Bernadette John

Freelance Journalist and Editor

United Kingdom

Available for news and feature writing, editing, online content and advertorial writing.

Sectors covered include: education, business, retailing, marketing, food and drink, restaurants, wine, legal sector, luxury sector, family travel, UK travel, conference and incentive travel, consumer and human interest.

My work has been published in The Telegraph, The Guardian, Absolutely Education, Chalk and Chat, SEN magazine, Harper's Wine and Spirit magazine, The Grocer, The Global Legal Post, Luxury Legal Post, The Good Schools Guide, Independent Education Today,,, Checkout, Brand News, What's new in Marketing, Kent and Sussex Courier, Solihull News and Time Out.


A sample of my work

The Good Schools Guide
Travel: Zanzibar | The Good Schools Guide

Zanzibar, the African island with Middle Eastern mercantile heritage, is temptingly tropical and full of culture. Bernadette John reports on why it's the ultimate holiday destination. It has everything going for it - white sands; turquoise seas bloated with tropical fish, coral, and dolphins to spot; wonderful food based around the island's bounty of spices, coconut and seafood.

Independent Education Today
Opening school sports facilities to the community

Some independent schools have been sharing their pitches and pools for many years. Others had to start playing ball after government hints of legislation if schools didn't do more to justify their charity status (and the tax breaks that come with it).

Harper's Wine and Spirit magazine
A little kindness pays off

Companies are using random acts of kindness as a marketing tool

Marketing and business

Keep the twit out of twitter

By Bernadette John UK politician Emily Thornberry's career-costing tweet came as a shocking reminder of the pervading naievety around social media. Bernadette John reports on how cautious luxury companies are embracing social media. Luxury companies are not rushing to tweet Many companies with sophisticated marketing machines have also made themselves a laughing stock through ill-advised social media.

The wine business and retailing

Wearable tech: Watch what you're doing

By Bernadette John Santa's sleigh is likely to be laden with wearable tech devices. As the Apple Watch hits the shelves, Microsoft is unveiling a fitness band with smartwatch functions. LMVH is in talks with a technology company and may launch a smartwatch in the coming months.

Harper's Wine and Spirit magazine
Can you keep a secret

Profile of wine merchants The Secret Cellar


Family Traveller
The best quiet beach holidays in Europe - Family Traveller

Hire a motorboat The Renaissance town of Fontenay-le-Comte is an ideal base for families to visit the Vendée. For beach life visit the pretty dunes of Ile de Ré, or travel by causeway to the picturesque Ile de Noirmoutier to view its atmospheric saltpans and colourful ports.

The Good Schools Guide
Christmas travel | The Good Schools Guide

Bernadette John on the best large holiday homes and cottages in the UK that can fit your whole family - and we're talking all the rellies.

The Good Schools Guide
Off the beaten track | The Good Schools Guide

If you lust for the Italian beach life of Eleanor Ferrante's novels, for seafronts of fishermen mending nets rather than designer boutiques, and homely trattoria rather than five star flash, then head to this trio of islands. Frequent hydrofoils ply from Trapani in Sicily to and between the islands of Marettimo, Favignana and Levanzo, so it's easy to arrange an island hopping tour.

What's new in Marketing
Island life

My report on a cruise around the Caribbean (someone had to do it)

What's New in Marketing
African contrasts

Sierra Leone, a destination report for the daring

Food and drink industry

The Grocer
Halloween bites

Halloween is a big business opportunity


The List: The Ambrette

Ambrette head chef Dev Biswal explains to Bernadette John why wine only works with fine Indian cuisine - not high street curry Where? 44 King Street, Margate, Kent CT9 1QE; 01843 231504; and 24 High Street, Rye, East Sussex TN31 7JF; 01797 222043; Who?

Nine of Britain's best curry houses | The TravelSupermarket blog

As a Brummie girl, I was weaned on balti curry, writes Bernadette John . Nights out in Birmingham , a city with one of the largest British Asian populations in the UK, would end up with everyone piling into a balti house for a no-frills spice hit.

Harper's Wine and Spirit magazine
Home for local heroes

Profile of The Curlew restaurant which won a Michelin star 18 months after opening

Human interest/Consumer

The Good Schools Guide
Let's move to Tunbridge Wells | The Good Schools Guide

A hangover cure first put Tunbridge Wells on the map. Young buck Lord North had been living it up at the Abergavenny Estate, and was a little worse for wear. He supped the iron rich water from the Chalybeate Spring and found himself miraculously rejuvenated.

The Good Schools Guide
Fussy Eating | The Good Schools Guide

'We must be the only parents in the world who wish our child would eat a burger,' says Philip Painter, whose 18-year-old son Charlie has Arfid (avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder) alongside autism. Arfid was only recognised as a diagnosis in 2013 - some children with the condition have previously been diagnosed as anorexic.

The Good Schools Guide
Siblings and special educational needs | The Good Schools Guide

'Just accept the fact that you are going to feel guilty whatever you do,' says Caitlin Ash, whose second of four children, Maya, suffered brain damage during a complicated birth and has multiple disabilities. 'For 90 per cent of the time my other children's needs have to take a back step while I am caring for Maya.


Absolutely Education UK
A Guide to SEN by Specialist Educational Needs expert Bernadette John

Absolutely Education talk to Special Educational Needs expert Bernadette John on what to do if you are concerned about your child Maybe you notice that your child seems to have a great number of tummy aches on school mornings. Or the class teacher seems to be frequently asking you for a word.

The big decision

Bernadette John outlines key things to consider when choosing a school for a child with SEN Trying to find a school for a child with SEN is an enormous project; information on provision can be hard to track down and you can't rely on the same local word of mouth as you might when placing a child without any identified additional learning needs.

Who's afraid of special schools?

Bernadette John outlines some of the key considerations when looking at a special school for your child "We want him to have the influence of mainstream children around him". "We don't want to close down her opportunities". "We don't want him shut away from the rest of the world".