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Sandy Dhaliwal

Senior communications professional, writer and photographer

I am an NCTJ-trained journalist and experienced communications professional from London, specialising in travel, lifestyle and entertainment.


Elsie Boat

Freelance Journalist, Editor & Copywriter

I am a London – based freelance beauty and lifestyle writer and editor. A journalist since 2008, I have worked independently since 2010 – focusing on a wide variety of sectors, including beauty, food and lifestyle. When I’m not working, you will find me reading classic novels, editing scripts and having heated discussions about football.

Elizabeth Ann Peer

International Education Professional With a Journalism Background

California born and proudly world bred, Elizabeth Ann has developed a passion and curiosity for discovering the world and telling its stories. Inspired by her days as a news editor for her high school newspaper, she has since moved on to write for both local and international media ranging from newspapers in Marin County, Calif. and Columbia, Missouri to the United Nations and the Beijing Olympics. She has written on topics as diverse as education, crime, and religion to developing world issues. She moved to Bangkok in 2010 to pursue her dreams of living abroad and writing about the world around her. She received her MA in Journalism in 2009, and also has earned TOEFL/TESL/TEFL certification to teach English to children and business English. She returned to the United States in 2013 and earned her MA in International Education Development at Teachers College (Columbia University), combining her skills to work with Library for All, the International Rescue Committee and Current Issues in Comparative Education.

United States of America

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Michael Tatarski

Freelance journalist

Michael Tatarski is a freelance journalist based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He has covered the environment, breaking news, social issues, politics, tech and more for publications such as the Washington Post, the Guardian, the Atlantic and Al Jazeera, and is available for assignment. He can be reached at [email protected]

Nathalie Farah

Freelance: Print, Web, Photo, Video

I have over 600 articles under my belt on topics as diverse as the arts (art, culture, film, music, books/literature), heritage, community and education. I've also written about business, medical, environmental, police, and general news - including the odd sports story! Nowadays though, I tend to stick to arts and culture stories. My high-quality content is always delivered during tight deadlines, receiving positive feedback from both my editors, sources and the public. I am based in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Simon Willis

Freelance journalist and writer

I’m a regular contributor to AFAR Media and The Washington Post. I have also written for Colombia Reports, Argentina Independent and The Yorkshire Post. I specialise in inspirational destination guides, and am the local Switzerland expert for Themes for my articles have ranged from teaching English abroad to investigating the Argentinian youth soccer culture. My fluent Spanish is a major advantage when conducting interviews and gathering information. [email protected]

Lynn Peithman Stock

Writer and Editor

At heart, I am a problem solver, a project manager and executor. I listen to other’s exceptional ideas and then develop a strategic, detailed plan to successfully execute them. I have experience on daily, weekly and monthly publications, so short-term — and long-term — deadlines do not faze me. I have a knack for quickly sizing up any project to outline all the steps needed to bring a vision and ideas to life. I excel at editing, proofreading, storytelling (both nurturing writers to tell good stories, and writing and reporting my own), page design and designing editorial packages full of narrative, infographics, photography and illustrations. • Experienced storyteller, editor, writer and news team manager. • A quick study with strong organizational and people management skills. • Enjoy working in a fast-paced environment, juggling news assignments and experimenting with new ways to tell stories and solve problems. • Comfortable in digital and print. • Work closely with writers, photographers, editors and designers to tell stories in engaging ways. I love seeking out unheard voices and helping them tell their stories. I am a lifelong journalist, starting my junior high school’s first newspaper, and am a wife, mom and proud UNC Tar Heel. I am the proud daughter of Russell Peithman, who was the long-time director of the Charlotte Nature Museum and went on to create and found Discovery Place in Charlotte, N.C., and of Lois Peithman Wilson and Floyd Wilson, who created and founded Carolinas Aviation Museum, also in Charlotte. In my spare time, playing with color and fabric and designing quilts keeps me sane.


Deevra Norling

Content Writer | Contact: [email protected]

Content writing | blog articles | website copy| press releases | magazine articles | journalism | travel writing | advertorials | marketing and sales copywriting.

Michaela Williams

Content creator, digital marketer and multi-medium journalist

Freelancer editor and creator in the Middle East, covering beauty, fashion, lifestyle, travel, health and everything in between.


Ellie Baldini

Content Marketer & Strategist

[email protected]