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Lisa is a freelance journalist and corporate writer with a focus on health and wellness, travel, storytelling and human interest. Lisa has written for a range of publications such as Sunday Life, Good Weekend, Latte Magazine, Marketing Magazine, Jetstar, Womens Health, International Traveller, Shape, Run4YL, Womens Running, Prevention Australia,, Kidspot, Mamma Mia and Essential Kids and Baby.
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Malini Chib

Living a full life with a disability should be the norm and not the unexpected. Yet in some countries, many people with disabilities need to fight for their right to a life of dreams and aspirations. In these countries, it takes aspirational role models to bridge this gap - people with disabilities who have been told 'they can't', when of course, they can.

Christa Einspieler

Receiving a diagnosis of cerebral palsy (CP) is life-changing for all involved, yet parents intuitively know something is different about their child long beforehand. It can be up to 18 months before a firm diagnosis is made by a medical professional, after the infant misses age-appropriate developmental milestones.

Iona Novak

With cerebral palsy (CP) affecting over 17 million people worldwide and 1 in 500 births, it is hard to believe that a definitive global source of information is yet to be developed; one that provides guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of CP.

Bruce Bonyhady

The response reflected an overwhelming demand for a fair and equitable solution to support Australians with disabilities, but also signalled that a major disability reform was long overdue. One of the impetuses for change started with a 'light bulb' moment from Bruce Bonyhady, the current Chairman of the National Disability Insurance Agency.

Yen-Thanh Mac

Medical terminologies can be so defining. Assumptions are made, opinions formed and those who have these conditions, through no choice of their own, can be burdened by the stereotyping often associated with its name. Such is the case in Vietnam where cerebral palsy (CP) is called 'bại não '.

Femi Gbadebo

In developing countries such as Nigeria, a diagnosis of cerebral palsy (CP) can lead to stigma and stereotyping. Parents may go into denial, children can be hidden away and families can be ostracised by their communities.

Leigh Lockrey

For many adults with cerebral palsy (CP), the feelings of isolation and dependence add an extra emotional layer to their sometimes challenging life experiences. At times it can be overwhelming, leading to the questions: Where are my people? Where's my community? Where can I just 'be'?


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How surviving breast cancer changed my life

DL Wellbeing Sali Stevanja. A breast cancer diagnosis is the most confronting physical and emotional challenge many women will ever experience. But they invariably put on their bravest face; they have to - their life depends on it. Breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting women.

Two of us: Jonathan Goerlach and Corey Bacon

"We learn what my limits are and we stretch them": Jonathan Goerlach and Corey Bacon. Photo: Stefan Postles Paratriathlete Jonathan Goerlach, 31, has Usher syndrome type 2, a degenerative genetic disorder causing moderate hearing loss, tunnel vision and night blindness. Together with coach and close friend Corey Bacon, 40, he's determined to reach the Rio 2016 Paralympics.

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No parent should ever have to say goodbye to their child, yet for the families and loved ones of Bali Nine Duo, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, this is something they've just had to do. Can you even imagine this for a moment?

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How do we protect our children from the ever-present stream of tragedy in the media - should we switch off or should we expose them to the realities of life? It seems that as we watch the evening news or log onto a news site, we're overloaded with stories of tragedy, crime, grief - it jams our news streams and our consciousness.

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Cancer survivor, Aidan Fisk, 9, to swim Cole Classic

Nutrition & Fitness for Older Kids Nine-year-old Aidan today, ready to take on his next challenge, the Cole Classic. Photo: Supplied On the first day of school this week, when nine-year-old Aidan Fisk was asked to do a self portrait and write descriptions of himself, along with "funny", "caring" and 'cool', he poignantly wrote "brave".

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Is Forgotten Baby Syndrome a tragic side effect of the busy lives we lead today or is there another reason why these tragedies keep on occurring? Could you ever imagine this happening to you? Can you imagine accidentally leaving your baby in the back of a car and forgetting about him or her as you go about your day?

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Do you sometimes worry that life is a constant rush, do you wish you could stop the clock? I force my rushing on my children. I'm forcing each day to finish a little quicker for them and without realising, I'm hurrying them out of their innocence and childhood and into the kind of life that I live.

Returning to work post-baby: what now?

Family Finances You're at a social function and people are chatting when the small talk heads in your direction. "And what is it you do?" or "So you have ( X amount of) children, you must be very busy?"

What I want my son to remember about Phillip Hughes

Kids Nutrition & Fitness I heard the news of the tragic passing of cricketer Phillip Hughes only moments before taking my eight-year-old son to his cricket practice. He waited with his cricket bag over his shoulder, eager to get out the door, impatient with his mum for scanning headlines as I stood at my computer, car keys in hand.

Ten ways your children can make Christmas a time of giving

Kids Education Enlarge your child's world this Christmas through giving to those less fortunate. 'Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas... perhaps ...means a little bit more!'. How the Grinch Stole Christmas - Dr Seuss. For many parents, Christmas is the perfect time to teach our children how they can help others less fortunate than themselves.


Soaking up the wines and the atmosphere in the NSW West

Slice of Life

3 ways to help you switch from work to home

ADVERTISEMENT During the course of any day we all fulfill a variety of roles whether it's as a partner, a parent, a colleague, a sibling, a daughter, a boss or a friend. Most of those roles require us to wear a different hat but sometimes we try and squeeze another hat on while still wearing the other and all kind of chaos results.