E. Rabin

Freelance Writer/Photographer

Nonfiction writer interested in reportage, literary journalism, book reviews, travel narratives, and life in general. Contact me at rabin[dot]elizabeth[at]gmail[dot]com.


Selected Book Reviews

Make Some Thyme for Cooking
Review of Martha Rose Shulman's "The Simple Art of Vegetarian Cooking"
The 'Curl': Beaches and Plastics
Review of Peter Westwick & Peter Neushul's "The World In the Curl"
Ashes and 'Dust'
Review of Virginia Pye's "River of Dust"
Desert Illusions
Review of Claire Vaye Watkins' "Battleborn"
One Hundred Percent Non-Fiction, All Pulp
Review of John Jeremiah Sullivan's essay collection "Pulphead"
In the Service of the 'King'
Review of David Foster Wallace's unfinished novel "The Pale King"
My Father's Mansions
Review of Mark Richard's "House of Prayer No. 2"
Mystery At the Heart of the Life of a Writer
Review of Brad Gooch's "Flannery: A Life of Flannery O'Connor"
Nerve To Take Solitary Walks
Review of Maggie O'Farrell's "The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox"

Selected Photo Assignments (Complete List on Flickr)

Tofu gets all dressed up for dinner
Photograph Credit
Asian spring rolls are hard to resist
Photograph Credit
Biscotti baked at home is bravisimo
Photograph Credit
Hummus is a jewel of the Middle East
Photograph Credit
Tides Brings In a Shore Thing
Photograph Credit
Palladio: Dining At its Finest
Photograph Credit
Dive Into Denson's Grocery
Photograph Credit
A Lot At Steak At Piedmont
Photograph Credit
The Light Well Shows Diners the Way Home
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Longer Articles

What Does Farm-to-Table Really Mean?
An article on the lovcavore scene in Fredericksburg, VA
Poe, Price and a happy Halloween
Spending Hallowe'en at the Edgar Allan Poe Museum
Vintage: Fine Dining with Flair
Joint Review of Vintage Restaurant with Kurt Rabin
Language of Space
pg. 46
A Part-Time Pet
pg. 18
A Scratch and Sniff Store
pg. 10
Hello Dali!
pg. 18-19

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