Liz Kozak

Copywriter, Emmy-nominated producer, content creator & storyteller for the world’s most iconic brands

United States

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Travel Brands: Copywriting & Editoral Content

Hemispheres Magazine
United Print Ad

A print ad for the Vanity Fair of the sky...

Consumer Brands & Products: Copywriting & Scripting

i am gorgous® Hair Care Collection
Branding & Website Copy

This luxury haircare line needed a makeover of its clunky website copy that wasn't speaking to its audience. Enter: me.

Educational & Historical Content

The Second City
The Second City "playzine"

Is it a playbill? Is it a magazine? It's both - and I developed and wrote the content, cover to cover.

The Second City
Harold Ramis Film School brochure

I developed and wrote the content for this brochure touting the merits of the world's first film school dedicated to comedy.

TV Writing & Producing

The Oprah Winfrey Show
You Get a Car!

"You get a car! You get a car! Everybody gets a car!"Before the world knew the phrase, one woman was tasked with writing & producing the spot that would prepare audiences to witness TV history. (That woman was me.)

Author & TV Show Creator

Agate Publishing
The Second City: The Essentially Accurate History

I authored a revised edition of a non-fiction coffee table book unpacking the iconic comedy company’s history and its hundreds of notable alumni. With a foreword by the incomparable Catherine O’Hara!

Parent Writing

Chicago Parent
10 Spots to Change a Diaper in Chicago

If you've ever changed your baby in conditions even nastier than the dirty diaper you're dealing with, then keep this list handy.