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Gouache Waxed Canvas & Leather Goods
Gouache Featured Artist: The Bloomfields

Feature Article by: Viktor Austria As our generation's iPods and music players swarm with the newest tracks, it's refreshing to listen to a band like The Bloomfields. Listening to their rendition o...

Natural Papa
4 Creative Tips to Remember for Your Children's Skin Care

Companies all over the world claim shelves labelled "premium baby products" because parents who would usually think natural and organic products are better tend to apply it to their kids too. Even though kids can't speak for themselves, parents have to keep in mind that these products should fit their children's utmost needs too.

4 Tips for a Positive Customer Experience

We've always heard of the phrase, "the customer is always right". It's not so much as a protection for grumpy, demanding customers as it is a lesson on sensitivity for the businessman. You see, even the most frustrated, out-of-place customer comes from a place of reason - customers have needs, expectations, standards, and emotions.

Yoorekka Philippines
Fun Halloween Celebration: 5 Places to Go for a Scary Good Time | Yoorekka PH

Where: 1148 E. Rodriguez Avenue, Barangay Mariana, New Manila, Quezon City Operating hours: Open daily, 4PM-12AM Recommended budget: PhP699 per head on Mondays-Thursdays and PhP799 on Fridays-Sundays; PhP1,200 for the VIP Pass (priority queuing and includes a free t-shirt and souvenir photo); student rates available Inside Asylum Manila, your most wicked nightmares are brought to life, and escape won't be as easy as waking up from them.

5 Reasons Small Businesses Need Office Automation - Brainrack.Co

There was a time when office automation simply meant the mechanization of manual work, where clerical work was accomplished with the help of the first typewriters and copy machines. Now, it has come to mean the combination of both hardware and software to efficiently automate, manage, and simplify a variety of office tasks.

Yoorekka Philippines
Abandoned Yet Alluring: A Look Into Fantasy World Batangas | Yoorekka PH

By: Viktor Austria | October 04, 2019 Image: Lorinne Angelik G. Badiola It's always disheartening to see buildings stand unfinished, but when plans crumble, imagination picks up the pieces. If only the planners who pulled the plug on Fantasy World Batangas in Lemery, Batangas can return to the site and see how it's holding up, then they might catch the second wind they need to resume construction.

5 Interesting Tips to Make Your New York Experience More Memorable

Everyone has dreamed of going to the Big Apple, whether to visit as a tourist or to gain residence there. We are so flushed with the idea that we don't know where to start in listing down things and experience that we want bring home, or to the next place we move to.