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Hadiansyah Aktsar

Content Writer; Business Development; Freelancer

I am a co-founder of a non-profit organization with a demonstrated history of working in the field of education and the startups' industry. Skilled in Content Writing; Copywriting; Project Management for NGOs, Customer Relationship Management & Business Development. Email: [email protected]


Liz Kozak

Copywriter, Emmy-nominated producer, content creator & storyteller for the world’s most iconic brands

I'm an experienced creative leader who has worked on in-house teams for United Airlines, Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Studios, Walt Disney Television, and The Second City on cross-platform campaigns and high-profile projects that have resonated with millions of hearts and minds worldwide. TL;DR: Writing is my thing. LinkedIn profile & resume linked below. Email Liz: [email protected]


Cat Wolinski

Senior-level editor and journalist

Hi, I'm Cat Wolinski. Welcome to my portfolio! I'm an editor and writer specializing in food and drink (beer, wine, spirits, and non-alcoholic alternatives), men's and women's lifestyle, and small business. I'm a born and bread New Yorker based in Brooklyn. Please peruse my work from publications including Wine Enthusiast, SevenFifty Daily, SOMM TV Magazine, VinePair, Men's Journal, Craft Beer & Brewing, Civil Eats, and more. Clips are organized into clickable editing and writing sections: –THE LATEST / Work I'm pitching and publishing now –EDITING / Work I've assigned and edited working with freelancers –MORE WRITING / Select features, profiles and service/guides –MULTIMEDIA / Audio, video and infographic content –"Show All" to see all editing and writing clips in one place. Thank you for visiting! Cheers, Cat

Graceline Marcelo

Multimedia Arts Student

Hi, I'm Graceline Marcelo, a Multimedia Arts student and a Content Writer. I write blog articles, SEO, poems, short stories, lyrics, scripts and captions. Feel free to check out some of my sample works below.


Robin Horton

Design, Lifestyle, and Travel Writer / Publisher, Urban Gardens

I write SEO-optimized content for national brands and publications featuring home and garden design, indoor-outdoor lifestyle, home improvement, sustainable living, and "garden tourism," a travel niche that bridges nature, design, culture, and heritage. My award-winning and Webby-nominated blog, Urban Gardens, has a loyal following of over 268,000 readers and social followers. Urban Gardens publishes brand-sponsored content and commerce features, including gift and buyer's guides. Visit Urban Gardens @urbangardens on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Contact me at [email protected]

Cara Jenkin

Freelance journalist, writer, content creator. Ready to spread the news fast or share your stories with flair. Experienced communications professional as a reporter & editor in media across news, features and sport.

Robert T. Treadwell

Freelance writer, editor, college professor

Robert T. Treadwell (Ty) is a freelance writer with over 20 years of experience. He has sold nearly 200 articles to magazines, newspapers, and web sites. He also teaches writing classes for the University of Miami's esteemed School of Communication.


Calla Brietta Conway

Writer, Content Creator, and Lover of Words

Welcome to my page! I'm an avid writer with a specialty in customizing brand voices, creating evergreen content, and conducting research. While my work has been primarily focused in the entertainment sector, I also have experience working within academia, advertising, interviews, and research. I've appeared on digital brands MSN, Past Chronicles, Trendy Matter, Travel Fiber, Your Money Magic, Savvy Dime, History All Day, Family and Pets, Home Knowledge, Hacks Detective, and more! “You have to be on fire with the idea of words.” -David Sedaris "Tienes fuego con idea de palabras" -Me, showing off my translation chops. I looked it up. It is not correct, but I'll leave it for the bit.


Valerie Delzer

Freelance Content Writer

Valerie is a freelance writer adept at content creation for diverse industries in business, career, tech, and lifestyle. She is a seasoned travel professional with her company brand name, Travalerie (Travel + Valerie). She has a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Science (BAAS) degree from the University of North Texas. When she’s not writing, she enjoys nature hikes and e-bike rides.

Faith Katunga

Fashion & Travel Journalist | Content Creator | Copywriter|

Faith Katunga is a freelance travel and fashion journalist based in Milan and Spello, Italy, following her post-graduate studies in the country. Faith is the Founder and Editor of Fashionably Remoting, A Premium Lifestyle & Career Guide For The Creative Remote Woman. She owns and maintains vacation rental properties in Umbria and Puglia and travels extensively throughout Italy and the world. Faith has written for publications like Italy Magazine and TheTravel.