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Courtney Johnson

Specialised Content Copywriter

Having graduated with a BA of Communications from the University of Technology Sydney with a major in Creative Writing, I have a wealth of wordy experience. I specialise in SEO copywriting for the digital landscape, but have also worked on long- and short-form marketing copy, reports, features and articles, essays, interviews, scripts, and presentations. I have also dabbled in practically every form of creative writing out there during my time as a freelance ghostwriter and editor, undergrad, and aspiring author.


Monica Woods

Writer & Editor

I’m a freelance editor and writer who spends a lot of time armchair-travelling – I edit inspirational reference books and destination content for Lonely Planet and I also write for BRITAIN magazine, LoveExploring, hibooks and Rough Guides. My background is in print publishing, with stints in Managing Editor roles at the V&A and Rough Guides, so I’m used to dealing with chunky manuscripts, far-flung teams and tight deadlines. Nowadays, I work on a mixture of print and digital projects, including audio content and, most recently, children's books. Whatever the medium, I enjoy grappling with a brief and the challenge of finding just the right words.


Jessica Larson-Wang

Freelance Writer and Editor

I am a freelance writer and editor with over fifteen years of experience. I have recently returned to the United States after living in China for fifteen years, and much of my writing has to do with China and China-adjacent topics, although I also write on education, the arts, travel, books, culture, politics, parenting and language, and am co-writer at the blog Prentice Pieces. I have taught high school English and history in both China and the United States, and am a parent to two children who were born and attended elementary school in China. Thus, I am particularly interested in the differences between the educational systems in China and the United States. I also enjoy writing about China's non-Han ethnic groups, having spent the majority of my time in China in Yunnan province, where many of China's ethnic minority groups also live. As an editor, I specialize in academic editing, including research, dissertations, admissions essays, academic journals, and books. I also have experience as a developmental and copy editor for fiction, specializing in literary fiction, contemporary women's fiction, fantasy, and young adult fiction.


Content Writer

Hi! My name is Zunvindri. I got my bachelor's degree at Bina Nusantara University with Digital Journalism, Mass Communication Major. In addition, I got my master's degree at Bina Nusantara University with a Strategic Marketing Communication Major. I'm a humble, but hard work, creative, and detail-oriented person with 2 years of experience as a Content Writer in the digital industry. With these experiences, I have handled and maintained content management for types of brands. I have the ability to write skills such as creating/writing creative content in English and Indonesian. Besides good writing skills, I also have the ability to copyediting, proofreading, and managing blogs (WordPress). I also have the ability to design content plans for social media maintenance.


Reem Abdellatif

Co-founder, Writer, and Consultant

Reem Abdellatif is a writer, editor, and former foreign correspondent with over 10 years of experience living and working across MENA and the Gulf Cooperation Council. She has travelled across places like Cairo, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Riyadh, and Doha, where she moderated and hosted panels on AI, E-commerce, and women working in male-dominated industries, such as the oil & gas sectors. As a GBV Survivor Advocate, Reem believes that intersectional feminism offers a lens through which we can better understand and interact with the world around us — particularly when it comes to business and socioeconomics. That's why her work has brought women and minority issues to public policy agendas. Her work focuses on geopolitics, economics, as well as sexual violence in Egypt and the African continent. Having lived in Egypt for seven years, Reem has had the opportunity to cover Egypt's pre- and post-uprising era from 2010-2014. Reem has also lived in the UAE & Saudi Arabia for nearly five years from 2015-2019. This has given her the opportunity to become immersed in the GCC as the region underwent unprecedented social and economic transformation. Reem's bylines and interviews have appeared in Goethe Institut, WSJ, LA Times, i24NEWS, Haaretz, Libération, CNBC, and others. Reem is also Co-founder and Director of the African Women Rights Advocates (AWRA) movement.

Benjamin Davis

Freelance Writer

Freelance Writer with experience garnering 100K+ readers in many topics, including current affairs, cultural studies, health, sexuality, humor, technology, and business. Leveraged interviewing expertise, research skills, extensive international experience, and unique creative writing to make readers feel especially connected with the content.

Dr. David P Martin

Writer, Author, Professor, IT and Leadership Consultant

I'm a passionate writer who writes about leadership, technology, education, and contemporary events. I've got more than twenty-five years of writing experience in every writing genre: Academic, Business, Content, and Creative writing. The value I bring to my clients is the ability to write about complex issues in a conversational tone. I'm fond of saying "Just because the writing is technical, doesn't mean it has to be boring." I make unforgettable connections between readers and their articles by making words sing.


Ebel Tang

Content Specialist

An experienced content specialist with a demonstrated history of crafting effective long and short-form content. I have extensive experience creating copy across various verticals, including cryptocurrency, personal finance, lifestyle, healthcare, and consumer technology. Access my full portfolio and CV here: For business or career opportunities, please email me at [email protected]


Jennifer Carey

Former Director of Content Creators at Lonely Planet, experienced writer and editor. I live in London when I'm not travelling as much as my wallet will allow.

Adriyani Ayu

Freelance Writer

I offer you professionalism, fast delivery and quality content. Wellness professional and 8 years of writing experience, I write culture, travel, and gender content with a straight and also feature writing style. What I do: - Blog posts - Web content - Press releases - Advertorial - Journalism Contact me at [email protected] Below are selected samples of my work