Marie Barbieri



Marie Barbieri is a multi-award-winning writer and photographer who contributes to travel and health magazines, inflight publications, newspapers, websites and blogs. She has been hemisphere-hopping for more than 25 years, and 16 years ago, left her native England for the otherworldly landscapes of Australia. Marie has a deep passion for nature and wildlife, outdoor adventure, and health and wellbeing.

Marie is a member of the ASTW (Australian Society of Travel Writers). She was a winner at their 2021 and 2016 ASTW Travel Journalism Awards for Excellence, and a finalist at the 2022, 2021, 2020, 2016 and 2014 awards.

Marie has also been a repeat finalist at the MEAA's (Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance) SA Media Awards (2019, 2016, 2014 and 2013).

And in 2023, Marie became a finalist at the prestigious U.S. Travel Association and Brand USA's IPW Travel Writer Awards for her solo road trip story on the ghost towns of Nevada.


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Newspapers and supplements:
The New Zealand Herald, Escape, The Advertiser, SA Weekend, The Senior, Senior Traveller, The Vancouver Sun and The Dallas Morning News.

Inflight publications:
True Blue, Virgin Australia, Jetstar, Tiger Tales, Going Places, Islands, Paradise, Yeahbaby and Baltic Outlook.

Websites and digital platforms:,,,,,,,,,, and, and

Photography is Marie's equal passion. Samples from her image library can be viewed in the Photo Gallery of her website ( And she is available to discuss feature or photography assignments, including words and pictures packages.

Marie's passions include: wildlife conservation, bushwalking, cycling, snorkelling, dancing, rollerskating, yoga, and holistic health and wellbeing (as well as a fine cup of French Grey tea).

Marie is also a qualified complementary therapist. Alongside her freelance writing business, she ran her own mobile therapy business in the UK for several years prior to her move to Australia. Her health and wellbeing features have appeared in: Australian Yoga Journal, Australian Natural Health, Nature & Health, Fitness First, Yoga Magazine (UK) and Massage Magazine (US). She was also a complementary health columnist for Bicycling Australia.

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