appeal to you. Researching, spotting a new angle -- and then writing as simply as possible to truly explain complex problems, from global warming to COVID-19, are some of my strong suits. Curiosity always serves me well. For Reuters, where I worked most of my career, I covered many financial markets; New York, NYC and states from Maine to Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Texas, reporting on all manner of policies, legislation and budgets. Breaking news with New York City's budgets was one strength. Covering 9/11 -- from the attack through the reconstruction -- later led me to report for Newsday about flawed safety gear provided often immigrant asbestos workers. For Reuters TV, I interviewed a few dozen governors, treasurers, mayors and the like; wrote companion stories; gave live reports. I've co-moderated Crain's Business Breakfast panels; spoken on journalism panels. A Loyola Law School public service fellowship was wonderful. Recently I was on "Crime Stories with Nancy Grace at 7 minutes, 29, 36, 39, 42, for example. At Reuters, I regularly led competitors covering precious metals, debt, equities and energy -- a highlight was the UN-Iraq oil-for-food talks, a lengthy assignment. My multi-year Holocaust series began when NYC axed a Swiss bank from a bond sale. Two days later that was a front page New York Times story; that wasn't the first; I've had to match them too. Local, national, such as the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post, and global media often ran my stories outlining talks between advocates, governments, museums, rail roads, banks and insurers. I also put Reuters first with the U.S. EPA's demand NYC cleanse its water with a new plant the city said cost too much. That was a bit of a merry-go-round. A recent Newsday story about stiffer rules for wastewater plants benefited from my in-depth experience reporting on this problem. So did a story on the curtailed lives of the oysters planted in New York Harbor's restoration programs. Previous stints: Securities Week, Physicians Financial News, the Research Institute of America, The Wall Street Transcript. Thank you for considering me, Joan

Ivy Grace Sarmiento

Content Editor

For over a year, Ivy Grace Sarmiento has worked as a content editor, focusing on art, lifestyle, and culture. Her works have been published on and in Art Plus. She has a degree in Art Studies with a minor in Sociology as well as a background in Journalism. At present, she's taking a short course at the University of the Philippines Open University while honing her digital art and graphic design skills.


Mateo Medina Escobar

Periodista en El Espectador

Profesional en medios audiovisuales, comunicador social y periodista. Fue periodista y colaborador audiovisual en la Unidad de Investigación Periodística del Politécnico Grancolombiano, donde realizó diversas investigaciones de largo aliento, entre ellas "Bandas de microtráfico, escuelas criminales en Colombia" y "Las máscaras de la criminalidad durante la covid-19". Asimismo, coautor del libro "Entre Periodistas", una colección de entrevistas y diálogos entre nuevos y establecidos periodistas de Colombia. Actualmente es periodista para el diario El Espectador en las secciones de Entretenimiento y Cultura.