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United Kingdom

Postgraduate qualified at Falmouth, UoC, OU etc. Lost all my archive of lifes work to thieves 2020 including novel, photography,books, poetry, lyrics. Cyberkidnapped since 2020. Famously filmed in a bathtub against my knowledge 2021 and harrassed on Tik Tok and Twitter ever since. UK all my life.

Julie Dawn Dennis Graduate Project

Juile Dawn Dennis has been a photographer since childhood. Someone stole her career, her family, her life in 2020. She is back.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus
The beach comes to Bradford for summer exhibition

ELEVEN tonnes of sand have been poured over the floor of a Bradford art gallery for an immersive beach-themed exhibition. The sights, sounds and textures of the seaside have been brought to Fuse Art Space for its specially-curated show, Bradford Beach.

J Dennis - CRJ
Photography - J Dennis - CRJ

Inspired by the work of Samir Ahmadzadeh, an artist weaving together images to express combined family cultures, I decided to try this technique for myself, from the perspective of bringing together a fictional scene with one of a day to day domestic situation. Purely to test the technique, and not really thinking aesthetically at this stage, ...

Julie Wilcock

Biography Drawing and painting have always been an interest when time has been available, but only since the lockdown in 2020 have I really begun to paint and draw on a daily basis. I am in a very experimental place with art, and enjoying every day not knowing what I will produce, using charcoal, watercolours, and acrylics.

Has my artwork been ripped off?

Painting of mine, taken out of its frame while out of my possession I'm slowly going through my possessions. These items I havent seen since November 2021. They were from my flat in Royal Wootton Bassett. I have never shared these artworks, there are no prints. If you see one, please let me know.

Rosie Cooper email returned to sender, courts of justice blocked.

Victimized for three years, bullied, abused in every way since 2019. Communications all hacked, blocked, diverted. Ignored by security, police, healthcare, MPs. Seeking international asistance. Nothing to hide. Cumbria, UK. Nothing left to lose. View all posts by Thewomanintheredcoat