Faith Richardson

Freelance Journalist & Writer

United Kingdom

Freelance journalist, content writer and editor based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Overbearing animal mother and second hand clothes scavenger.

I specialise in writing about fashion, feminism, relationships, mental health & lifestyle; if you're looking for articles, blog posts or web content that's relatable and engaging, and even manages to be funny occasionally, then I'd love to hear from you.

High Life North
Stop asking women when we're going to have children | High Life North

It's probably a question you've received a thousand times before; from a well-meaning relative, an overly enthusiastic friend or someone you've barely met whilst trying to make small talk. But asking someone "when they're going to have children" is invasive, and uncomfortable, and is, quite frankly, not anyone else's business.

Rock n Roll Bride
Alternative Wedding Rings for the Ultimate Non-Traditional Commitment

The exchanging of the rings is one of the most exciting and personal moments in any wedding. You also have to look at your wedding band every day, so making sure your rings are personal and authentically you is super important for even the most non-traditional couples.

High Life North
The best alternative period products | High Life North

Many of us will spend most of our lives dealing with periods in one way or another, and for most of us, we were really only given two options - tampons or sanitary pads. Thankfully the world has moved on from the days of uncomfortable tampons or pads that move about during the day, and there's a huge range of alternatives available to us now.

Our Top 10 Sustainable Lingerie Brands

You've probably heard it a hundred times before, but underwear really is the foundation to every great outfit. If your underwear isn't right, it can throw off your entire look and leave you feeling uncomfortable, irritated, and self-conscious.

Graduate Fashion Week
Why We Need Mary Quant's Feminist Legacy More Than Ever - Graduate Fashion Week

To celebrate the launch of our competition to win tickets to the V&A's retrospective of the life and works of Mary Quant, GFW contributor Faith Richardson gives us a brief history of one of Britain's iconic designers, whose feminist influence can still be seen almost 70 years later. Head to

The Serpent has Reignited Our Love of 70s Fashion

When it comes to our wardrobes, we're obviously a big fan of sticking with sustainability wherever we can, which is why we couldn't be happier that the BBC's latest drama, The Serpent, has reignited our love for true 70s fashion.

High Life North
How to make your beauty routine plastic-free | High Life North

Each July, Plastic Free Awareness Month is used to bring attention to how much single-use plastic is actually involved in our day to day lives. Greenpeace estimated that around 12.7million tonnes of plastic are dumped into our oceans every year. Yep, not even into landfill - into the oceans.