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Cait Wills

Storyteller with intent. Leader with purpose. Collaborator with creativity.

I have almost two decades of experience as a strategic communications professional, and am known for my attention to detail, my ability to meet deadlines and my unwavering faith in the almighty gods of grammar and punctuation. I am a loud and proud word nerd. I am also an inquisitive facilitative leader. That means I'm often the person at the table asking the questions that no-one else has considered. Finding the answers to those questions and relaying information in a meaningful way are also facets of the field of communications in which I excel. I believe in collaboration and, in order to achieve those results, I have developed a reputation for hearing competing priorities, developing solutions and assuring that all parties are satisfied with the results. I am well-rounded; I am loyal and I enjoy the balancing act of multiple time-sensitive projects.

Muhammad Aldalou

Journalist & Editor

A proficient news reporter, experienced business journalist, passionate writer and sub editor. I have spent the last four years writing for - and managing - two digital business and lifestyle publications and frequently contributing in-depth industry articles to monthly B2B and B2C magazines.

United Kingdom

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Juliana Alvim

Bilingual Brazilian journalist

Subjects: sports, health, design, pets, zero waste lifestyle, vegetarianism, innovation, culture, education. Skills include writing, editing and proofing (EN/PT); translating (EN-PT/PT-EN); managing content for blogs, websites and social media; instructional designing for distance education, among others.

Kristi Hines

Freelance Writer, Ghostwriter and Copywriter Specializing in Blog Content, Ebooks and Web Copy for Agencies, B2B and SaaS

Kristi Hines is a freelance writer, ghostwriter, and copywriter in Phoenix, AZ who develops blog content, ebooks, emails, lead magnets, and website copy for marketing agencies, B2B, and SaaS. Her writing has appeared in over 50 online publications including Content Marketing Institute, Moz, Salesforce, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, and Social Media Examiner. In addition to her previous work experience in digital marketing, she is a certified specialist in content marketing, customer acquisition, Google Analytics, inbound marketing, search engine marketing, and social media marketing.

Debbie Tullos

Brand ambassador, copywriter, marketer, two decades of insightful and intuitive audience targeting experience

I'm a writer with a keen marketing sensibility, proficient in different styles of writing to accomplish different purposes: heavily researched articles, creative writing, news writing for broadcast, tease writing for broadcast, print and social media, newsletters, print ads, collateral copy and press releases. All of these require different skill sets and precise understanding of target audiences, how they behave, and what spurs them to specific action. I've been expertly speaking in the WRAL brand voice for nearly 20 years.

Balolas Carvalho

Journalist; Writer; Creator; Producer

A truth seeker, a freedom fighter, and a service-driven spirit. As a human being in progress, assumes privilege as a responsibility. If you don’t like to be challenged, then it's not a match. With a strong belief in the power of community, Balolas is moved to inspire a regenerative way of being more politically aware, ethically driven, and heart connected. As a believer in storytelling’s healing power, the Portuguese journalist perceives words as ancient keys to liberation. Adaptation master, creative problem-solving, and an unstoppable will to give the possible best are some of the traits that allow B to experience the World in a constant adventure state. For three years, has been producing an independent documentary in Palestine, “Bukra” focused on the different forms of resistance to the Israeli occupation in the Jenin refugee camp. Invited by the Guerrilla Foundation, in 2021 and throughout 2022, directed the short documentary "The Radicals: Commons and Urban Crisis in Berlin", while was living in Berlin, serving as a correspondent reporter for the European-awarded Luxembourg-based newspaper Contacto. Has also collaborated with the investigative journalism project Setenta e Quatro, and currently reports as a freelancer to one of the leading newspapers of Portugal, Jornal Público. The Journey: Balolas started the journalism path in 2012, contributing as a freelance reporter for different publications and online media, including P3, Público. In Cape Verde (Africa), directed and restructured a Community Radio for seven months and worked as a stringer journalist for “Bloomberg”. Back in Portugal began a master's studies in International Affairs while working for two startups in LA. In Feb 2017 joined the team of Jornal i as a reporter focused on Human Rights, Environment, and Alternative Lifestyles. Reported from 12 countries, created the weekly segment “Generation I”, dedicated to studying the Millennial generation in Portugal, and traveled through the Balkans for 31 days by bus and train. At the moment, B is touring with different artists around Europe collaborating with SUPER Fan Live, diving into the beauty of events production, a passion that has been fed along the years. In her versatile and creative life, is also part of the Waking Life Festival team, curating and producing the counter-culture stage (Apuro). Balolas has also produced four editions of her own gathering, “B. Fest” and a fundraiser event in Lisbon, “Yala”, that attracted 630 people for a day of music, art, and talks about Palestine. Other collabs on events production and design: Encontros de Alvito, Enara Fest, Primal Gathering, and Cultivation Berlin, among others.

Samantha Wood

Freelance food and travel writer

I wear a number of hats - a writer, PR practitioner and event organiser with over two decades of in-house and consultancy experience in the United Kingdom and the Middle East. I set up my own business in Dubai seven years ago – an impartial restaurant review website, FooDiva, which launched in February 2011, and has collected ten awards, including BBC Good Food Middle East's Food Blog of the Year. I also organise mystery #DineAroundDubai restaurant experiences. I have featured prolifically in local and international media including a guest segment on CNN Go’s travel programme on Dubai. Furthermore, I take on freelance writing commissions, plus PR/ F&B consultancy. I am a regular speaker and industry awards judge on my favourite subjects - food, restaurants, hotels, travel and social media. That's enough I think!

United Arab Emirates

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El Santos

Strategic Planner & Writer

My name is Elrica Gosiengfiao Santos, but you can call me El. I'm currently working as Strategic Planner (formerly Associate Creative Director) for Evident, a local PR and integrated marketing firm in the Philippines. This is my long-form writing portfolio. If you want to see my advertising/copywriting work, please visit my Behance profile at: I'm currently open to project-based/freelance writing work. If want to get in touch, please contact me via LinkedIn or by emailing me at [email protected].


Moisés Fdez - lellamanmoi

Portfolio Moisés Fdez.

Senior Social Media Strategist Consultant Teacher for Digital Communication Skills

Jenny Barron

Freelance Writer For Hire

Native English Speaker • Skilled writer with SEO and research experience • I also perform virtual assistance services which can include on site SEO and ghost-blogging as well as forum submissions. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clippings / Samples represent recent freelance work. Topics and voice vary. Most of these are keyword optimized at 2.5% - 4% unless the client has requested more or less instances. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am happy to do special requests but I ask that you are very detailed with your needs including exact keyword(s). If you need a ghostwriter and the tone of the writing must be a certain way, please supply some samples of writing that the style must follow. This way I can do my best to make the "voice" of the writing consistent.